Sabatti Rover 600, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Italian arms company Sabatti (it produces the notorious forest) produces a series of bolt rifles and carbines, United by the brand name Rover (D. Custom, 870, etc.). Those that have a model index 600 are hunting weapons for small and medium caliber. In General, all “Rovers” have a good shooting qualities, reliable and undemanding in operation. They are relatively cheap and are positioned as a weapon of the middle class.

Description Sabatti Rover 600

Bolt hunting rifles company Sabatti, with a caliber .222 Rem, .223 Rem and 7. 62×39. Are available in several varieties – with a Loge of wood or high impact plastic, classic polupostelnyj or with a hole for the girth of the handle (thumbhole). All models are equipped with a set of external sighting devices and have the ability to install strap under scopes.

It is a versatile weapon that can be expeditionary as simple, reliable and does not require too much effort saving.

Advantages and disadvantages

Traditional arms company Sabatti high quality workmanship. Good shooting performance: despite the fact that the barrels cannot be called a console in the strict sense of the term, the value of MOA when shooting at a distance of 100 meters does not exceed 2 units.

  • Simple gate design with two docking tabs to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of weapons. At the same time, the density of the two locking breech lugs are quite reliable. When the platoon USM shank drummer comes out of the hull by 3 mm, so ready the weapon for shooting, you can see in the dark, it is enough to touch the stopper with your finger.
  • Bolt handle is recessed in the groove of the stock, and at its end arranged in a neat ball, so to cling to branches and other obstacles, it will not.
  • It is possible to regulate the stroke length of the trigger, adapting to the probable nature of the hunt – when shooting at long distances from ambush he done more, and driven hunts and running less.
  • Store removable, it is convenient for loading. Unfortunately, he’s single. Therefore, loading from the top, through the window of the receiver, perhaps only a single cartridge. Not too pleased with the fact that it’s plastic.
  • A complete set of sights makes the weapon versatile. However, the rear sight, and front sight have the most simple, even archaic design. It’s good for extreme conditions – you can be sure that everything will remain intact, no matter where you were. However, for true sight requires extensive practical experience.
  • Bullets caliber .222 Rem, .223 Rem and 7. 62×39 are widely distributed and cheap. They have high initial speed of a bullet and its trajectory grazing. So shooting at long distances is only possible in open spaces. In addition, the low stopping power of the projectile requires the hunter being hit is in a lethal place, not just to the body. Because of this, recently, the cartridges 7,62×39 are subject to administrative persecution, in some regions, hunting with them for ungulates is prohibited.
  • The bed has good ergonomics. It is convenient for shooting from all positions, on a massive forearm, you can install the bipod, butt plate is equipped with a cushioning pad, so the returns are very reasonable, and the weapons at hand the most part shooters. In the plastic stocks are fitted with metal rail, evenly distributing the pulse energy of the shot throughout its mass.
  • Carabiners are compact and lightweight, all day in the field with them is burdensome.

Carabine Sabatti Rover 600


It’s a hunting weapon that is used for the production of major upland game, small predators and ungulates weighing up to 100 pounds. The flat trajectory of the bullet allows you to use the weapon in the sports discipline benchrest.


Available in calibers .222 Rem, .223 Rem and 7. 62×39, with different types of lodges, as well as external and internal finishes.

  • Model Rover 600. The basic version with a blued barrel, cold forged from carbon steel and unprotected bore. The bolt from polished stainless steel. Polupoltina bed, solid walnut, polished, with notches on the handle and a pillow, “Monte Carlo” on the crest of the butt.
  • Rover 600 DL. The model is CR-mo with blued barrel, obtained by cold forging. The bolt from polished stainless steel. Crafted from bed of walnut wood premium. At the top of the forearm the deep longitudinal groove making the grip more comfortable.
  • Rover 600 SYN. Model with a plastic stock that has the same design as that of DL. The barrel is of chrome-molybdenum steel, blued.
  • Rover 600 INOX SYN. Different from the previous CR-mo stem with external anti-glare coating and a chrome bore.
  • Rover 600 THUMBHOLE. The model, which between the handle and neck butt made a hole for better grip. Usually this design is used for sporting weapons.
  • Rover 600 M. Similar to the basic model, but the bolt handle is on the left.
Feature The value
Type Carbine bolt-on shutter
Gauges .222 Rem, .223 Rem and 7. 62×39
Barrel length (mm) 560 or 610
The rifling Six trapezoidal coils right
Step rifling 12 for .222 and .223 Rem; 9,5 for 7. 62×39
Shop Removable, single row, plastic
Capacity 4
Total length (mm) 1092 1143 or
Weight (kg) 3,2
  • Repeating rifle with bolt lock. Trunk made of carbon or chromium-molybdenum steel. , Cold forged, with six grooves right trapezoidal. Muzzle chamfer convex.
  • The receiver is open, round, milled from steel billet. Connection with the barrel threaded, all-in-one (hot landing). On the top side is made four holes with metric thread for mounting straps for optics. In stock form, they are closed with screw-plugs.
  • Stopper with a stem in polished stainless steel, it is made the hole for the emergency venting.
  • The handle is curved, blued, coupled with the body of the drummer without the possibility of removal. At the end of the way of the ball with a small diameter.
  • The larva is a constructive continuation of the stem, on it two lugs. It has a lip to wrap the stems of the sleeve. Tooth extractor is located inside the Cup. Opposite him the pin extractor. The spring loaded firing pin, its sharp end does not go beyond the mirror of larvae shutter.
  • Because of the resemblance to two lugs on the striker, the shutter is called “mazeroski”. This is a misconception. Functional contrast to the Mauser 98K is that platoon firing pin is not during the lifting of a handle, and when moving the slide forward and lowering the handle. Therefore correct to attribute the design to a bolt action rifle Lee Enfield MK1 (UK) model 1903, although the lugs it is located in the middle part.
  • Store removable, single-row, high impact polymer. The latch lever integrated in the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable in stroke length of the hook and force it. The fuse box is on the right side of the receiver, at its backplate. It has two positions: the way forward – Fire, as far as it can go – Stop.
  • On the left side of the receiver located on the latch to unlock the shutter, which is used when removing it.
  • Polupoltina bed with a massive forearm on which it is possible to install a bipod. The butt cushion butt pad and pillow type “Monte Carlo”.
Picking and packing

Comes in a cardboard box. The shutter is removed and placed separately. Supplied with two stores and a key to adjust the effort on the trigger. Attached instructions for use (user manual) and passport for Sabatti Rover 600.

Manual use of the rifle, Sabatti Rover 600 is given below.

The principle of operation

The rifle works on the same algorithm as all bolt rifles with the bolt of the Lee Enfield. Platoon projectile occurs when the slide moves to the forward, at the moment when the tooth of a firing mechanism engages the sear ledge. And it is held in this position the handle at a hook over the notches in the receiver and the stock. Just flip up the bolt handle, as there will be an automatic removal from the combat situation.

For loading the magazine press the lever that is built into the front branch of the trigger guard, and pull it out of the bunker. The cartridges fit into one row. Flange liner later needs to be ahead of the previous one. Otherwise, the possibility of jamming of the shutter. When loading a single cartridge through the window ejector cartridges in the receiver, the store shall be empty.

When the safety box is moved as far back as the bolt is not locked. But, to prevent possible breakage of parts of USM, before opening the shutter it is better to put the fuse in the Fire position.

  1. Unload the gun: remove the magazine, open the breech and make sure the chamber is clean.
  2. Take the bolt to lock back.
  3. Press the latch located on the left side of the back plate of the receiver.
  4. Remove the shutter.

Carbine caliber 7,6х39 is 50 to 55 thousand rubles.


Users report good quality workmanship. The weapon looks more expensive than it really is. It is easy for a day spent in the field. The bed is comfortable shooting from any position. Returns the average, when fired, the barrel throws sparingly. The value of MOA at the distance of 100 meters when shooting domestic ammo does not exceed two units.

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