Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter rifles

Store the rifle with the bolt stopper Pro series Hunter, produced by the Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher is a rifle of medium and large caliber, used for professional big game hunters.

All of them are equipped with poliestireno box of high impact plastic with non-slip coating and trunks rotary forging.

Shooting quality rifles Pro Hunter can be attributed to the category of sniper. The series includes models relatively cheap, costing from one thousand dollars, and an excellent piece of production, the price of which is slightly less than million.

Description rifle Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. Barrel rotary forging technology, when the grooves are formed simultaneously with the bore, resulting in its outer surface are helical grooves, and it looks like it curled. Company Steyr Mannlicher deliberately leaves the barrel in the same form as the signature sign of the brand.

Trunks can be with anti-glare coating Mannox or made of stainless steel.

Another feature of the Pro Hunter series is the control system trigger mechanism SBS 96. Its control is the wheel on the back plate of the receiver has three positions: Fire, Stop and Lock, which deactivates the entire mechanism and the rifle is completely safe.

Advantages and disadvantages

High quality manufacturing machinery, barrels, boxes. Rifle can be considered a work of gun art, although having a completely utilitarian use.

  • The excellent accuracy of the battle – the value of the MOA does not exceed 0,5, the ability to engage targets at distances up to 400 meters (with optics). These qualities are achieved not only due to the precision machining of the bore, but also a device on the muzzle chamfer having the shape of a torus, cut along.
  • Maintenance free, does not require excessive attention. This contributes to the locked receiver, preventing the penetration of dirt into the mechanisms and the breech of the barrel.
  • Control system trigger mechanism SBS 96 provides a high level of safety when handling weapons. In Lock bolt handle is wedged in the groove of the box and not clinging to the bushes at long transitions. However, if you do not, you may lose the shutter, since this mode is used when partial disassembly for cleaning weapons.
  • Trigger mechanism is adjustable, the position of the hook, the length of the stroke. Descent rifle Pro Hunter clear, short patascoy (idle speed). There is a mode of shneller.
  • The gate has two pairs of lugs, the locking shaft reliable, but it provokes rather brutal recoil, which is partly kompensiruet massive shock-absorbing butt plate. Turn the handle only 600, it increases the rate of fire. The bolt moves in the receiver smoothly, with little effort, without jamming at the extreme positions.
  • Form of the Lodge is comfortable for shooting with a rest, and offhand. The fore-end has a trapezoid shape with a wide base. On it with no problems attached bipod, the same holds good. Notches on the handle and foregrip no, but the covering of the Lodge is rough, so the problems with the reliability of the grip no.
  • Between the butt and the handle is made smooth deep excavation. Perhaps it is somewhat weakens the box, but makes it more comfortable.
  • The use of impact-resistant plastic is rather an advantage than a disadvantage. This material allows the hunter to focus on the production of the game and not worry particularly when bumps and drops with loss of marketable weapons.
  • The shop has two positions: a staff is inserted until it stops, and up to half that allows you to close the chamber without chambering a cartridge in the chamber.
  • In addition to a set of external sights – rear sight and front sight, on the cover of the receiver has four mounting holes for brackets or straps for optics. Unfortunately, the rear sight and front sight unregulated, fiberopticheskie threads they are not equipped with. Although the range of the rifle is making its presence optional.

Carbine Steyr-Mannlicher ProHunter (photo)



The rifle is intended for hunting big game – grizzly bears, wild boars-wild boars, adult male deer, and elk. Firing range with optics up to four hundred meters.


Apart from the base model Pro Hunter, the Lodge to which a matte black, a Carbon option – optional external coating of light gray carbon fiber mesh, which increases the strength and whatisthat. There is a version with camo stock (Pro Alaskan) and pre-installed Picatinny rail.

The manufacturer offers two types of finishing barrels:

  • black anti-glare coating Mannox
  • or pure stainless steel.

Somewhat apart is a kind of Pro Hunter Elite, outwardly, characterized in that these rifles set up long from the back plate of the receiver to the front face of the forend – Picatinny rail, tactical complemented by a strap of the same type on the right side of the forearm. The trunk of her thick – match – length 25.6 in (65 cm). It cost close to one million roubles.

Feature The value
Type A repeating rifle with a bolt breech
Gauges .270 Win, .308 Win, 7mm-08 Rem, 30-06 Sprg, .300 Win mag
Barrel length (mm) 508, 599, 650 (for Magnum)
The coating of the barrel Mannox, stainless steel
Capacity 3+1
Total length (mm) 1115
Weight (kg) 3,6

Rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate with four lugs. Trunks console, is manufactured by cold rotary forging, the receiver is a cylindrical, closed (only the window to eject shell casings).

Trigger mechanism is adjustable, with shneller. To control the security modes use the control knob located on the neck of the Lodge. It has three positions:

  • fire – open red dot, the sear of the trigger is free, possible platoon USM and the shot;
  • stop – open white dot, blocked the sear, the firing pin, the movement of the bolt impossible.
  • lock – on wheel is raised, the button retainer, the trigger mechanism is deactivated completely (platoon drummer does not occur) if the bolt handle is lowered into the groove lodges, it blocks movement of the bolt.

The set of sighting devices are unregulated completely and flies with four mounting holes on the receiver for mounting brackets or straps for optics.

Shop double row, with a capacity of three rounds. The latches on the case, on both sides. It is possible to install it half not brought to the scene to remove the cartridge from the chamber and close the chamber without chambering.

Bed polupoltina, impact resistant plastic. Buttstock with straight comb, butt pad cushioning and an anatomical depression between it and the handle. Forearm with a flat base, easy installation of a bipod. At the bunker shop it has a rectangular cross section, and the front end takes the form of an isosceles trapezoid.

Picking and packing

Rifle comes in hard case with foam absorber. In the package store (put separately) and keys to adjust USM. Instruction manual, passport and certificate of conformity of the civil weapon.

The principle of operation of the system SBS 96

System SBS 96 is used to control the modes of the trigger and ensure the safe use of weapons. It has three positions, determined by the rotation of the wheel located near the back plate of the receiver.

  1. Fire mode – visible red dot. It is possible to move the bolt, the platoon drummer, translation, USM mode shneller – move the trigger forward.
  2. The Stop mode is set by the rotation of the wheel down. Visible white dot. Locked cocked the firing pin, the sear, the bolt. Perhaps the removal of the regime shneller.
  3. Lock – turn the wheel down until the appearance of the buttons-stopper. Full deactivation is USM, the platoon drummer impossible. The bolt free. Perhaps its removal from the receiver. During transportation the bolt handle is recessed in the groove lodges the bolt is locked. When transition to Stop mode (need to press the button and turn the dial up) the automatic unlocking of the handle of a shutter – she comes out of the groove lodges.
  1. To remove the store.
  2. Put the security system in the Lock position.
  3. Raise the bolt handle and to take him back, and then removed from the receiver.
  4. Unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the box behind the trigger guard and front of the bin store, separate the barrel from the stock.

Depending on caliber, barrel length and configuration, the rifle is from 200 to 800 thousand rubles.


The rifle has outstanding shooting qualities. The value of the MOA does not exceed 0.5. It is demanding to the quality of ammunition. The return is quite strong, the shooter needs to be ready for it.

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