Snipe-auto VPO-201M, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Self-loading rifle “Snipe-auto VPO-201M” with a smooth barrel 12-gauge is a upgraded version of the model HPE-201-05. It has a simplified design of the gas engine, and the ability to install extensions stores. Otherwise he is the same legendary “Snipe”, which is valued by hunters for its reliability, simplicity and heap a fight.

Description gun Snipe-auto VPO-201M

“Hammer” is known for its high quality products far beyond the country of manufacture. This rifled Boar (SEOK-95, KM, 1B, pioneer, Super, hunter), and shotguns Vepr 12 M and 16 M, Toucan, VPO-208 and 209.

Semi-auto shotgun 12-gauge with a gas engine and a tubular underbarrel store. A feature of the construction is the installation of the extension, which supplied two.

Advantages and disadvantages

Traditional arms factory Molot high quality workmanship.

  • Robust design does not require the owner of excessive force for conservation and maintenance.
  • Absolute omnivorous – gun makes no difference what ammunition it curb. Will shoot without delay.
  • The bore and the gas chamber are chromed. For cleaning and maintenance is convenient. Increased reliability and a positive effect of such coatings on the ballistic qualities of the weapon, many hunters disputed.
  • Greatly simplified the design of the gas engine, from which removed the spring and abdulrosa ring. Unfortunately some hunters, he was left unregulated. However, practical experience suggests that this option is not particularly necessary.

There is a possibility to extend the store by increasing its capacity. Moreover, the manufacturer in the package included two sizes for five and six rounds.

  • The simplified design of the gas engine and the possibility of increasing the capacity of the store caused such changes in the design when, after unscrewing one of the nuts all the gun disintegrates. This causes some concern, because hunting happen different incidents, including the most improbable.
  • On the cover of the receiver fastened strap weaver. Its middle part is made in form of cavity that creates the semblance of a strap dad, and greatly simplifies the aiming without optics. In the package there is a removable rear sight with a ring – aperture sight ghost ring, which is convenient when shooting at short distances at moving targets.
  • The package includes a short “bullet” barrel, which is cylindrical drilling, and the last twelve in front of the muzzle cut inches made the threaded part, which is usually used for firing bullets “Paradox”. All is good, but this type of munition is not too common, and shooting bullets of a different type – piercing in a container, round barrels with rifling ineffective.
  • Interchangeable muzzle narrowing screwed into the bore, ensuring perfect alignment.
  • Lodge rifle meets all the canons of small art, it is convenient for shooting from all positions, and offhand. Massive shock-absorbing butt plate effectively absorbs impact, which, however, remains quite hard. Because of this “Snipe VPO-201M” can hardly be considered as relevant option of arming the newcomers and those who lack physical training.

The gun is relatively easy, it is burdensome on sea hunts.

Photo gun Snipe-auto VPO-201M



The gun is designed for all types of hunting on small and medium animal, waterfowl and upland game.


Available only in 12-gauge with a chamber length of 76 mm. the Manufacturer offers several options of designs and packaging that type of gun Snipe Auto:

  1. VPO-201M 00.00 – barrel length 750 mm, rib ventilated, polupoltina bed, full-size, wood of walnut. Supplied with a bullet the barrel length of 535 mm with rifle sights.
  2. VPO-201M 00.00-01 – barrel length 680 mm, completing and equipping the same as the previous model.
  3. VPO-201M 00.00-02 – barrel length of 750 mm, it is in the configuration of one full-sized bed, polupoltina out of walnut wood.
  4. VPO-201M 00.00-03 – barrel length 680 mm, complete set and equipment similar to the previous model.
  5. VPO-201M 00.00-04 – bullet is equipped with a short barrel length of 535 mm with rifle sights. Bed full size, polupoltina.

Specifications Auto Snipe VPO-201M:

Feature The value
Type Semi-automatic weapon with a gas engine
Trunk Smooth with chrome channel
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
The length of the barrel 535, 680, 750
Shop Tubular, under-barrel
Capacity 3+1, 5+1 and 6+1
Length (mm) 1092, 1237, 1304
Weight (kg) A 3.9 with a short barrel and 4.0 long

Self-loading rifle, the mechanism of which works on the principle of gas engine.

  • Long smooth barrel with chrome channel, muzzle, inside the extension with thread for installation of interchangeable nozzles. Strap is ventilated, with a bronze fly.
  • Short barrel has a threaded portion, starting at 12 cm to muzzle. The cylindrical drilling, installation of accessory attachments not provided. Rifle is equipped with fiber-optic front sight with a red thread.
  • Gas engine located on the outside of the tubular underbarrel store design which allows you to install extensions that enhance its capacity.
  • The receiver is aluminum, cast. On the top face fitted with a rail weaver with a Central groove, ensuring easy aiming without optics. Window the loading bunker is located on the bottom face, it is covered by the lever of the Elevator.
  • The shutter suspension cylinders, locking the bore of the wedge and the tooth forming hole of the shank of the breech of the barrel.
  • The trigger mechanism is hammer type, it is neither regulated via the stroke length of the trigger, no stress on it. The fuse box is located on the posterior branches of the trigger guard.
  • After shooting the last cartridge slide is to delay. Lever lifting is on the receiver right above the window of the bunker store.
  • For blocking the flow of cartridges from the store there is a shut off lever which is coaxial with the slide stop lever, and the checkbox on the left side of the receiver. To enable it you must rotate the box to the side of the butt, and to turn in the direction of the muzzle.
  • Polupoltina bed, solid wood walnut. Handguard covers the gas engine. It and the pistol handle is developed knurled for better grip. The buttplate with a thick cushioning pad. Comb straight, with an inclination to the axis of the barrel.
Picking and packing

The weapon comes in a cardboard box, stylized gun box. In the basic configuration there are two barrel – smooth and bullet, with the threaded part of the “Paradox”.In addition, a set of spare parts and accessories contains:

  1. two interchangeable muzzle narrowing – chalk and polochak;
  2. two extensions of the store;
  3. the two springs for stores of different capacity;
  4. washer for spring connections;
  5. installation key replacement tips;
  6. clean the gas channel of the engine;
  7. the reflector and its spring;
  8. the rear sight ghost ring;
  9. the clip on the elongated of the store to the trunk;
  10. nut-adapter to install the extension store.

In the expanded configuration may be a telescopic sight, equipment for cleaning, strap, case, hammer and spring.

The principle of operation

After firing gas piston pushes the rods through the bolt backward, the larva descends, her tooth comes out of engagement with the shank of the breech of the barrel. In this way it is cocked the trigger of the projectile, and the bullet from the magazine is fed into the hopper. Upon reaching the rearmost position extracted from the chamber the spent cartridge case is ejected through the window of the receiver. During the return movement of the bolt Elevator raises the cartridge to the line loading, where it is picked up by the larva and is fed into the chamber.

Before loading the weapon is placed on the fuse. To do this, slide the button on the back of the branch of the trigger guard to the left. The box blade is rotated in the direction of the stock. Click on the slide stop lever and feed bullets into the magazine with the muzzle of a cartridge case forward, ensuring that they are kept in it.

If you want to add a cartridge in the chamber, without shutting down the razor, pull the bolt back and put the ammunition tray of the Elevator through the window of the receiver. Release the bolt and allow it to return. This can be done before filling the magazine that easier the frame of the shutter locked in the open position. Before shooting, move the fuse box to the right, and cut to the chase cutoff.

The lever blade cartridges can be used in order to remove ammunition from the breech of the barrel, or quickly change the type of equipment.

To install the extension store Unscrew the knurled nut on the front face of the forearm, remove the spring wire it through the washer supplied with one standing there. Then install the hex nut adapter, install composite spring to the store and screw it on the extender. Insurance against breakage the end of an elongated store connect with the barrel by means of the clamp supplied.

  1. Put the weapon on safe, unload it, twitching a few times the bolt after installing it on the delay.
  2. Unscrew the large knurled nut on the front face of the forearm, remove it.
  3. Remove the spring store and the applicant cartridges.
  4. Put the gun on delay, pushing the bolt back. Output from the barrel mates to the receiver.
  5. Remove the piston from the gas chamber.
  6. Holding the bolt from sudden return, press the release button with delay. Make the check down.
  7. Squeeze the pin block trigger to the receiver, remove it along with the Elevator.
  8. Flip the gun hopper store up. Pull the bolt carrier by 5 cm back, avoiding cocking of the hammer. The pin mesh the stopper bolt and remove it.
  9. Loosen the bolt, remove it from the receiver and remove the handle.
  10. Through the breech of the barrel, remove the valve body with the larva.
  11. Remove from store pusher piston rods and return spring.
  12. Remove the shop.

Price and owner reviews on the new gun Snipe-auto VPO-201M is given below.


On the website LLC “Molot-Guns” the gun is 37500 rubles.


The gun has good shooting qualities. Battle heap and sharp. For the kick, but it is well absorbed by a shock-absorbing butt plate. Arms robust, indifferent to the type and quality of ammunition. Easy to dismantle and clean in the field, operate under short-term drowning – just enough to pour water out of the barrel.

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