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Related to modern models with excellent specifications, shotgun Fausti Stefano Progress of the Italian producer (he also produced and elegant) that has a lot of positive feedback about previous models, has now become one of the most popular and in demand.

This is due to the exceptional capabilities of the carbine, allowing you to use it how to engage middle and big game, and for trainings of accuracy. The comfortable design, attractive appearance and modern design is important advantages of this model became especially popular in connection with getting good feedback from owners.

Despite the relatively high cost, shotgun fausti stefano progress combines maximum quality of firing, guaranteeing high accuracy of the made shots, range of the bullet and the required accuracy of the shots, and the thoughtful design of a shotgun: even women and teenagers who choose to learn the basic skills of shooting from professional firearms, will conveniently get practical skills. Once you try to use the carbine model stefano fausti progress, will not want to apply for hunting and other entertainment brands such weapons.

Overview of carbine Fausti Stefano Progress

This Italian brand has long been firmly established in the Russian market. Many buyers and owners, there is a high degree of sophistication of the whole design of the shotgun, the exclusive design of the butt and barrel and typical features of all on the market models: style and brevity “appearance”, excellent specifications and the perfect basic, which allows to present this carbine as a gift or begin using it immediately after purchase.

A simple device and operation mechanism of the rifle allows you to operate it to everyone: its use does not cause difficulties even for beginners. A relatively small mass of the rifle and its size does not cause discomfort in use, and the simplicity of the scheme allows to acquire the basic skills of shooting firearms.

Advantages and disadvantages

The large number of positive reviews from owners, and buyers, a good firing rates and attractive design, which can be called a characteristic feature of the manufacturer – the most important advantages of this model.

Also consider the advantages of a shotgun are the following parameters:

  • simple partial disassembly that may be required when tuning or repairing weapons;
  • all natural materials used in the decoration of the butt, have excellent handling, allowing you to keep attractive appearance for a long time;
  • ergonomic shape – this quality provides the greatest convenience when you use the carabiner;
  • good firing rates for maximum the possibility of hitting considering of the rifle;
  • the elongated stem without the slightest change of shape, which ensures the optimal trajectory of the bullet;
  • high initial speed of a bullet that gives you the ability to hit targets even at a considerable distance.

And while some consumers may attribute the increased cost to the only significant drawback of the considered a hunting rifle, the price is quite reasonable: excellent performance of fire, safety guaranteed while shooting and a lot of good reviews are important factors that determine the final cost of the rifle.

Carbine Fausti Stefano Progress



Initially, this shotgun was intended only for shooting hunting: hitting the game medium and large sizes, this weapon also has other possibilities for use. Carbine models of fausti stefano progress is well-established for learning the initial skills of shooting, due to its relatively small and compact size, low weight and optimal balance of constructive parts, which explains the ease of use.

Also a carbine model stefano fausti progress can be used for training accuracy: his striking characteristics give the opportunity to learn shooting skills, participate in sports. This also contributes to its relatively light weight with compactness of the entire device.


For shooting waterfowl for the game usually used caliber cartridges 12/76 to deal with are very far away from the target. Other calibers (.243 Win.; .270 Win.; .308 Win) are also well suited for professional hunting, fully allowing the carabiner to show their technical capabilities laid down by the Italian manufacturer.


Stylish design, use of quality materials for finishing of the butt, multiple barrel linings, – all this should be attributed to the most important advantages of the model stefano fausti progress, which immediately attract the attention of buyers. His technical ability to determine such factors as the range of the bullet, its velocity and lethality. The accuracy and effectiveness of firing at all on the market today models from this Italian manufacturer the highest, because the interest in models of fausti stefano progress is steady on top.

Specifications Carbine stefano fausti progress
Country of origin Italy
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, training new
View Semi-automatic repeating rifle
Kind of caliber .22-250 Rem., .243 Win
The total length of the body 1 170 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The model has a characteristic “appearance” – the use of natural wood enhances the aesthetic value, and although parts made from natural wood, can resist mechanical stress, unique appearance immediately attracts attention as seasoned professionals and novice beginners who can assess the technical capabilities of this model.

  • The possibility of using the carbine model stefano fausti progress in the training of novice shooters an advantage, and this contributes to the simplicity of the design of the rifle, and the reliability of the whole structure, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be sure the exception of accidents.
  • The consistency of the structural parts (barrel and butt) the size and mechanics of the operation, good technical parameters, high efficiency of each performed shot and the shooting parameters are most important for the evaluation of weapons.
  • Longitudinal rolling shutter Stefano Fausti Progress (Fausti Stefano Progress) ensures the smooth flow of ammunition, and the ease of movement of the trigger provides the fast performance of the shot.
Picking and packing

Basic equipment is thoroughly thought out: high quality riflescope, foregrip and front sight, properly installed, provide a comfortable operation of the rifle. Model fausti stefano is progress in the case, made of plastic, which perfectly protects from possible external influences. The carabiner is attached to the oil suitable for the lubrication of the mechanism and the barrel.

The case is in a package on which is written the data about the model name, about the company-manufacturer. The individual is issued a quality certificate to buy a rifle, and his personal passport.

The principle of operation

Carbine of the model stefano fausti progress its begins at the time of introduction of cartridges in the store, and then send them the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Retaining spring comes out when carrying a sharp blow to the striker at this point is a shot.


Partial disassembly stefano fausti progress is simple and requires no special tools. This gives you the opportunity to pursue her even in the field.

Handguard and front sight removed using the key supplied in the kit.


Tuning, or refining, is carried out by replacing the present in the base of the optical sight. Can also replaced the front sight and handguard.

Reviews and price shotguns Stefano Fausti Progress (Fausti Stefano Progress) is given below.

The product price

The cost model stefano fausti progress by many buyers is considered high, but this price is due to the use of high-quality materials when making stock and making the barrel. Figure the cost from different dealers may vary significantly; it is about 350 520-375 580 rubles. Quite expensive, of course.


Good reviews about the model fausti stefano progress is attributed to a combination of all necessary conditions for effective

effective shooting and hitting the target: high initial speed of a bullet, the absence of flaws in the mechanism of the carbine, excellent technical characteristics. Many owners, and buyers, the thought-out design, which guarantees maximum ease of use, and compactness.

Attractive appearance also means a lot when choosing a model, and fausti stefano progress, with elegant appearance, allows you to get a real aesthetic pleasure from using it.

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