Steyr Scout rifles

Hunting rifle Steyr Scout is a versatile weapon that is used for survival in the woods. Light, compact, robust and has the makings of a sniper rifle.

Its concept was developed by the expert firearms Colonel Jeff Cooper (USA), he participated in its design and has made several original proposals. For example, integrated into a foregrip bipod.

The bed he polupoltina, impact resistant plastic. Its appearance can cause a rejection of the adherents of classical forms of weapons. However, according to hunters, it is very convenient for shooting offhand and it stops.

Description of the carbine Steyr Scout

Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate.

  • He, as a trademark of Steyr Mannlicher, the trunks of cold rotary forging with a spiral pattern on the outer surface.
  • Another belonging to the famous Austrian arms company is a three-position safety system SBS 96, located on the neck butt.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model Steyr Mannlicher Scout is given below.

Advantages and disadvantages

The famous workmanship Steyr Mannlicher, which is not questioned.

  • Cantilever barrel with precision machining of the channel, providing it with excellent ballistic qualities. It is made of ribs (flute), increases strength and provides good heat dissipation.
  • Three-position safety system SBS 96 which controls the operation modes USM.
  • The designers of the rifle refused mode shneller. The descent of the striker projectile is idling prevention (sharp increase of stress in the end), which is useful for hunting.
  • Integrated into the handguard folding bipod make use of a carabiner is much more comfortable. Even if you are not going to shoot from close range, it is always possible to put so that dirt, snow or water got in the receiver.
  • The breech of the rifle has four lugs and the sealing ring overlying the grooves in the breech of the barrel, which provides a reliable locking mechanism.
  • Proposed multiple attachment points of the belt, including the so-called biathlon option, relying on the forearm, which allows the shooter to fire with it.
  • The plastic stock is somewhat unusual shape, different from those that are considered classics. However, it is convenient for shooting not only with emphasis, but without thinking and with it. The butt plate is adjusted by two extra gaskets. In its bottom face is arranged a hopper for storing extra magazines.
  • The carbine has an elongated receiver, on which is fixed a long Picatinny rail that allows you to adjust the detuning of the optical sight is also parallax within a wide range. Package includes an optical sight Leupold with a constant ratio of 2.5. To some this may seem little, but judging by the reviews, it is the best option equipment.
  • To duplicate an optical sight and shooting at close range fast moving target set the rear sight in the form of a ring osprey and fly. They are folding, so do not interfere with the use of optics.
  • Shop carbine’s two-position. It can slide halfway down to shoot a single, loading the cartridges through the window of the ejector in the receiver.
  • The carbine is compact and relatively lightweight.

The purpose of which has a sniper rifle Steyr Scout, described below.

Carbine Steyr Mannlicher Scout (photo)



It is a versatile weapon used for hunting and self defense. Good shooting qualities allow to use it as a sports projectile for firing at distances up to 200 meters.


The base model has multiple color options box. It can be gray, dark green, muddy-sand, camo.

Also there are models with the barrel without flutes or without decorative coating Mannox – clean stainless steel. For those wishing to have a universal optical sight extended viewing a model equipped with Svarovski Z3 (3-10×42).

Technical characteristics of the carbine Steyr Mannlicher Scout is given below.

Feature The value
Type The rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Caliber .223 Rem, .243 Win, 7mm-08 Rem, .308 Win
Barrel length (mm) 485
The rifling Right, step 1:10
The capacity of the store 5+1, can optionally be installed 10+1
Total length (mm) 1008
Weight without magazine and optical (kg) 2,9
Curb weight (kg) 3,4
  • A rifle with a longitudinally sliding rotating shutter. Trunk console made by cold rotary forging. In the base case it is fluted and decorative anti-glare coating Mannox.
  • Receiver is a cylindrical, milled from a solid billet. She closed and somewhat longer than usual, which allowed the designers to place a long (from the butt pad to the trunk) Picatinny rail. Connection with the barrel fixed.
  • Shutter with four lugs and a rotary sealing ring that covers the grooves in the barrel when locking the trunk.
  • The trigger mechanism is governed by two parameters – stroke length and force on the trigger. Mode shneller missing. Modes can be changed by the system SBS 96, Executive the wheel which is on the neck of the Lodge. There are three position wheel: fire, marked with a red dot; stop – white marker; lock – white marker plus the lock button.
  • In addition to the Picatinny rail on the rifle installed the rear sight and front sight. They are folding. The rear sight is made in the form of a ring-osprey, located at the back plate of the receiver.
  • Shop two-position, it can slide halfway in order to not feeding the cartridge into the chamber during the movement of the shutter. The latches are located on both sides of the hopper.
  • Bed polupoltina, of high impact plastic with a rough surface. The butt cushion butt pad. It is interchangeable, you can substitute one or two the spacer to change the distance from the trigger. In the bottom face is arranged a hopper for storing a spare of the store. Foregrip with integrated bipod, which stands in the folded position are located on either side of him. On the bottom of the forearm there is an additional strip of the type “dovetail” to install flashlight or laser pointer.
  • On the bed there are five antabok for attachment of the belt in a traditional or biathlon position.
Picking and packing
  • The rifle comes in a hard carrying case.
  • Supplied with two magazines, optical sight Leupold magnification of 2.5.
  • Are hex keys to adjust the trigger and rear sight with the front sight.
  • Applied a passport and instruction manual.
The principle of operation
  • Before loading the rifle is in safe condition, for which the wheel system SBS 96 rotates downward, until the appearance of white dots, indicating the lock sear.
  • Simultaneous pressing of the latch of the hopper is removed the store. The cartridges are stacked in two rows, then the store is set in place with a distinctive click.
  • Bolt handle is raised to 600, after which the stem is moved back. In the reverse movement of the shutter of the cartridge is inserted into the chamber and the firing pin is cocked when you rotate the handle down. On the edge of the drummer signals the end of the firing pin, 3 mm extended from the butt pad shock bolt mechanism.
  • For shooting single store extends from the hopper half and secured with latches in this position. The cartridge is placed in the window of ejector sleeves while the shutter is open.
  • For shooting SBS rotates the wheel up until you see a red point. The sear is unlocked, you can distort the shutter and cock the firing pin.

During transportation and long distances, the rifle is deactivated. This wheel rotates SBS all the way down, just until the white dot and gray spring loaded button (Lock). The bolt and the sear of the trigger is blocked, the firing pin cannot be cocked.

Optionally, click on the handle of the paddle and drown it in the groove of the Lodge. It will lock in this position with the characteristic click. Unlock the handle by pressing the trigger or moving the SBS to the STOP position (white marker).

  1. Put the security system in the Lock position, then remove the magazine.
  2. Lift the bolt handle to the angle somewhat greater than it is under normal loading.
  3. Hit the trigger.
  4. Remove the shutter.

Prices and reviews of rifles Steyr Mannlicher Scout is given below.

Price and reviews

The carbine is from 220 to 250 thousand rubles. The carbine is light and compact, it is suitable for all types of hunting and self defense. The accuracy of the battle can relate it to the category of sniper weapons.

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