SKS OP b/o of 7. 62×39, rifle shotgun

Hunting rifles of the last generation is able to surprise not only for its technical capabilities. Their appearance is largely determined by the requirements of good taste in such matters as hunting and rifles and a professional appearance.

Because it is presentable “appearance” largely determines the extent of the demand for any model.

And the carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39 permanently remaining at the forefront of the most popular contemporary patterns, has several important advantages when compared to similar rifles of other manufacturers. Convenient design allows the most comfortable positioning of the rifle in the hand, eliminating the possibility of wounding yourself or others. Compact dimensions determine its light weight, which is important in the operation of the model women and adolescents.

Overview of carbine OP SKS b/o

Represents one of the most popular models, the carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39 copes with the objectives: training accuracy when shooting, sports shooting and use it on a hunting trip. This particular model, described by customers as, reliable and convenient in operation: the small size ensures low weight, which allows not to tire the hand even when shooting for a long time.

Modern with high resistance to external influences and mechanical loads, the materials that were used to create the body of the carabiner, ensure the long-term preservation of its attractive appearance, all mechanisms of the model work accurately, consistently and without failure, as evidenced by a long guarantee period given by the manufacturer. And the presence of the oxide coating of the barrel allows you to operate the weapon in a variety of weather conditions and climatic zones: the high rate of humidity is not able to impair the view of the trunk, the rust on it is formed.

Manufacturer to specify the acceptable temperature range from -50 to +50°C.

Advantages and disadvantages

Because the list of advantages allows to assess the degree of value and zarabotannoe of the model, below is a list of qualities of a carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39 that should be considered important advantages over other similar models.

The advantages of the model SKS OP b/o 7,62×39 are his parameters:

  • the appeal of the external design, while respecting the strict style without unnecessary details;
  • the classic version of the carbine makes it an excellent addition to the appearance of any man;
  • easy operation;
  • duration of uninterrupted operation with no failures;
  • the ease of use that makes it convenient to process operation models women and adolescents;
  • cleaned the carbine is simple, it requires only a professional cleaning rod;
  • with good care of the weapon, the lifespan is greatly increased.

Many buyers have called the value of the model relative to the available, because this figure largely has a significant impact on the extent of the demand.

The disadvantage is the lack of a notch, which somewhat reduces the effectiveness of this kind of weapons when shooting in high humidity conditions: the stock may simply slip when making a shot. However, to apply the notch can be applied to almost every owner.

Carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39 (photo)


The use of model carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39 – training accuracy when shooting at targets, as well as the defeat of small moving targets (e.g., wolves, and foxes, are excellent objects to hunt with this rifle). Also this model is well-proven in competition target shooting.

Thread, optics, shooting features and other specifications of carbine OP SKS b/o discussed below.


By analysing the technical capabilities, it is possible to evaluate not only the possibility to use the carbine, but also to determine the most important areas for its application. A long warranty period allows you to be confident in the quality of each structural part of the model, the effectiveness of the shots.

Specifications Carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39
Country of origin Czech Republic
View Semi-automatic carbine
Kind of caliber 7. 62×39
The total length of the body 1 083 mm
The length of the barrel 5498 mm
The height of the model 209 mm
Weight 2,03 kg
Width 61 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

This weapon allows you to hunt animals such as small rodents and carnivores (hare, sable, Fox, mink), and as efficiently as possible to stop middle-sized animals: deer, foxes, wild boar. Using bullets slightly larger caliber, it is safe to go on a hunt even bears.

Next, a device and a carbine OP SKS.


The simplicity of design determines the maximum usability of the model. Many noted the convenience of this product in stock packing of the valve, the use of which speeds up the process of replacing used clips of carbine OP SKS b/O.

The overall design considered the rifle as follows:

  • butt OP SKS, made of natural material (wood) with special treatment, which increases its service life;
  • sights – front sight and sight;
  • the sight also has the following parts-block sight, leaf spring, rib, clamp and latch to it.

The use of the rifle is determined by the specifics of its design, and because this model uses classical methods of control all the mechanisms, operation, analysis shows the views of the owners, should be considered sufficiently convenient and simple.

Picking and packing

Sales model carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39 available in the following basic configuration:

  1. The carabiner.
  2. Strap for easy fixation and transportation.
  3. Ointment to care.
  4. The cleaning rod.

All the components are in a cardboard box. It has all the necessary information on the name of the product and the manufacturer. The instructions allows you to understand the subtleties of the operation of the rifle.

The principle of operation

Difficulties with the process of using the model usually does not occur: after setting the carbine OP SKS b/o on shoulder, using flies is the choice of the target. Cartridges in the store are driven through a releaser.

Many have noted the smoothness of the trigger, which is especially important for making more effective shot.


The process of disassembly of the rifle is also simple; this manufacturer has achieved the simplicity of its design. Disassembly may be required when cleaning the weapon, and also for upgrading or repaired.

Cleaning of weapons is performed using a standard cleaning rod. It is recommended to clean the gun at least once during the year use in normal climatic conditions, and also after each use and when dipping to prevent the formation of rust on the metal barrel.

About improving the accuracy of OP SKS b/o and other tuning options are discussed below.


Due to the existing possibility of installing additional equipment the owner of the rifle can somewhat improve the model. And many owners noted the ease of implementation of tuning.

The simplest tuning you can call the installation of other optical sight. Its use ensures a more scoring shots and more pleasure from the process of operation of the rifle.

The price of a hunting carbine OP SKS b/o is given below along with reviews owners-hunters.

The product price

The cost model is relatively low: from 12 to 14 520 980 rubles, depending on the margin of the seller company.

Owner reviews
  • Many buyers initially, it is noted the attractive design of the carbine OP SKS b/o of 7. 62×39: stylish, classic and not having unnecessary details.
  • Also attracts buyers is the price – it in comparison with similar models of other developers can be considered as one of the lowest today.
  • And the technical abilities of the manufacturer, allow us to estimate the power make a shot, the effectiveness of the use of weapons for a variety of purposes.
  • The safety of operation and reliable design provides a process of using a carabiner without fear of injury.
  • The model is ideal for beginners: its small and compact size contributing to light weight, no recoil when shooting and a good striking ability will help to develop accuracy when shooting at targets.

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