Snipe 12M, pump-action, shotgun

“Bekas 12M” is a pump-action shotgun produced Vyatsko-Polyansky arms Molot plant since 1999. Simple and reliable, it served as the basis for the design of self-loading rifles, HPE-201-05 and its subsequent modification of the VPO-201M. Used for hunting and self defense.

Description guns Snipe 12M

Shotgun 12 gauge with pump action method of reloading. Movable handguard slides on the under-barrel tubular store. Barrel, cold forged, with chrome channel and expand to the muzzle, which sets interchangeable muzzle narrowing.

Sights – vented strap and bronze fly. Mounting optics is not provided. Polupoltina bed, solid wood walnut. The package may be a plastic pistol grip.

Advantages and disadvantages

It really is the Real McCoy in the gun world. The gun is extremely robust and does not require too much effort on the content. In the power of the pump-action type reload failures in shooting is simply impossible.

  • The bore is chromed, it is easier to care for guns and improves ballistics. There is a place for interchangeable nozzles with chokes of different gradations. The head is mounted inside the barrel gives a guarantee of perfect alignment.
  • Long chamber allows to vary the type of ammunition depending on the intended type of hunting. Shooting bullets with short sleeves (70 mm) somewhat degrade the accuracy and sharpness of the battle, but is not a threat, nor for arrow, nor for weapons.
  • Too noisy for hunting weapons, especially a loud click occurs at the moment of engagement of the wedge larvae of the shutter cutout in the shank of the trunk.
  • The forearm is long, with well-developed notch, it is convenient for reloading regardless of the anatomical features of the arrow.
  • The twelfth caliber cartridges are loaded with a large number of the fraction, so the value of the scree makes shooting the bird in flight very effectively. However, for such a bonus have to endure severe impact. The gun is not all at hand. The instructions emphasized that the shooting with pistol handle and a long barrel is prohibited, as are fraught with injury to your hands.
  • Reliable locking the barrel swinging larvae, the wedge which engages the notch in the shank of the breech, provides good ballistic qualities of the weapon. Shooting bullets of any system heap, the value of MOA at the distance of 70 meters does not exceed 2 units.
  • There is a lever stop bolt halfway. This allows you to remove the cartridge from the chamber and not feeding it from the store, which is convenient for transport of weapons – no need to empty the store, and also for quick replacement of the munition with a different type of equipment.
  • Polupoltina bed solid wood walnut meets all the canons of small art and quite convenient for the shooting with all the provisions for a conditional arrow with the average anatomical parameters. However, the inability to adjust the height of the butt plate gives rise to critical comments that reach to the trigger may be problematic.

The gun is relatively light, with it you can easily atshagat forest and swamp thicket all day.

Carbine Snipe 12 M (photo)


The gun is produced only in the 12th calibre and chamber length of 76 mm. Model with a long barrel used for hunting small and medium-sized animal, upland and waterfowl. Short barrel is used for self defense and shooting bullets from a short distance away.


Until 2012, Vyatsko-Polyanskiy weapons factory were released 8 models of this gun with the barrel 535, 680, 720 and 780 mm in single or combined configuration. To date, produced only two.

  • VPO-202-04 with a barrel length of 535 mm and poliestireno walnut Lodge. Supplied with pistol grip and two interchangeable choke tube – polochak and “Paradox” (cylinder is preinstalled in the trunk) with a length of 150 mm.
  • VPO-202-07 Bekas RP with a set of trunks 535 and 750 mm. a Set of interchangeable muzzle narrowing of the same.

Specifications Bekas 12 auto M given below.

VPO-202-04 VPO-202-04
Type Shotgun with a movable forearm
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
Trunk Chrome
Barrel length (mm) 535 Set 535 and 750
Changeable muzzle narrowing “Paradox” and polochak 150 mm. Cylinder pre-installed
Capacity 6
Overall length (mm) 844 1301
Weight (kg) 3,3 3,6
  • Shotgun with a movable fore – pump-action a type of reloading.
  • Barrel, cold forged, blued, channel chrome. On the muzzle extension for the installation of interchangeable nozzles “Paradox”, polochak (cylinder pre-installed).
  • Shop tubular underbarrel, with a capacity of six cartridges.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, cast. The window of the bunker shop is located on the bottom face.
  • The larva shutter swinging. It locks with the barrel, catching the notch in the shank of the breech. The spring loaded firing pin, its tip not beyond the mirror shutter.
  • The trigger mechanism is hammer type. It is not regulated. Neither during the hook, nor by the force of the descent. The box fuse is on the back branch of the trigger guard and has two positions: shift left, perpendicular to the axis of the barrel, on / off; slide to the right – fire. When the safety slide only opens half the length of the sleeve, the supply cartridge and a platoon drummer impossible.
  • On trigger, right, is the lever of the shut off supply of ammunition. If you click on it then the bolt carrier can be provided for the full length of the casing and the cartridge extracted from the barrel. But the supply of ammunition to the Elevator will not happen. The firing pin is cocked.
  • Polupoltina bed solid wood walnut. The stock to snipe a 12 M with a straight comb, with a strong downward inclination relative to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed. Along the entire length of the handle made the fluting for the convenience and reliability of grip. The forearm of the same material, long, when locked, the barrel it reaches to the front face of the receiver.
  • Sights external – high ventilated strap and the bronze fly.
Picking and packing

The gun comes Packed in a cardboard box. Supplied with interchangeable muzzle narrowing of the “Paradox” and polochak. Attached instructions and the passport.

The principle of operation
  • The gun is charged through the window of the bunker to the bottom edge of the receiver. Before loading the magazine it is necessary to put the safety on. Elevator supply is given inside of the receiver. The cartridges are stacked one after another muzzle of a cartridge case forward and tie in the shop.
  • Possible charging of the additional or a single cartridge, but in this case, the fuse must be switched off. If the store has the cartridges, it is necessary to press the lever of the trap over the trigger and slide the handguard back to the window, extractor cartridges were fully open. In this case, the feed Elevator is lowered, therefore, if you use bullets with short sleeve it is necessary to turn the gun to one side, then the munition will not fall down into the hopper. Magnum cartridge you can just shove your finger in the chamber.
  • During the movement of the forearm pull back it pushes the bolt carrier Assembly, the larva falls in and out of engagement with the shank of the breech of the barrel. The used cartridge case is extracted, cocked the hammer. Upon reaching the bolt carrier, recoil pad receiver cartridge case is ejected the lever of the reflector, and the thrust tooth of the left forearm opens the store and takes the cartridge in the tray. During the return movement of the Elevator is raised and delivers the cartridge to the line of loading. The larva shutter picks it up and Doyle in the chamber. Simultaneously, the wedge of its tooth engages with a hole in the breech of the barrel.
  • To empty the feed store Elevator inside the receiver and pull the forend backwards.

Disassembly Snipe auto 12 M shown below.

  1. Discharge the weapon, pressing on the lever on the trigger, pull the fore-end back and remove the cartridge from the chamber. After that, the Elevator feed inside of the receiver and the fore end slide even further back and empty the store. Produce descent control USM.
  2. Loosen the notched nut on the clutch barrel, remove it from the store.
  3. Take the forearm back to the larva came out of the pairing with the breech. Remove the trunk.
  4. Squeeze pin impact mechanism, remove it from the receiver.
  5. This pin remove the locking rods of the forearm of the bolt.
  6. Remove the bolt from the receiver.
  7. Remove the forend (along with rods) with the store.
  8. Remove the stopper through the hole for the barrel, push out the pin, remove the firing pin, spring and separate cylinder lock.

The design of the Lodge allows you to take stock and change it completely or make the adjustment according to anatomic parameters.

The price and the reviews on the pump-action shotgun Snipe M auto 12 below.

Price and reviews
  • On the website Vyatsko-Polyansky engineering plant Molot, model HPE-202-04 costs 19,500 rubles (about how, for example, saiga 20K), and the model VPO-202-07 – 24100 rubles (and saiga-MK vers. 03, VEPR-223 PIONEER, etc.).

What are reviews of owners of shotguns-pump Snipe auto 12 M?

  • The gun is trouble free in operation, it is indifferent to the type and quality of ammunition.
  • Battle heap and sharp.
  • The kick back.

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