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Compact in size and designed shape provides ease of use by men with large hand, and a fragile women, and teenagers. Relatively light weight allows you to quickly transport the rifle, feeling its weight even when transferring over long distances, which is especially important when applied in the hunt for considerable distances.

Offer today sale carbines are intended for professional hunting and training accuracy for entertainment purposes, have excellent basic equipment, good shooting performance, and thus possess the characteristics laid down by the manufacturer that allow you to hit the target even at a considerable distance and in motion.

Among the analogues of domestic and foreign production, you must stay on the model a carbine Strasser RS14 famous manufacturer George. The blazer and the Austrian company, which has exceptionally positive reviews from buyers due to its attractive “appearance” and from owners who have been able to appreciate the technical capabilities of the rifle. As the previous model of this line, Strasser RS14 has an unusual system quick change barrel that allows not only to quickly carry out a partial disassembly of the rifle, but to use cartridges of various caliber. This is especially useful for targets of different dimensions and overcoming the bullet to different distances.

Overview of carbine Strasser RS14

Combining a stylish appearance and lack of superfluous details that only complicate the operation of the carbine, Strasser RS14 has a number of advantages before analogues of other manufacturers. The ability to quickly carry out a partial disassembly of the carbine, which is especially important when using it in the field, and implement tuning to improve its characteristics make the model Strasser RS14 interesting for fans to spend improving weapons.

The combination of simple design, modern and advanced mechanism, quick change barrel to use cartridges of different calibers have made the model particularly attractive for many buyers who are interested in getting the exceptionally high quality of shooting in the classic version of this type of hunting weapons.

The advantages and disadvantages of the rifle Strasser RS14 given below.

Advantages and disadvantages

Repeating rifle with a longitudinally-sliding shutter system, Strasser RS14 provides not only targeting high performance, but also ensures the safety of its use. This feature (shooting safety and reliability of the design) designed by the manufacturer, which addresses key customer requirements and modern technology.

The most significant for this carbine advantages of the model Strasser RS14 include:

  • quality materials from which is made the butt and barrel ensure excellent performance of fire – the sighting, the accuracy, the speed of a bullet, while maintaining the appearance of the rifle, even under these conditions, as increased humidity, decreasing temperature and even getting weapons in the water, which can happen when using it in the field;
  • the classic design has simple lines and is fully harmonized size of each structural detail;
  • the use of polymeric materials of last generation, which are distinguished by increased resistance to external influences (humidity, temperature, mechanical damage);
  • natural wood used for the finishing of the butt, specially treated, it is also important to preserve the attractive appearance of the rifle considering its operation in various conditions of shooting;
  • good build quality, ensuring ease of use and safety of weapons;
  • there is the possibility of mounting a quick release bracket that is used to adjust the firing and to make it more sighting;
  • good basic equipment.

Having listed advantages, the model copes well with the objectives (defeat the purpose, and it may be both the average and large animal, ensuring the comfort and safety of shooting) and at the same time pleases the eye with its design. And thanks to compactness and small weight of the carbine is easily transported and can be used for training in shooting women and adolescents.

Relatively high cost can be considered as one drawback of the considered carbine, which complicates its acquisition under the constraints of the budget. However, a significant number of positive characteristics, an attractive appearance and a lot of positive feedback from owners continues to “hold” the model of Strasser RS14 one of the first places in terms of demand and sales.

Photos of the rifle Strasser RS 14 Standard


The main objective of this rifle – it is defeat the purpose of hunting. However, in the opinion of the majority of owners and its capabilities, it can also be used for target shooting, training accuracy.


Due to the possibility of quick change barrel, this rifle can be used for firing ammunition of different caliber. ).

  • To the standard variant barrel suitable ammunition calibre .243 Win.; .270 Win.; .308 Win.; 6,5x65RWS; 7×64; .30-06 Spr.; 8x57IS; 9,3×62, which are perfectly shot and show a high efficiency of fire even at long distances. These gauges are well amaze small and medium game.
  • For replacement variant of the barrel of the Magnum type cartridges are used with the following calibers 7mm Rem; .300 Win.Mag & .375 H•H with a length of 60 cm. it Should be noted that the presence of a special advanced replacement mechanism best for throwing barrels made it possible equally well to hit a variety of targets even at a considerable distance.

Technical characteristics of the carbine Strasser RS 14 is given below.


By analysing the opportunities provided by the manufacturer and presented in the form of technical characteristics, it is possible to obtain the most complete picture of the most important parameters of a hunting rifle.

Below is a table with the main technical data of the model.

Specifications Carbine Strasser RS14
Manufacturer The Austrian company HMS and designer hunting weapons Horst blazer
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, training new
View Semi-automatic repeating rifle
Kind of caliber .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6,5×55 SE,270 Win., 7×64, .308 Win., .30-06 Spring., 8×57 IS, 9,3×62
The total length of the body 1 100 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

These options vividly demonstrate what are the next firing rates of any model of a hunting rifle:

  • the efficiency of fire;
  • the initial speed of a bullet;
  • the range and accuracy of fire.

About the simplicity or complexity of use can be judged by the design model. The simplicity of design determines the ease of operation of the carbine model RS14 Strasser, and also allows it to be used for teaching beginners.

The consistency of each part on the size and method of operation, good performance of resistance when making a shot, high shooting efficiency – these parameters are important for assessing the quality of weapons, and they are determined by the system mechanisms and the overall design of the rifle.

The barrel is made of quality stainless steel, specially processed method (cold forging), to protect it from the effects of moisture and temperature changes. Longitudinally-sliding rotary shutter provides easy feed cartridges from the magazine to the barrel and the smoothness of the trigger ensures quick and easy the Commission of a shot. A robust plug-in mechanism best protects shooting from the probable risk of damage from the pressure of the gases due to its strength.

Picking and packing

Basic carbine is sophisticated and good quality sight and front sight, handguard installed correctly ensure the usability of the rifle. Carbine Strasser RS14 is the cardboard package on which there is information on the model name and manufacturer. Issued a certificate of quality for the carbine and his personal passport.

The principle of operation

Hunting rifle Strasser RS14 starts to act since the introduction of cartridges in the store and sending them to the barrel by a trigger mechanism. Limiting the round in the magazine the spring comes out with a sharp blow to the striker’s shot. Front sight and fore-end ensure the accuracy of the shots, their secure attachment to the barrel ensures maximum shooting efficiency.


Carrying out a partial disassembly of this model is simple: at the fore-end has a special key with which you can quickly change the barrel and to replace the optical sight, which in the basic configuration, more advanced. The front sight can easily be changed using the key.

Easy disassembly is particularly important to allow for tuning and implementation of minor repairs when necessary.


Tuning is performed by replacing the optical sight included in the basic package, for more powerful. Also, some owners replace the handguard and front sight that also has a positive effect on the efficiency of fire.

The price of the product and the reviews about Strasser RS 14 is given below.

The product price

The cost model is considered high, due to the use of quality materials for registration of stock and making the barrel. Price from different sellers can vary and it is about 330 520-331 580 rubles.


Modern design, polymer and natural materials (wood walnut), elaborate design and unique mechanism for quick change of the barrel – all of these advantages of the model RS14 Strasser made her particularly popular. Today this carbine has increased, that allows to judge about the quality of the shooting and the effectiveness of the shots.

Many owners noted the sophisticated construction, ensuring maximum comfort during use, and compactness.

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