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Hunting carbine “Sobol” under the cartridge ring of ignition created by designers of “Izhmash” on the basis of the biathlon sporting rifles BI-7. It is used for hunting small game – Surkov, sable, marten, squirrel. Simple and unpretentious in operation, it is popular among fans of small-caliber weapons.

Description of the carbine Sobol

Small-caliber – 5.6 mm – repeating rifle, based on the design which sports biathlon rifle BI-7. Locking the shutter crank (according to OJSC “Izhmash”) mechanism, in other sources called a match.

Unlike its donor, has a shorter barrel and classic polypetalous box of wood. On the cover of the receiver groove is made parallel forming the bar type “swallow’s tail”, which you can install the optics.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Very simple design, the carbine is unpretentious in operation. Unfortunately, the quality of manufacture is not consistent from batch to batch. You can run into an instance that is hard to remove the casings and bullets from the barrel of a flying fan.
  • Supplied with three stores, one of which is placed on the regular place and the other two are located in the cavity of the butt (cap on the bottom). How convenient is it to judge only to users. But to have a back bunker with ammo is quite practical.
  • Bed crafted of very high quality, its ergonomics are well thought out. There are options with the crest of the “boar’s back” and Bavarian cheek and pillow “Monte Carlo”. The back plate in both cases of the shock-absorbing rubber, but unregulated.
  • Match the locking mechanism allows the needle to produce a series of shots, not distracting from the goal. However it may fall into a stupor, so it’s massive and even rough, more like a barn HASP. However, it is a necessary evil, since the larva shutter has no stops. She is breech and is not retained by anything except the geometrical shape of the crank guide of the recoil momentum so that the shutter is supported only stronger. Rifle BI-7 was designed for the .22 LR cartridge, and the carbine “Sobol” has a variant, loads of .22 WMR. It is much more powerful, so there are some concerns that the crank can be inadvertently open during the shot.
  • The lack of a tight locking of the breech resulted in a not-too-high shooting performance of the rifle. According to the rules of biathlon shooting is conducted at distances of 50 meters. In the standing position you should get in a circle with a diameter of 11.5 cm, and in the lying – 4.5 cm In General, it appears that the standard value of the MOA for this rifle is in the range of 4-5 units.
  • In addition, shell-less lead bullet .22 LR have a low initial velocity and is strongly affected by wind. Bullet caliber .22 WMR in a copper sheath having an initial speed of 500 m/s, has better ballistic qualities. Therefore, the accuracy of fire from a carbine “Sobol” with the same cartridge up to 2 MOA, which is acceptable for hunting under normal conditions, but does not meet the requirements for sniper rifles.
  • On the muzzle chamfer is made in the form of a funnel – the so-called crown, it is pretty well made, so improves the ballistics of the barrel.

Undercut, forming a dovetail on the receiver, are not universal, not all scopes it is possible for them to install.

  • The fuse box is on the front branch of the trigger guard. The rifle BI-7 it was located inside of her and blocked access to the trigger. In some ways it was easier and more reliable.

Carbine Sobol (photo)


Carabiner can be used to train shooting, and for hunting small game, rodents, hares, foxes, grouse and capercaillie.


The carabiner is made with stock made of beech, walnut or birch. Her butt may have a comb-type “hog-back” cover “Monte Carlo”.


Technical characteristics of the carbine Sobol:

Feature The value
Type Rifled carbine with a longitudinally sliding gate
The locking mechanism Crank (match)
Caliber .22 LR or .22 WMR
Barrel length (mm) 500
Capacity 5
Total length (mm) 990
Weight (kg) 3,0

Repeating rifle Sable under the cartridge ring of ignition of calibre of 5,6 mm. longitudinally sliding, with the crank locking mechanism.

  • Crank lever with a vertical, descending down the neck of the lodges. It is located at the back plate receiver and connected to a metal rod (the connecting rod) with a breech frame on which is mounted the larva with two extractors.
  • The firing pin passes through its top face. The larva does not turn. When locking the breech, she is breech of the barrel and is held against the crank. The density of the compound is achieved due to the quality of surface treatment.
  • Store removable, the latch is on the handguard, in front of him. The cartridges in it are placed in one row.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated. A safety catch blocks the sear. His box is on the front branch of the trigger guard, outside.
  • On the top side of the receiver is made of two parallel folds, forming the bar type “swallow tail”. In addition, there are height-adjustable rear sight and front sight in a round cylindrical rim.
  • Polupoltina bed, made of wood – beech, walnut or birch. In the bottom of the butt is arranged in recess for two spare store. She closed with a lid from polyamide. The butt plate shock-absorbing, unregulated.
Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box.

  • Supplied with three shops in five rounds, cleaning rod, RUB, brush.
  • Attached the passport and the instruction manual for the carbine Sobol.
The principle of operation
  • For loading the rifle should eject and equip the cartridges. Laying through the window of ejector sleeves is impossible, because it is inline. Charge one cartridge from the top is possible only with an empty store.
  • To hand in these cartridge in the chamber, pull the lever crank mechanism back and then return it to the place. When reversing slide hammer cocks the firing pin.
  • To put weapons on the fuse, it is necessary to press the lever located on the front branch of the trigger guard. In a combat situation it is the reverse movement – from the inside of the trigger guard, toward the store.
  • The larva paddle lugs has, it enters into the breech and locks it only due to the resistance and mass of the crank mechanism.
  • The hammer impact mechanism passes through the top face of the cylinder stopper. For a shot it should hit the trigger of the trigger mechanism which is cocked when moving the bolt back.
  1. Remove the magazine, rack it.
  2. Click on the block the crank from the back plate of the receiver. Remove the pin it mounts on the upper lid.
  3. Remove the crank mechanism Assembly with bolt carrier and striker bolt.
  4. Remove the frame and cylinders.

To separate the barrel from the box, remove the two screws. One is located behind the trigger guard, the other inside the metal tube, the end face facing the bottom face of the forearm.

Owner reviews and the price is small caliber hunting carbine Sobol is given below.

  • Carbine .22 LR with a birch stock is 26 thousand rubles.
  • Caliber .22 WMR with walnut – 52 thousand rubles.

Weapons are simple and unpretentious in operation. The impact is insignificant. Grouping of rounds within 3 MOA. Shell-less bullets caliber 5,6 have little stopping power. So you want the arrow hit with a lethal place.

Does small-caliber carbine Sobol counterparts, learn on.

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