Steyr Mannlicher Classic rifles

This store rifles and carbines with the bolt longitudinally sliding bolt and trunks of the rotational cold forging. In the lineup of hunting rifles of the Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher, the Classic series is the base for all the others, having polypetalous box.

The Classic series from Steyr Mannlicher

The Classic series has a model designation CL II. This store rifles and carbines with longitudinally-sliding gate and box poliestireno type “Bavarian” – the arched crest (a boar’s back) – butt.

They all have a console (suspended) barrel, which ensures high quality of small arms, the value of MOA does not exceed 0.5.

A variety of models

The latitude series is very large, there are arms companies, the whole range, which the poorer one. The division into species is in several areas:

  1. The length of the forearm: halfstock – to mid-trunk, and fullsstock – to muzzle.
  2. On trunk length: classic (600 mm), mountain – mountain rifle (508 mm), light (508 mm).
  3. Semi weight – series with power trunk.
  4. With the barrel of stainless steel (stainless).
  5. With an extended barrel (635 mm) for Magnum calibers.
  6. With the external sights for driven hunts without them.

Varieties of rifles from Steyr Mannlicher Classic

Used gauges

No less varied is the list of the used calibers and types of ammunition used in the Classic Steyr Mannlicher:

  • .222 Rem., .223 Rem.,
  • .243 Win., .308 Win.,
  • 7mm-08 Rem,
  • 6,5×57, 7×64,
  • .270 Win.,
  • .30-06 Spr.,
  • 6.5×55 SE;
  • .25-06 Rem.,
  • 8×57 JS
  • 8x68S, 9.3×62,
  • .376 Steyr
  • The 6.5×68, 7mm Rem. Mag.,
  • .270 WSM, 7mm WSM,
  • .300 Win. Mag.,
  • .300 WSM,
  • .338 Federal
  • .338 RCM,
  • .375 Ruger,
  • .450 Marlin,
  • 8 x 68 S.

A characteristic feature of the series are stems produced by cold rotary forging, their external surface looks like a twisted, mirroring the rifling in the barrel. The detail is so unexpected that it could be taken as negligence of the manufacturer.

Like all rifles of the brand Steyr Mannlicher, the handle of the shutter is flat, like a butter knife. Three-way fuse for the first time affects the complexity of the algorithm operation, but in the subsequent occurs of sustainable habits provide comfort and security.

Advantages and disadvantages

Don’t want to talk about the shortcomings of weapons, which seems the Acme of perfection, but because the sun has spots, you can try to find them.

  • For example, most models do not have installed straps under optics there is only threaded holes for them.
  • Cannot accommodate a bipod.
  • Not regulated by the length of the butt, the distance from the rear edge of rubber recoil pad to the trigger equal to the canonical three hundred sixty-five millimeters.
  • The console allows the barrel to get dirt between it and the forend, which is not too practical.

Well, now about the merits.

  • Efficiently crafted by cold rotary forging of barrels chrome barrel bore and external burnishing.
  • Fully closed receiver having a rounded shape.
  • A shutter system SBS with two pairs of combat ledges, which provides a reliable seal locking through the use of a sliding ring overlying the recess in the breech.
  • Trigger mechanism with adjustable stroke of the hook and the possibility of inclusion of “shneller” to facilitate the descent.
  • Shop from high impact plastic which can be fixed in two positions: fully recessed, or half that allows you to increase the number of rounds for one thing, Doyla “extra” in the chamber. The designers abandoned the traditional manierismo drum shop, opting for a classic direct the location of the cartridges in a staggered manner. This significantly increased the reliability of weapons.
  • Three-position fuse locking mechanism, or just a drummer, which allows for safe extractionat jammed in the chamber of the sleeve and not to turn off mode “shneller” during short transitions.
  • The interesting thing is that in full lock the knob need to drown in the groove of the Lodge with a distinctive click, which will cling to the branches at long transitions. But if you do not, we may lose a shutter. You can consider this fact a real fly in the ointment in the Austrian ointment.
  • The outer sighting devices are equipped with colored fiber-optic strands, which facilitates aiming.
  • Well-crafted bed made of dark walnut with an oil. It has excellent ergonomics, and thanks to the notch “fish scales” on the handle and foregrip it has a tenacious hold in the hands.

It is a civilian rifle to be purchased and used under license.Used for hunting and sport shooting.


There is a separate series of carbines and rifles based on the Classic series, differing from it by the use of boxes made of impact resistant plastic dark olive color. It is denoted by the abbreviation CL II SX.

Halfstock Fullstock Mountain Light Stainless Semi Weight Halfstock Magnum
Type A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Gauges .243 Win., .308 Win., .7mm-08 Rem., 7×64, .270 Win., 6,5×55 SE, .30-06 Spr., .25-06 Rem., 8×57 JS, 9,3×62 .243 Win., .308 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., .270 Win., 7×64, .30-06 Spr., .25-06 Rem., 6,5×55 SE, 8×57 JS, 9,3×62 .243 Win., .308 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., 7×64, .270 Win., 6,5×55 SE, 30-06 Spr., .25-06 Rem., 8×57 JS, 9,3×62 .243 Win., .308 Win., .270 Win., 7×64, .30-06 Spr. .243 Win., .308 Win., 7mm-08 Rem., .270 Win., 6,5×55 SE, .30-06 Spr., .25-06 Rem., 7mm Rem. Mag.,
.300 Win. Mag., .270 WSM, .300 WSM
.308 Win., 7×64, .30-06 Spr., 8×57 JS, 9,3×62 7mm Rem. Mag., 8×68 S, .300 Win. Mag., .300 WBY, .270 WSM, .300 WSM, .375 H&H*, .458 Win. Mag.*
Barrel length (mm) 560 508 508 508 560, 508, 635 508 635
Capacity 4 4 4 4 3-4 4 3
Length (mm) 1115 1060 1060 1060 1060-1175 1060 1175
Weight (kg) 3,4 3,4 3,3 2,9 3,4-3,9 3,6 3,9
Design features
  • The trunks of cold rotary forging of repeating the contours of the grooves on the outer surface.
  • Shutter SBS with additional seals. Two pairs of combat hooks and the additional ring covering the groove in the breech ring by rotating the handle.
  • Three-position fuse, made in the form of recessed in the back plate receiver wheel with color markings for the positions. Red dot – “Fire” – free the firing pin and the trigger blocked the movement of the bolt. Gray – “Intermediate” – locks the firing pin, the mode “shneller” is not disconnected, the bolt is free. White dot – Lock – locking the firing pin, bolt body, cut-off mode “shneller”, the locking knob of the stopper in the groove of the Lodge.
  • The dip shop. Recessed in the forend completely – regular number of rounds. To half – plus-one cartridge on the line of loading.
Picking and packing

Comes in a high impact plastic case with a foam damper inside. Supplied with one store, a set of keys to adjust the effort on the trigger and the position of the rear sight, as well as warranty card and instruction manual.

The principle of operation of fuse and USM

The fuse is made in the form of a wheel recessed in the back plate of the receiver. Positions are marked using colored dots.

  1. Red. Mode of fire. Free the hammer and the trigger, the bolt handle is locked down. You can enable “shneller”.
  2. Grey. Staging mode. Locked firing pin and the trigger, the bolt is free mode “shneller” stays on. Applies when short-term transitions, extraction of cartridges.
  3. White. Total lock-up, auto shut-off mode “shneller”, a possible fixation of the handle of the paddle in the groove of the Lodge.

Mode USM “shneller” is used to facilitate and expedite the movement of the trigger. Activated by pressing on the back side of the trigger, with the result that he moves forward.

To reduce the trigger pull, turn clockwise the screw near the trigger, using a 1.5 hex key supplied.


The shutter is removed at the position of the guard Lock, if the handle is not fixed in the groove, by a simple pulling off of the stem. When setting it to the original place of the fuse switch with Lock on Firing, and the trigger is kept pressed to exclude the platoon drummer.

The bed is separated from the receiver by unscrewing the two screws at the back and front of trigger guard, what is the Allen wrench supplied.

Price and reviews on Classic rifles from Steyr Mannlicher is given below.

Price and reviews

Depending on the caliber and equipping the rifle is from 1695 to 2295 $. If you are wondering how to choose a rifle, we tell about this special material.

The high quality of manufacture. Accuracy when firing at distances up to 100 meters does not exceed 0.5 MOA. Rifle demanding operating conditions, it needs regular maintenance.

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