Sako TRG-42, rifle shotgun

Modern carbines do not cease to surprise fans of shooting firearms of its features. And model Sako TRG-42, thanks to its technical possibilities, which are laid by the manufacturer, can be used as a professional hunting and training accuracy, but also to participate in competitions in sport shooting.

Boasting a classic design, the rifle of the model attracts the attention of a lack of spare parts and a perfect balanced design.

Ergonomics every detail is felt when operating the rifle; the smoothness of the trigger determines the high sighting rate of fire, and the use of modern high-quality materials in the manufacture of butt and barrel guarantees long preservation of the attractive “appearance” of the model.

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The compactness of the external parameters and simplicity of the device, which ensure the ease of use of a carbine – the most important of his dignity. If we compare it with models with similar characteristics, we can see the advantage of considering the rifle to perform its improvement. Tuning, giving the opportunity to improve shooting sighting and accuracy that makes the process of its operation more enjoyable.

Also, convenience deliver compact dimensions and relatively light weight: easy transportation and possibility of using even women and adolescents, should be attributed to the merits of the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the model include the following parameters carbine:

  • the presence of trunk space to install the optical sight, which significantly improves the performance of shooting;
  • long-term preservation of the attractive appearance of the rifle due to the use in the design of advanced materials, has excellent characteristics;
  • sufficient rigidity of the barrel and its balance with the butt;
  • minimal impact when making a shot.

These advantages distinguish the considered carbine from peers, while its cost is accessible: acquisition of the model is possible even if there is some limitation of the budget purchases. Buyers also noted a stylish classic design. It makes considering the carbine is interesting for those who appreciate elegance of form and lack of spare parts.

Flaws, in the opinion of the majority of owners of a carbine, the model is not revealed. However, some customers noted as a disadvantage the high cost of the rifle.

Rifle Sako TRG-42 (photo)

  • Sniper rifle Sako TRG-42 manufacturer intended for use in the power structures.
  • Also, the use of the rifle Sako TRG-42 – professional hunting, which contributes to excellent performance shooting (sighting and accuracy) and maximum usability.
  • Also, this carbine is an excellent choice to participate in sports shooting.
  • Thanks to the compactness and relatively low weight, this model can also be used to teach initial skills of shooting from a firearm, and the ergonomic shape provides maximum comfort in using the weapon.

Available two varieties of rifle Sako TRG-42 with different caliber cartridges. Apparently they have a few differences, however, firing rates in terms of different accuracy.

  • Rifle Sako TRG-21, which was created under the cartridge of 7.62 mm. They have a relatively small capacity and its range. They have the ability to install an optical sight and the barrel allows you to install adjustable stelnicki and the pillow under his cheek.
  • A variation of the Sako TRG-42, created under the cartridges with more power (the caliber of 8.60 mm), where trigger mechanism is located directly on removable modules that provides the greatest convenience in its operation.

Its parameters the model can be considered as one of the most successful from this manufacturer. Because the specifications provide the most detailed impression of the capabilities of any modern rifle, should perform such indicators as the initial speed of a bullet, the ratio of the length of the barrel and butt, as well as the material making the barrel, the capacity of the store and the overall weight of the device.

The table below includes the most important characteristics of the rifle model Sako TRG-42.

Specifications The Benelli MR1 carbine
Country of origin Finland
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, weapons
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 10 and 7
The total length of the body 1 020 mm
The length of the barrel 406 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

This model is much in demand from the professional shooters at the expense of the balance of its design and facilities, which is noted by even beginners in the shooting of these firearms. Sniper rifle Sako TRG-42 has established itself as the perfect weapon to defeat a moving target at a considerable distance (about 200-300 m), and due to the possibility of his tonirovania a telescopic sight, it becomes possible to improve the sighting of the shooting.


Users can not worry about the presence of the design features of the rifle are the model. The simple design of the Sako TRG-42 implies a lack of complexity in the process of its operation. The main structural part of any modern – the barrel and the butt. Their optimal ratio in the model Sako TRG-42 can be called the most thoughtful, because it gives the opportunity to provide shooting range and a high degree of effectiveness of each shot.

The trigger Assembly activates the cartridge, sending it into the barrel upon pressing the trigger, when this occurs, the disengagement of the striker and is a sharp blow on the cartridge, resulting in a shot. Adjustable sight and front sight with limiters allow a better aim and hit the chosen target. On the slide box is the base for mounting the optical sight, which significantly increases the effectiveness of shooting.

Picking and packing

The packaging is carried out when selling, this follows all rules for transporting a weapon without having a negative impact on its performance. Rifle model Sako TRG-42 in the sale are Packed in polymer film that allows you to eliminate deterioration in appearance of the mechanical influences on the body parts. The rifle is in the gun case indicating the name of the product and of the manufacturer.

The basic package includes the rifle, the ramrod for him, the store which can contain 4,5 or 7 rounds. The store’s larger size, which increases the rate of fire and provides greater convenience during operation.

The principle of operation

The simplicity of design determines the usability of the rifle. The action of the trigger based on touch of the trigger, which is smooth-running, whereby the output out of engagement with the firing pin, resulting in the extension-limiting springs is a sharp shock, which sends the cartridge in the barrel.

Guard button – this kind of is recognized as the most user-friendly.


Disassembly can be carried out for repair of weapons, when the cleaning and tuning. With its simple design model Sako TRG-42 can be easily disassembled.

Ease of disassembly is determined by dividing the barrel into two constructive parts.


The improvement of the rifle may be carried out at the expense of the installation of the barrel, which has a special place, the telescopic sight, increasing the targeting. Can also be purchased separately and installed store a larger volume.

The price and the reviews about sniper rifle Sako TRG-42 are given below.

The product price

The cost of rifles from different sellers may vary irrelevant: its price ranges from 300 to 520 321 520 rubles.

Owner reviews

Thanks to its excellent technical characteristics, the rifle model Sako TRG-42 has a lot of opportunities to defeat even far away targets. Ease of use, ergonomic shape and compactness at a high rate of fire, great sighting and it is possible to improve the models provide a constant and justified interest from buyers.

The high cost can cause a lack of interest from buyers with limited budget purchase, however, those who have already bought this rifle, comments about it only positively.

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