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Shooting was always a priority of a certain part of the population. The possession of weapons and masterly possession of them at any time in history was a popular martial art. Exact hit in the purpose, ease of chambering the cartridge and the cartridge ejects after the shot, the most simple methods of maintenance and lubrication of the rifle make it the most preferred among analogues on the market of hunting weapons.

Review of saiga Spanish 08

The engineering staff of the company “Izhmash” has truly made something that has not previously made any firm that produced firearms. In the framework of the widely propagandirovat in the last century, the conversion of the legendary creation of the Soviet gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov in the first place the unification was adapted for firing ammunition, adopted on the arms of the Alliance.

Then came a deeper change and the carbine from a trusted combat units became the right hand of the fishermen, producers, professional hunters and walkers with weapons. Especially as, like his ancestor, the carabiner has a high power, precision and good accuracy.

The SAIGA (5. 45×39) use 08 DTK (photo)

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The carbine features lots of advantages, including a simple unpretentious design, the stunning shape of body parts, modernity, aesthetics, elegance.
  • Engineers have developed ergonometrics the shape of the stock reduced the recoil, the wooden parts are treated and polished.
  • Attracted by the reasonable prices and ease of obtaining permission.

Among the major shortcomings can be called a significant impact, the need for disassembly and processing of the lubricated elements of the trigger mechanism.

  • The saiga execution of the 08 series, and the entire product range, designed for Amateur and field extraction of large, fast and hungry beast.
  • Has proven itself on the hunt for the wolf, wild boar, elk and even bear.
  • The effective enforcement carbine 08 in the extraction of small prey and birds.

In the domestic market saiga this category is represented by three basic forms of the model:

  • 01, equipped with well-designed stock, the muzzle device is missing.
  • 08, model DTK.
  • 08, the instance with the built-DTK.
p/p Technical indicator Ed. izm. The value
1 Gauge size 5, 45 x 39
2 Overall length cm 92, 50
3 The barrel length cm 41, 50
4 Weight discharged kg 3, 27
5 The capacity of the store cartridge 10

The concept of the mechanism is simple, understandable and reliable. Implementation of recharge due to the useful energy release of the propellant gases and return spring system.

In the process of the shot there is a flow of gas to the gas chamber of the barrel channel. The rotation of the stopper along the axis leads to the locking channel. Secured in a fuse, a high grade of reliability high quality chrome finish barrel channel and the chamber.

Picking and packing

Like other models in Izhevsk enterprise, standard kit in the implementation of interpretation consists of the following documents:

  • Individual technical certificate units.
  • A quality certificate.
  • The license of the company on the issue of weapons in this category.
  • For a complete description of the disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and reassembly of the rifle.

The packaging consists of wrapping the oiled fabric or special paper packing and carton box with logo of a company.

The principle of operation

Basis similar models of the rifle – using the energy of motion of the powder gases.


For carrying out dismantling it is necessary to release the receiver channel from the ammunition and make sure that the weapons will not be able to produce a random shot. Then disassembled the slide mechanism and shop. All activities are carried out exclusively in accordance with the attached instruction manual, for the classic AKM scheme.

Reviews and price on the saiga MK 5,45 x39 Spanish (acapella) 08.


Price spread of weapons from the base model – 650, 00 us dollars. USA to 815, 00 dollars. USA.

Owner reviews

For reviews it is difficult to judge the weapons, because everyone is looking for exactly what it is best suited. The vast majority of users indicate that the quality, efficiency and ease of operation and maintenance. Dissatisfied with the model, mainly those who are either poorly mastered this model in practice, or generally not familiar with hunting weapons.

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