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Shot Mossberg 930 SPX semi-automatic shotgun built on the same lines, and pump-action shotgun Mossberg 500. Tube store it is located under the barrel. This is the basic model of the series “Weapons of self-defense”.

Description of the rifle Shot Mossberg 930 SPX

Multiply semi-automatic shotgun 12 gauge. Innesne it is very similar to the Mossberg 500 and differs from it only fore-grip that covers the gas engine, which is installed instead of rolling forearm with a longitudinal corrugation.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Among the most reliable semi-automatic smooth-bore weapons option. As “five hundredth” model that can work with any quality ammo, brass case not a problem for him.
  • The gun is equipped with Picatinny rail and external sighting device, which are usually installed on a rifle. The front sight is equipped with a color fiber-optic thread, it can be red, yellow or green. The rear sight ring (scop), it is convenient when shooting close and fast moving targets. It can be adjusted in two planes.
  • Lever manual cocking of the projectile makes the weapon quite safe to use.
  • The ergonomics of the Lodge meets all the canons of the science of the rifle, it is very convenient for shooting from any position.
  • The design of the store allows you to install the extension and increase its capacity. The front end of the extension cord not connected to the barrel, which causes some concern, as they can cling to the branches.
  • Optionally, the barrel can be installed brake-compensator.
  • The gun has good shooting qualities. Battle of he heap. Unfortunately, only offered a twelve gauge. The returns are very strong, so it’s not all on hand.

The weapon is compact and relatively light, it is convenient to use even in confined spaces. For example, when fighting in space.

Photo of the carbine Mossberg 930 SPX



Belongs to the tactical lineup, which is designed for self-defense. Can be applied to the chassis and driven hunts, when the shooting distance is small.


The model number of Mossberg 930 Tactical.

  • Shot SPX. Barrel length 47 cm magazine Capacity 8 rounds sights – rear sight, front sight, Picatinny rail. Muzzle contraction – pressure cylinder. Bed plastic, polupoltina or orthopedic butt and pistol grip.
  • Shot. Barrel length 47 cm magazine Capacity 5 (model index 5) or 8 (index 8) rounds. Sights – anti-glare strap + brass or white (fiber-optic) front sight. The model with the white front sight is equipped with a muzzle brake / compensator. Bed polupoltina, plastic.

The caliber of the rifle in all versions of one – twelfth.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading smooth-bore weapons with a gas engine
Caliber 12, the chamber 70 or 76 mm
Barrel length (mm) 470
The muzzle constriction Pressure cylinder
Capacity 5 ( model 5 Shot) or 8 (model Shot and 8-Shot SPX)
Overall length (mm) 990
Weight (kg) 3,52
  • Self-loading semi-automatic shotgun 12 gauge. Works on the principle of gas engine and freewheel bolt. The breech is closed by a perforated cover (optional).
  • Shop tubular underbarrel. On its outer surface are part – helical spring, coupling, pusher, piston – mechanism of reloading. The gas chamber at the same time plays the role of a clutch connecting the shop and the barrel. To protect your hands from the arrow exhaust installed on the shank plastic overlay.
  • Receiver is machined from a solid aluminum billet. At its bottom face is a bunker inordinately pan shop. He closed spring-loaded strap (opens inward).
  • The shutter is free, the locking occurs due to the weight and effort of the return spring of the trigger. After shooting the last cartridge, it becomes on the delay. The release buttons located on the right side of the receiver above the hopper of the receiving tray.
  • The set of sighting devices consists of rear sight, front sight and Picatinny rail. The rear sight ring (ospreys), located on the back plate of the receiver. It can be adjusted in two planes. Fly at a high bracket, equipped with a fiber-optic thread.
  • The trigger mechanism is equipped with a lever-disconnector trigger which removes weapons with cocking manually. It is located on the neck of the stock has two positions: Fire (visible red dot) and Stop. Length of stroke and force of the trigger is not adjustable, the idle speed and no warning.
  • Lodge in one embodiment, a plastic palaestrina, the butt with a pronounced tilt to the sighting and shock absorbing buttstock. The other with the butt of “orthopedist” and pistol grip set at an angle of 450 to the receiver.
Picking and packing

Packaged in cardboard box blue with yellow lettering Mossberg.

Supplied with a security lock, the butt with poliestireno handle (or podiatrist), instruction manual, warranty card and the passport of the weapons.

The principle of operation
  • The weapon recharges energy part of the powder gases tapped from the barrel. The mechanism of reloading and the gas piston is on the outside of the store. It is covered by a plastic casing.
  • When fired, the slide the striker is pushed back by the force of the pulse, as is the submachine guns. The extractor extracts the spent shell casing that is in contact with the reflector is ejected from the receiver through the window. On the way cocked the hammer.
  • Cartridge from the tray of the hopper is supplied to the line of movement of the valve tappet gas piston muzzle of a cartridge case up. The larva shutter pushes it into the chamber and locks the breech of the barrel.
  • When you press the trigger the sear drops and releases the hammer firing pin. He hits the firing pin in the cylinder lock. Capsule nakalyaetsya, for the shooting. The cycle repeats until the magazine runs out of ammo, then the shutter becomes on delay (rearmost position).
  • Before loading the weapon put the safety on, which the lever-disconnector drummer on the neck of the box is shifted down (red dot not visible).
  • The cartridges are fed into the tray of the hopper through the window on the bottom of the receiver, which closed the spring-loaded plate (opens inward). They are placed sequentially, one after another, muzzle of a cartridge case forward, the primer back. The last cartridge is returned to the tray under the action of the spring store and remains there, sandwiched between the slide frame and the cover of the hopper. Therefore, the rounds from the magazine can be removed only by the distortion of the bolt through the ejector window.
  • Before the shot, move the slider to the lever-release drummer up until the opening of the red point. Pull the bolt back, holding a pen, then release it, leaving the return spring freedom and the opportunity to energetically return to its original position. The weapon is ready to fire. After the exhaustion of bullets in the slide is to the delay. For removing it from the click on the button located on the receiver, on the receiving tray of the hopper.
  1. Discharge arms, which distort the bolt. If the store is empty, the shutter will rise to the delay.
  2. Click on the slide stop, return the frame to the extreme front position.
  3. Will villotte two pins holding the trigger mechanism, and remove it from the receiver.
  4. Unscrew the extension of the store. Be careful when removing it, it compresses the spring feeder.
  5. Remove the spring store and the applicant cartridges.
  6. Remove the plastic trim (fore-end) move to the muzzle slice.
  7. Output from the barrel mates to the receiver.
  8. Remove the gas piston from the chamber of the barrel.
  9. Remove from the body shop extension of the piston, spring, pusher ammo and gasket.
  10. Holding with a finger, cylinder bolt, pull it from the cocking lever.
  11. Remove the receiver bolt carrier with striker, divide them.

The stock connects to the receiver by means of a pin passing through it through. The fastening screw is under the cushion butt pad.

Prices and reviews on Mossberg 930 shotgun (Mossberg 930) SPX Shot


Shotgun Mossberg 930 is from 40 to 70 thousand rubles. It depends on the configuration, model, barrel length and design of the Lodge.


The gun heap and a sharp fight. Rate of fire is slightly higher than that of domestic MTS. Weapons are unpretentious and not particularly picky about quality of ammunition. However, the old inflated sheaths can be wedged or not to tosylates. Owners say the low corrosion resistance. The gun it is necessary to clean and grease after not only hunting, but also in the intervals, as prophylaxis. Especially the gas piston is exposed to aggressive environment.

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