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Russian arms have always been famous for their invention and ingenuity. Why in peace-time mass produce military firearms, when in the civilian world there are a huge number of the brave and strong boys, as well as no less brave women of the modern tribe of Amazons who love to go out with a good rifle in his hands.

A review of the saiga 308-1

Izhevskiy gun masters used the basic design of the legends of Soviet weapons – popular series AK-74M to adapt to the use of rifle cartridges. Created saiga long prefer the most demanding buyers hunting weapons.

Its main difference from many similar options are considered simple practical design, high mechanism strength, large numbers of the working resource. The competitiveness of the saiga 308-1 is indicated using the resource warheads NATO . 308win (7. 62 x 51). In addition, the sample has very solid priorities.

The advantages and disadvantages, which has a hunting carbine saiga 308 1, consider the following.

Advantages and disadvantages

Specialized full analysis of this series of guns helps you find high level of popularity of the 308-th model. Almost all priorities are based through the use of several leading trends influencing consumers ‘ preferences. Both experts and owners, check the carbine, in practice, form the predominant concept of the following:

  • Reliable sturdy design without unnecessary features that are actually basic to the extreme.
  • The amount of ammo allows you to fire with great accuracy, a wide range of cartridges.
  • Adequate price category.

Whatever reliable weapon it has its drawbacks. This is a substantial recoil when firing bursts, it is possible to flash heat the barrel. There are cosmetic defects of the outer planes.

The saiga 308-1 (photo)


The carbine is designed for hunting purposes. In particular, for the Amateur hunting and fishing mining large and strong beast of prey, up to moose and bear.


For today the Izhevsk arms plant produces several varieties of basic modifications. Any model has certain similarities – saiga 410, 12, 20K, developed on the basic design of the legendary Soviet gun, and looks a little different from him. In this series of carbines saiga 308 in the performance of 44 (not to be confused with 45 and 46), MK 340 performance devoid of any element which could allow to convert the carbine into a fighting machine.

Technical characteristics of the saiga 308 1 given below.

No. Feature Ed. izm. Figure
1 The caliber of the charge for firing . 308win
2 The length of the stem portion see 55, 50
3 The length of the rifle General see 112, 50
4 Complete vehicle kerb mass kg. 4, 10
5 Capacity cartridge 8
6 The efficiency of fire M. 300, 00

Design carbine is quite simple for this category of weapons. The saiga 308 is composed of a chromed barrel and receiver, nadolnik, flash suppressor, bolt, bolt, return mechanism, forearm, buttstock, trigger, gas tube, shop. Optics with bracket can be purchased separately.

Picking and packing

The kit with the weapon comes with a passport carbine, a certificate, a license to manufacture weapons, as well as instruction and guidance on the disassembly and lubrication products.

Package consists of waterproof oiled wrappers and standard boxes with logo of the Izhevsk plant.

The principle of operation

The principle of action is the use of the energy of the return position of the stopper and the spring, causing the mechanism produces forward motion. At the time of chambering the cartridge in the chamber must close the channel by turning the bolt. Occurs simultaneous reduction of trigger in a combat situation.

When you press the trigger, there is an active movement of the mainspring, the hammer strikes a powerful blow and the carbine shoots. The consequence of the shot is the movement back and release. The fired cartridge case cartridge falls out. Then you can reload the carbine.


Every owner of a saiga should efficiently perform the disassembly of weapons, both complete and incomplete. Any of the types held in the complete destruction of the warhead.

  1. Partial dismantling carried out in order to inspect and determine the condition of the nodes as the one held the previous cleaning and lubrication.
  2. Full disassembly is required in certain situations. This is usually severe pollution and any damage, the need for drying of the whole mechanism and separate units after they suffered from severe exposure to moisture, the weapons should be put on long shelf life.

Prices for saiga-308-1 are given below.


A price scale is quite large and depends on the modifications of the rifle. The cost ranges from minimum of 325, 00 dollars. USA for saiga 308 – 05 1 Spanish cal. up to a maximum of 645, 00 dollars. USA model model saiga 308 – 1 model 21, orthopedic butt-treated birch, optics separately.

Owner reviews

Given the fact that the Izhevsk plant began production modifications of the saiga at the dawn of the 90 – ies of the last century, reviews in relation to the arms are sufficiently numerous. Due to the breadth of the information field nowadays you can get a huge amount of data.

The majority of the reviews on such a reliable companion hunter positive. The negative comes from those who could not master the gun or simply never used the carbine at all

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