Snipe-auto HPE-201-05, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Semi-automatic smoothbore gun Snipe-auto HPE-201-05 works on the principle of removal of powder gases from the bore. It is a reliable and robust weapon that is used for hunting small and medium-sized animal, as well as waterfowl.

Description gun Snipe-auto HPE-201-05

Self-loading smooth-bore guns 12-gauge with tubular underbarrel store. The principle of operation of automatics is based on a selection of a portion of the propellant gases from the barrel.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Good workmanship, reliable and low-maintenance design. He is not capricious in terms of ammunition. Safely withstands drowning, which often happens on duck and goose hunts.

Stevia here your text unfortunately, calibre only 12th, because of the powerful recoil gun is not all on hand. And the length of the chamber as one of 76 mm, but it’s better than if offered only short, length 70 mm Firing cartridges of low power is possible, but significantly reduced the accuracy of the battle.

  • The manufacturer offers four sizes of barrel from 535 to 750 m. They with the chrome channel, the same coating has a gas chamber, it facilitates the cleaning of the weapon and allows you to shoot bimetal bullets. But it forces the owner to take special measures for its protection, because the damage to the coating leads to the intensification of the processes of electrochemical corrosion. Definite opinion in favor of (and against) chrome among hunters there.
  • The shop for only three rounds, the fourth can be driven into the trunk. Replace it with a more capacious there is no way, this disadvantage is eliminated in a subsequent model – 201M.
  • Gas engine consists of many small parts, which greatly complicates or makes impossible a full cleaning in the field during long hunting.
  • Sights in the models with long barrel consists of only ventilated strap and the bronze fly. Equipped with a short-barreled rifle entirely and fly. The receiver is made of undercut, forming a semblance of a lath of the type “dovetail”, but their holding capacity is low, due to the hard recoil scopes can break.
  • Quite a rich standard equipment, including interchangeable muzzle narrowing, tools, spare parts for the most loaded parts of the mechanism of automation.
  • Good ergonomics lodges to successfully shoot from any position.
  • The trigger mechanism has no adjustment possibilities. The fuse box is located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard, the convenience of this technical solution is challenged hunters.
  • You can block the cartridges in the store that allows you to quickly change the type of munition or discharge the gun for transport. However, the lever blade is very small to operate comfortably.

Photo of the gun HPE-201-05


The gun is used for all types of hunting on small and medium animal, waterfowl and upland game. Models with pistol grip instead of the stock suitable for self-defense.


The gun is made only in one caliber – the twelfth, with chamber length 76 mm. the Manufacturer offers several models.

  1. VPO-201.00.00 – barrel length 680 mm, bed polupoltina.
  2. VPO-201.00.00-01 – barrel length 720 mm, bed polupoltina.
  3. VPO-201.00.00-02 – barrel length 750 mm, bed polupoltina.
  4. VPO-201.00.00-03 – barrel length 680 mm, supplied with a barrel length of 535 mm and pistol grip.
  5. VPO-201.00.00-04 – barrel length 720 mm, supplied with a barrel length of 535 mm and pistol grip.
  6. VPO-201.00.00-05 – barrel length 750 mm, supplied with a barrel length of 535 mm and pistol grip.
  7. VPO-201.00.00-06 – barrel length 680 mm, supplied with a barrel length of 750 mm. of the Bed only polupoltina.

Specifications gun Snipe-auto HPE-201-05 is given below.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading rifle with a gas engine
Trunk Smooth, cold forged, with chrome channel
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
Shop Underbarrel tubular, with a capacity of 3 rounds.
Barrel length (mm) 535, 680, 720, 750
Total length (mm) 860 (pistol grip, barrel 535), 1083, 1240, 1280, 1310
Weight (kg) without cartridges 3.4, 3.5, 3.55, and 3.6

Smoothbore self-loading rifle, automatics which works on the principle of gas engine.

  • Barrel, cold forged, with chrome channel and the possibility of installation of interchangeable muzzle narrowing, including rifled a bullet of the type “Paradox.” Nozzles are screwed from the inside of the barrel.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, window loading bunker store located on its bottom face. Shop underbarrel tubular, with a capacity of 3 rounds. The fourth driven into the barrel.
  • Valve with swinging larvae having a ledge that engages the notch in the shank of the breech.
  • The spring is located on the outside of the store. Gas engine closed forearm.
  • The trigger mechanism is hammer type, it is not regulated. The box fuse is on the back branch of the trigger guard. This is the button that you need to move perpendicular to the axis of the barrel. Left – position “Fire”. Pressing the left Stop position. After shooting the last cartridge slide is to delay. The withdraw button is on the right side of the receiver above the window of the bunker store.
  • On the left side of the receiver, the coaxial button, slide stop, is the check box of razor cartridges, with which the ammunition can to keep from feeding into the chamber.
  • Sights long-barreled models are made up of high vented trims and bronze flies. Equipped with a short-barreled rifle is entirely metal open sights.
  • Lodge in the base case polupoltina, solid wood walnut. On the shank and hilt developed ribbed for ease of grip. Buttstock with straight comb and the little pillow on the left plane. The shock-absorbing recoil pad.

Snipe HPE-201-05 with case

Picking and packing

The gun comes in a cardboard box, colored embossed in a stylised version of the gun box. As standard, the barrel is only one. The set includes:

  • With two interchangeable bushing – choke and polochak. The cylinder is installed in the trunk.
  • Universal key to install the nozzles and disassembly of the gas engine.
  • Cleaning the gas engine.
  • Reflector larvae shutter and spring.

Extended completion with augmented nozzle “Paradox”, the striker and its spring, the oiler, by a punch and a screwdriver.

The principle of operation

After a shot of the powder gases removed from the barrel and pushes the piston gas engine. That, in turn, by means of two rods moves the bolt back, resulting extracted the used cartridge case, the percussion mechanism is cocked and the recoil spring is compressed. In the reverse movement of the shutter Elevator takes the cartridge from the hopper to the line of loading, the cylinder pushes its paddle into the chamber and at the same time change up, hooked his tooth for a hole in the shank of the breech of the barrel. Weapon loaded and ready to fire. After using up all the ammo slide is to delay.

To load the gun, turn the fuse by sliding the button on the back of the branch of the trigger guard to the left. Turn the gun to the window of the bunker store up, press the slide stop lever and push the Elevator down. The pistol is fed into the magazine with the muzzle of a cartridge case forward. It is forbidden to use those equipped with a pointed bullet that can prick the capsule.

To charge the fourth cartridge, rotate the lever of the clipper on the left side of the receiver so that he was looking back. Not only will this keep the cartridges in the store, but will include mode slide stop. Then slide the bolt back, put the cartridge on the Elevator feeder through the window of the ejector in the receiver. Push the lever to the delay and release the frame of the shutter under the action of the spring returns to its original position and feed the cartridge in the chamber. Turn off the cutter by turning it in the direction of fly.

Razor you can use in case if it is urgent to change the gear of the cartridge. To do this, turn on the razor, pull the bolt back and extract the cartridge from the chamber, and then put the right ordnance to the Elevator. Press the slide stop lever, turn off the razor.

After each shot is necessary to release the trigger and give him the opportunity to take the starting position.

  1. Discharge the weapon several times twitching the bolt up until it snaps into the delay.
  2. Unscrew the knurled nut on the end of the store to remove the fore-end.
  3. Take the bolt back, putting it on delay.
  4. To withdraw from the barrel mates to the receiver.
  5. Holding the bolt by the handle, press the release button with delay. Smoothly apply the slide forward.
  6. Squeeze the pin holding the block trigger to the receiver. To take it out.
  7. Compress the return spring, then the pin block is USM removed from the bolt locking liner.
  8. Holding the bolt handle, return spring and the frame of the shutter to its original position. The handle itself comes off.
  9. Remove the bolt with the striker through the hole for the breech of the barrel.
  10. Remove the rod bolt, remove it from the receiver through the lower window.
  11. To divide the valve casing and the cylinders.

If necessary, cleaning the engine, take the key with hex hole included. Unscrew locking nut, remove the spring, abdulrosa ring and the piston. Remove the return spring with a shop. The store gets out of the receiver freely, but it is necessary to hold not to give spontaneously to straighten the spring feeder.

Reviews and price on the gun Snipe-auto HPE-201-05 is given below.


On the website of JSC ITS “Hammer” the cost of the gun 34270 rubles.

Shotgun Snipe-auto HPE-201-05 K. 12х76

  • Battle rifles sharp and heap.
  • The best shooting results are observed with the full hitch and Magnum ammo.
  • Delays are possible only with the cartridges equipped on their own, which have inflated the sleeve or messy twist.

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