Shotgun Baikal MP-133

Based on its design model IZH-81. In Russia it is not less popular than in US pump-action shotgun Mossberg 500. Used in self-defense, for hunting and sport shooting. Pump action smoothbore shotgun MP-133 was released at the Izhevsk mechanical plant (it produces the MP-94 Sever, MP-18МН, Mr-143, the OP-SKS, etc.), until 2013.

Description shotgun MP-133

Pump-action shotgun 12-gauge. Shop grenade, tubular, there is a possibility of its replacement with a more capacious.

Produced as a classic poliestireno box from beech wood or walnut and is made of high impact plastic. In the lineup there were samples with a folding stock and pistol grip, and sawed-off shotguns, which had only the pistol grip.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reliable and easy to operate weapons. Pump-action mechanism for reloading by definition noisier than a bolt plug or a broken barrel, so it is not suitable for certain types of hunts where extra care is required.
  • Was offered with three types of chamber: 70, 76 and 89 mm. caliber But only the twelfth the gun, the MP-133 that restricts the user base, since its impact, especially with a folding “machine” butt, and not just the hard – cruel.

Unlike the Mossberg 500, MP-133 there is a possibility to change the shop on more capacious.

  • The design has a slide catch element, which none of the models of weapons with pump action method of reloading. It can help to remove the cartridge from the chamber and to avoid feeding the following that allows you to carry a rifle with loaded magazine.
  • The larva of the swinging shutter, it locks the breech bolt, the catching protrusion in a groove in the breech, it increases the safety of using the weapon, but, most importantly, it improves the shooting performance. Battle rifles sharp and heap.
  • Forend rifle short, in the initial position is far away relative to the receiver. On the winter hunt, when wearing a thick coat, can reach it, can be problematic.
  • The trigger mechanism has three modes of locks: the gun will not fire when not fully closed shutter, the fore-end is locked after filing in a cartridge chamber, a mechanical lever (located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard) blocks the trigger.
  • Optional gun supplied with a set of changeable muzzle contractions, and on the threads of the barrel can be screwed brake-compensator or a silencer. It shoots and shot all of the rooms, and bullets of various systems.

Shotgun Baikal MP-133 (photo)



The gun is used for:

  • hunting
  • self-defense
  • sport shooting.

The range of aimed shot to 50 meters.


Was produced only in 12 gauge, but with the bolts 70, 76 and 89 mm.

  • In the base case, the barrel had a cylindrical drilling, optional arms equipped with changeable chokes five types, allows you to shoot lead or steel shot, and bullets “Paradox” (rifled drilling, fosbery).
  • Bed classic poliestireno structure of solid beech wood or walnut, as well as from high-impact plastic. Stock with cushioned recoil pad and straight comb, inclined relative to the axis of the barrel.
  • There was a model with a folding stock taken from the AK-74 the “hundredth” series, and direct pistol handle. And rifles with a single pistol handle, made of wood or plastic.
  • The set of sighting devices consists of a solid bronze trims and flies. Optional installed vented strap, and for the service model, the rifle rear sight and front sight.

Model Mr-133К has a tubular under-barrel, and detachable box magazine capacity of five rounds. It is very rare.


Technical characteristics of the shotgun MP-133 are given below:

Feature The value
Type Shotgun
Trunk Smooth
Caliber 12, the chamber length 70, 76 or 89 mm
Barrel length (mm) 510, 540, 610, 660, 710, 750
Shop Tubular, under-barrel, capacity of 4 rounds, with the possibility of changing the larger
Length (mm) 1040 (with a barrel length of 510 mm)
Weight (kg) 3,3

Shotgun with pump-action type reload. Shop tubular underbarrel.

  • Frame shutter with two rigidly fixed rods (for Mossberg 500 they are removable). The larva swinging, it locks the barrel channel on one tooth catching over the cutout of the breech.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy. Window hopper for ammunition is located in the bottom face. It’s closed Elevator supply cartridges. In the first model, the Elevator was solid, later on it made a through longitudinal cut.
  • Movable handguard is on the store, it made of the same material as the butt.

The trigger mechanism is hammer type, the hook and the force on it are not regulated. Fuse triple action:

  1. blocks the trigger, which button on the rear branch of the trigger guard is shifted to the left, perpendicular to the axis of the barrel;
  2. the slide stop lever located above the trigger blocks the movement of the frame and fore-end;
  3. click stopping mechanism blocks the feeding of the cartridge from the store when moving the forend and the bolt.

The set of sighting devices in the basic version consists of a solid bronze trims and flies. Optional set of vented strap, and rifle rear sight and front sight of the open type.

  • Store tubular with a capacity of 4 rounds in the base case. There is a constructive opportunity to establish a more capacious store.
  • Polupoltina bed, made of solid wood or plastic, with a shock-absorbing butt plate. Models are available with folding stock, taken from AK “hundredth” series, and direct pistol handle. When folded the trigger is not blocked. In the models, designed for protection and self-defense buttstock, just a pistol grip.
Picking and packing

The gun comes in a cardboard box. Optional package includes five types of changeable muzzle contractions, devices for cleaning. Attached passport, the Protocol of shooting and instruction manual.

The principle of operation

The equipment of shop is made through the window of the bunker to the bottom edge of the receiver. The cartridges fit muzzle of a cartridge case forward and fixed blade. Unacceptable use of ammunition, equipped with a pointed bullet.

For the filing of the cartridge in the chamber foregrip energetically shifted back to the butt. During this movement the spent cartridge case is extracted from the chamber and removed through the window of the receiver. Slide cock the drummer and takes the Elevator up to the line of loading and the ammunition from the store. During the return (forward) movement of the forearm, the cartridge is inserted into the chamber and swinging the cylinder stopper engages with its tooth for a cutout in the breech.

If shooting is delayed, slide the safety button on rear trigger guard branches to the left and lock the trigger. You can also click on the lever on the trigger and lock the bolt. In this case, the forearm is fixed.

Before firing, slide the safety button to the right and unlock the bolt by pressing again on the delay lever over the trigger.

Button razor cartridges, located on the right side of the receiver above the window of the bunker store allows you to do multiple operations.

  1. To remove the cartridge from the chamber and close the chamber without feeding a cartridge. To do this, click the clipper and distort handguard by sliding it back and forth.
  2. Quick change cartridge type. For example, with loaded shot bullet. To do this, click of the clipper, slide the fore-end back, put the cartridge with the right equipment, through the window of the receiver to the Elevator feeder, slide the handguard forward.

We will now examine the disassembly of the MP-133.

  1. Discharge the weapon several times twitching forearm up until it locks into the rear position.
  2. Remove the nut on the front face of the store.
  3. Remove the spring and the applicant cartridges.
  4. Output from the barrel mates to the receiver.
  5. Remove the bolt from retention by pressing on the lever on the trigger.
  6. Pull the fore-end and remove it from the pipe shop.
  7. Remove the bolt and separate from the valve body with the larva.
  8. If necessary for repair, knock out the two pins above the trigger guard, and remove from it a block trigger.

Now consider the upgrades-tuning, Mr-133.


Possible change in store for a more comprehensive, but for that you need the coupler that connects the barrel and extension tube. Hunters change butts, mounted on the receiver plate or the bracket under the optical sight mounted on the handguard for tactical accessories. For example, laser pointer or flashlight.

The price of shotgun MP-133 is given below.


Shotgun with full sized beech Lodge and a chamber length of 76 mm 14200 rubles. Reviews hunters shotgun MP-133 is given below.


The gun is able to shoot any factory ammo or hand loading, if the sleeve is not inflated, and the sealing are done neatly. The best accuracy is observed in models with chamber length 76 mm. Recoil is very strong, it is necessary to be ready mentally and physically.

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