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Today professional hunters know that the combination of the attractive external design, unique technical characteristics and capabilities of the rifles are most often found from reliable manufacturers, who have for a considerable time to please their fans with high-quality models.

And the Strasser RS05 carbine that became a real bestseller among professional shooters and hunters and among fans. This is due to its capacity to target regardless of distance, using only modern polymer and high-quality natural materials for finishing, which retain their attractive appearance even with significant changes in the external environment.

The manufacturer laid the Strasser RS05 model and the range and rate of fire, and to pursue the improvement of the rifle due to the installation of other types of coupler – optical sight, forearm and flies. Although basic is considered to be of high quality, many owners say installation of the optical sight with the best characteristics an excellent opportunity to quickly and efficiently increase the effectiveness of each shot.

Overview of carbine Strasser RS05

Repeating rifle with a longitudinally-sliding shutter system of direct action, Strasser RS05 provides not only targeting high performance, but also ensures the safety of its use. These characteristics designed by the manufacturer and ensure the efficiency of fire from a carbine.

Modern design, stylish design and lack of clutter, the distractions – all these advantages of this model made it particularly popular in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers, but the simplicity of the design allows you to quickly and without the use of specialized equipment to carry out a partial disassembly of the carbine, which may be required when tuning or repair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Through the analysis of existing shortcomings and the advantage you can get the most complete picture of the action of this model that allows to assess the reasons for the popularity among the customers. And indeed, the manufacturer has provided its buyers an excellent model of a carbine, which is suitable for professional hunting, and for recreational shooting, training, marksmanship and participation in competitive sports shooting.

The advantages, according to many owners of this model should include such characteristics of the rifle Strasser RS05:

  • good basic equipment, giving the opportunity to immediately begin to operate the carbine. Optical sight attached to the rifle at the time of sale, copes with the intended purpose of approaching the goal and not lose their quality even under adverse environmental conditions: humidity, temperature variations and poor visibility;
  • good build quality, ensuring ease of use and safety of weapons;
  • modern design, which immediately attracts the attention of buyers and makes the model particularly interesting in comparison with the same;
  • ergonomics and every detail, allowing you to use a carbine, maybe even a teenager with convenience and comfort;
  • the certificate of quality attached to the carabiner when you sell it in a specialty hunting store guarantees high quality of all used materials, Assembly parts.

According to its characteristics and due to the relatively small external dimensions and low weight carabiner can be used to participate in professional hunting and for target shooting, training accuracy.

Using the model of Strasser RS05 you can also acquire the basic skills of shooting, and training can be conducted for both men and women – the ergonomic shape and the whole structure allows the maximum comfort to use the carbine.

Carbine Strasser RS05 243 Winchester


Modern and the most balanced, Strasser RS05 is proven for hunting, field use, and also in sports: high efficiency of each shot, ease of use and guaranteed reliability can be considered distinguishing characteristics of this model.


For the considered model there are two types of replacement stems which can be quickly and easily reinstalled and allow you to change the options of the target (large and medium game, the distance to it).

  • To the standard variant barrel suitable ammunition calibre .243 Win.; .270 Win.; .308 Win.; 6,5x65RWS; 7×64; .30-06 Spr.; 8x57IS; 9,3×62, which are perfectly shot and show a high efficiency of fire even at long distances.
  • For replacement variant of the barrel of the Magnum type cartridges are used with the following calibers 7mm Rem; .300 Win.Mag & .375 H•H with a length of 60 cm, it Should be noted that the transition for firing ammunition different caliber only requires changing the barrel, that is produced very easily and without the need for an additional tool.

By analyzing the opportunities provided by the manufacturer and presented in the form of technical characteristics, it is possible to obtain the most complete picture of what the next firing rates of any model of a hunting rifle:

  • the efficiency of fire;
  • the initial speed of a bullet;
  • the range and accuracy of fire.

The parameters listed carbine Strasser RS05 are determined by the characteristics that are listed in the table below.

Specifications Carbine Strasser RS05
Manufacturer The Austrian company HMS and designer hunting weapons Horst blazer
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, training new
View Semi-automatic repeating rifle
Kind of caliber .22-250 Rem., .243 Win., 6,5×55 SE,270 Win., 7×64, .308 Win., .30-06 Spring., 8×57 IS, 9,3×62
The total length of the body 1 100 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Modern and with unique characteristics, carabiner Strasser RS05 provides the ability to hit targets even at a considerable distance, and also allows you to enjoy the process of shooting.


How easy or difficult to use a certain model, you can judge by its design. The simplicity of design determines the ease of use of the carbine model Strasser RS05, and the lack of difficulties with the process of operation makes it particularly accessible to all user categories, from beginners to more advanced Amateurs shooting firearms.

The lack of unnecessary weight and weapon parts provides the possibility to deal with the design of the rifle, and its use largely depends on the number of constituent parts of the structure, and the degree of ease of partial disassembly.

The main constructive part of any rifle is the barrel and the butt. The barrel is made of quality stainless steel, specially processed method (cold forging), to protect it from the effects of moisture and temperature changes.Longitudinally-sliding rotary shutter provides easy feed cartridges from the magazine to the barrel and the smoothness of the trigger ensures quick and easy the Commission of a shot.

Picking and packing

Basic carbine has a lot of positive reviews from owners and buyers: good quality sight and front sight, handguard installed correctly ensure the usability of the rifle. Carbine Strasser RS05 is in a cardboard box, on which data are available as model name and manufacturer. When selling, the buyer is awarded the certificate of quality for the carbine and his personal passport.

The carabiner is packaged to prevent mechanical damage to the polymer film.

The principle of operation

The method of operation of this model can be measured by the control system similar to carbines. According to the General principle of operation is similar to hunting rifles, Strasser RS05 starts to act since the introduction of cartridges in the store and sending them to the barrel by a trigger mechanism. Limiting the round in the magazine the spring comes out with a sharp blow to the striker’s shot.


Disassembly may be required when carrying out minor repairs to weapons, as well as for its improvements. The implementation of a partial disassembly of the rifle is held even without special tools, which is especially important when using weapons in the environment.


Tuning is performed by replacing the optical sight included in the basic package, for more powerful. Also, some owners replace the handguard and front sight that also has a positive effect on the efficiency of fire.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Strasser RS 05 is given below.

The product price

Price Strasser RS05 can be considered high, but with many positive qualities and unique technical capabilities still makes this rifle one of the most popular today. Price ranges from 150 000 to 180 000.

For the money, for comparison, can you buy Boss Browning Bar .308, Tikka T3 Sporter, 202 Sauer, Sako 85 Bavarian, or perhaps Steyr Mannlicher mod. AUG-Z (he’s a little more expensive). But Strasser RS14 will cost significantly more (330 520-331 580 rubles).


Possessing exceptional “appearance” carbine model Strasser RS05 performing well on the test, with good striking ability it is when you apply of cartridges of any caliber. Many celebrated as the industry the ability to quickly replace the standard barrel to use cartridges of different calibers.

Compact size provides opportunity for fast and easy transport of the rifle and ease of operation of its women and adolescents.

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