Sabatti FOREST 20х76, rifled gun

However strong the call of the wild and the desire to bring good hunting prey, modern life and its rapid rhythm dictate the rules of the game. Even the most avid hunter sometimes not able to devote to his hobby, enough time is often banal lack of diligence and money.

One fan to wander through the woods or swamp with a gun can afford to have both rifled and smooth bore weapons, and the other was inherited from my grandfather tested by dozens of years the ancient shotgun.

For true lover’s especially important to enjoy the process a great excitement when you fly a bird or stir the beast. But in this situation just needs a good, simple and reliable weapon. Such as Sabatti FOREST 20х76 mm with a rifled barrel.

Overview of weapons

For the connoisseur does not require extensive description of the technical performance and advertising performance of the famous Italian arms company “Sabatti”. Model forest proposed as ideal for the conditions of Germany and Russia, where long hunters renowned for their skill and wit, as nature can present a variety of surprises.

The company produces a sufficiently large range of combined rifles to a wooded area. Long-term study of hunting preferences allowed us to created a range of FOREST – shotgun with a smooth upper trunk of 20.0 and a lower rifled for bullet shooting, length 76 mm chamber for each barrel has a separate trigger.

On a combo gun, Sabatti forest has modern optics (optical sights), as it is equipped with a steel receiver, box shutter Anson-delay units with reliable non-automatic fuse.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any gun, rifle “, Sabatti” has its advantages and disadvantages, it is perfect for hunting in the woods. The main positive effects are the following:

  • For the manufacture of metal components used in a reliable and robust cold forged high grade steel.
  • Device sight has an adjustable rear sight and sight range of 100 m.
  • A chrome finish covers the barrel top.
  • On the rifled barrel is shneller.
  • Perfectly crafted noble walnut was the material for the pistol box.
  • The weapon is comfortable to use with plastic butt pad and detachable forend.

Professionals and Amateurs, fans of the brand think the main drawback of the lack of chrome rifled barrel. When there is insufficient lowering of the rear sight will be a bobble of the rifled barrel, and when picked up will not be able to aim from smooth, top.

The purpose shotguns Sabatti FOREST 20х76

The rifle is intended for hunting big and small game, perfectly leveled for the extraction of meadow and marsh birds. High humidity, frost, exposure to soil, leaves or needles does not affect the quality of shooting.

FOREST Sabatti shotgun with a rifled barrel cal. 22 Hornet


Today the Italian arms manufacturer provides good quality and so far the only variant of the model of the gun combined type SABATTI FOREST, 20 gauge x 76, with the barrel threaded type caliber 222 REM, butt – wood noble varieties.


Combined option has the following technical indicators.

No. Name Ed. measurement Data
1 Caliber size mm 20 * 76, 222 Rem
2 The total mass kg 3, 20
3 Characteristics of the trunk portion combo smoothbore / rifled
4 The manufacturer country Italy “Sabatti”
5 The length of the chamber mm 76, 0
6 Barrel, overall length cm 60, 0
7 Butt wooden walnut

Universal model combines two different-sized barrel – threaded bottom and smooth top. The gun is equipped with a fuse manual use, has a box-shaped stopper and 2 trigger.

Protective coating improves the operational properties of the butt, forging technology metal allows the weapon is to carry a variety of loads.

Picking and packing

The gun offers a wide purchaser in a disassembled state with separated and breech mechanism of the gun. All items are processed the specialized lubricating paste, wrapped for waterproofing. technical fabric, packaged in standard hard case with a company logo.

Attached are the original technical passport, instructions for Assembly and maintenance, a copy of the license and the certificate of the international sample. All documents are prepared in Russian translation for the Russian connoisseurs of hunting.

The principle of operation

The standard mechanics of the shot lies in applying free energy of bestowal, which is transmitted to move the massive structure of the shutter. This principle is inherent in all without exception representatives of the range of hunting rifles SABATTI FOREST.

Disassembly of weapons is carried out in accordance with the technical recommendations of a General character and instructions supplied by the manufacturer to each instance.


Currently the main focus of tuning is to decorate the chamber with metal plates engraved with scenes of hunting life.

Reviews of combo gun, Sabatti forest (Sabatti FOREST 20х76) discussed later.

Shotgun SABATTI FOREST 12/30-06

Prices and reviews

Price category average, the basic version is 13, 450, 00 dollars. USA on the Russian market.

Owner reviews are saying about the reliability and quality of weapons. The best grade received is the difference of calibers and different output system charge.

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