Sako 85 (Sako 85) Bavarian, rifled gun

Modern carbines have excellent characteristics, can be used for both practical purposes and to give solidity to the appearance. Even the exterior design plays an important role when choosing the model of the rifle. And the Sako 85 Bavarian carbine .300WSM, combining the unique stylish design and good performance characteristics, has become one of the today’s most popular models, and among professionals, and among beginners.

A review of the Sako 85 Bavarian carbine

With the relative compactness and small size, the rifle model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM has the optimal weight to be easy to use for both men and women. And it’s great to lie in the hands of a teenager, without causing discomfort when used.

Used for hunting, carbine the Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM will also help in gaining initial skills shooting: excellent package and easy process operating model make it a perfect option for beginners. A high degree of reliability of the design ensures the safety when shooting, because this parameter should be considered one of the most important for any kind of modern carbines.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important characteristics that help to assess the ease of the process and operation of the carbine and its technical capabilities should include the number of rifling, type of store and manufacturer’s guaranteed accuracy. And because of these reasons the parameters in the model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM are the most harmoniously designed, they can be attributed to the significant advantages of this carbine

As to the advantages of the model include:

  • view of the stem – cold forging, which reports the maximum trunk strength, resistance to various kinds of mechanical stress and the inability education in its corrosion;
  • longitudinal-a sliding shutter – this type of filing of the cartridges provides a maximum firing rate and facilitates the manipulation of the arrow;
  • material of carabiner – natural walnut, treated with a special oil, increasing the wear resistance of the material. Pleasant to the touch, the walnut tree also has external beauty, long maintaining its original appearance and excellent aesthetic qualities.

Also, the advantages of the model Sako 85 Bavarian carbine .300WSM should include the accessibility value, which defines a wide demand for it and the opportunity to purchase on a limited budget buying.

The disadvantages, according to the owners carbine and buyers, could be considered lack of capacity: four cartridge and one spare. However, this amount is quite enough for comfortable shooting.

Carbine Sako 85 (photo)



The rifle model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM is designed for use in hunting and professional hunters along with its technical capabilities, ease of use and guaranteed security. However, training in sports shooting and also for learning the initial skills of shooting from the weapon the model is great.


For sale is a Sako model 85 Bavarian .300WSM, made of walnut tree and also a Sako 85 Bavarian .338WM, which are a little smaller, but with the same excellent technical features. The cost of these two types of models are comparable.


The important parameters that determine how the firing rate and firing range, laid by the manufacturer. The rifle model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM, being one of the most popular and popular today, allows to use it as a professional hunting and sports shooting.

Below are the technical characteristics that will help you to get the most detailed view and action of the rifle and the opportunities for exploitation.

Specifications The Sako 85 Bavarian Carbine .300WSM
Country of origin Czech Republic
Appointment Hunting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Kind of caliber .300WSM
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

High-quality processed wood carbine with a protective coating, excellent targeting of such weapons, provided with adjustable front sight and a whole, contribute to the enjoyment of the use of this carbine.


Simplicity and the possibility of changes in the design of the carabiner ensures the ease of the process of its operation. The whole case, made of natural and abrasion resistant wood has the most ergonomic shape, and this fully guarantees ease when using it. And when combined with the optimal size and relatively small mass weapon is perfect for use by men, and for use by Teens and smaller women.

  • The trunk of this model is the best for hunting, sporting, shooting training, a measure of length 524 mm. the Barrel consists of two halves. The upper part is a lightweight alloy that facilitates the weapon itself, and the bottom is durable to mechanical impact plastic.
  • On the barrel is easy to install is attached in the base of the optical sight to enhance the enjoyment of the whole process of shooting. Such a sight can get any well-reputed manufacturer.
  • And, as noted by owners of the model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM, great should be called a stroke of the trigger smoothness pressing the start button, the possibility of slow depression and the subsequent movements gives the opportunity to make an accurate shot using the rifle.
Picking and packing

The rifle model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM is offered in a cardboard box, it has basic information on the model name of the product and the manufacturer. The presence of detailed instructions makes it possible to understand yourself with the features and operation of the model.

The principle of operation

The use of the rifle model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM is simple: after inserting the cartridges in the store in the amount of four pieces should further specify the target using the forearm (optical sight), pull the trigger. Location with carabiner – close to shoulder, opposite arm, making the shot.

Users noted the ease of use, and the lack of tangible results enables the use of the carbine and beginners.


Implementation of the disassembly of the rifle is also simple; this manufacturer has managed to achieve simplicity of design. The process of disassembly may be necessary when cleaning the carbine, for its modernization and repairs.

For disassembly to the barrel when using the small cogs are strengthened:

  • pillar;
  • fly;
  • die.

Tuning (or improvement) of the model may be due to the installation of optical sight, and other attachments from other manufacturers.

Reviews and price on the carbine Sako 85 Bavaria (Sako 85 Bavarian carbine 30-06) is given below.

The product price

Price brand rifles Sako 85 Bavaria (Bavarian Sako 85) .300WSM can be considered relatively low, given its technical capabilities and characteristics obtained from the manufacturer. The price ranges from 147 to 153 of 250 000 rubles.

That is a Sako 85 the eyes of the owner, see below.


According to the owners, model Sako 85 Bavarian .300WSM is perfectly balanced, has the best characteristics for use in the hunting field, and for the acquisition of basic shooting skills.

  • Modern and powerful, carbine will bring a lot of fun to professional hunters like due to their settings and the appearance. They are made of quality wood with high resistance to mechanical stress, it is able to maintain attractiveness even in field conditions.
  • Many noted the possibility of improving the characteristics of the model due to its tuning. It makes more precise shooting, increases the degree of comfort when operating the model.

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