SVT-On 7,62x54r, rifle shotgun

2013 factory Molot in Vyatskie Polyany is reworking combat automatic rifle AVT-40 (similar to SVT-40 that has the ability to shoot bursts) in civilian weapons, which received the name carbine SVT-O. Rifle comes from the storage of mobilization reserves.

In the course of alterations on the barrel and receiver are ballistic marks, and the design of the trigger and guard is modified to prevent automatic fire.

The rest of the rifle remains authentic rifle SVT-40 with factory stamps of the 40-ies of the last century.

Description of the carbine SVT-7,62x54r

Store semi-automatic (semi-automatic) rifle, working on the principle of the gas piston. 7.62 mm uses the classic rifle cartridge 7,62x54r from the trilinear rifle with the edge at the bottom of the sleeve.

  • The rifle is equipped with a ten store, when shooting the last bullet, the shutter gets on the sealing delay. The receiver is open, that enables holder to charge patrons top.
  • Wooden bed, solid hardwood (birch, beech, ash), it can be attributed to polupustyne, but the handle is so gentle that there will not be a big mistake to call it direct English.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, the fuse box is under the trigger guard, behind the trigger.
  • External sights – classic pillar in the slider with a line and closed the fly on a high bracket.
Advantages and disadvantages

Authentic rifle SVT-40, the legendary weapons grade, participated in the Second world war. Opinions about its unreliability as extremely exaggerated. If a fighter was technically competent, kept the weapons clean, particular problems had not occurred. Infantry of the German Wehrmacht believed lucky to obtain such a trophy.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the rifle is really technically complicated, its mechanism is made up of many small parts, it requires attention and careful maintenance. Complicating matters is the open receiver and the gas chamber with vents.

  • The gas piston has three adjustment holes, this allows you to tune the weapons to use cartridges with bullets of different weights.
  • Effective range of 1.5 kilometers, the stopping power of the bullet is very large, is a great weapon for hunting large ungulates.
  • There are difficulties with the installation of optical sights. Authentic “tokarevskaya” bracket has a ring, not suitable to modern optics. For installation laths weaver or Picatinny will need the services of a qualified Miller.
  • To comply with the requirements of the law on civil weapons, at the beginning of the barrel and in the receiver establishes the so-called ballistic labels, leaving individual marks on the bullet and the sleeve, which facilitates the identification of weapons. They degrade ballistic performance. So a sniper rifle from SVT-On just will not work.
  • Length rifles of 1230 mm, which is too much for a hunting weapon. While in running order it weighs 3.9 kg, which is a pound less than the carbine “boar VPO-124”, a length of 1090 mm., a ratio of size and weight suggests that the margin of safety from SVT-On a lesser.

Fatal flaw – obsolescence design.

SVT-K. 7,62x54r L-625 with bracket for optics



This threaded civil weapon with ballistic markings for easy identification. Used for hunting large ungulates for sport competitions.


There is model KO-SVT, which on the receiver propylene grooves for installation of the bracket under the optical sight. In other respects it is identical to the SVT-O.

Next, the characteristics of the carbine SVT-O.

Feature The value
Type Semi-automatic rifle
The principle of operation Gas piston
Size (mm) The 7.62
Cartridge 7,62x54r
Rate of fire (rounds per min) 20
Muzzle velocity (m/s) 829
Aimed fire range (km) 1,5
Capacity 10 rounds
Length without bayonet (mm) 1230
Curb weight of rifle without bayonet (kg) 3,9
  • Semi-automatic rifle operating on the principle of the gas piston. Shutter longitudinal sliding, heavy, loose (without protrusions), consists of a steel striker with larvae and copper-plated shell with a handle in the shape of a ring on a short bracket.
  • Adjustable gas piston, powder gases, spent in it, being released through the lid with holes.
  • The receiver is half-open (the gate), the spring return mechanism is protected by cover.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, after shooting the last cartridge shutter becomes the lever of the delay. The fuse box is under the clip behind the trigger. In the blocking position it is folded down and mechanically does not move the hook back. To be translated to “Single” it is necessary to turn to the left and drown in the groove of the Lodge. Position “Auto” check box of the fuse to the right – blocked by the manufacturer. In the design version it was possible to keep the trigger pressed for longer than usual, freeing the hook sear completely, so the shutter could slide up to the complete exhaustion of the store (shooting bursts).
  • Store a ten, metal, lever to otmachivanija is in front of the trigger guard and has two positions: pushed in the fore-end (field) and perpendicular to it (working).
  • Sights – rear sight with a slider and a line distance and a closed fly at a high bracket.
  • On the muzzle flash suppressor installed.
  • Wooden bed, polupoltina, with a very gentle grip, in fact, it video English.
Picking and packing

From the factory the rifle comes in a canvas sheath, complete delivery one store.

The principle of operation
  • For shooting it is necessary to equip the shop and to vigorously wank. Or to serve a patron (as an option – clip) into the chamber from the top, when retracted, the stopper then release handle.
  • The fuse box is rotated to the left and recessed in the groove of the Lodge. The rifle is ready to fire.
  • After pressing the trigger, the hammer breaks in combat hook sear and hit the firing pin, and he skewers the capsule. Part of the powder gases pushes the bullet along the bore, is discharged into the chamber, gas piston and pusher to return through the back gate. This movement is accompanied by a platoon of USM. Urged by the spring, the bolt goes back and locks the barrel.
  • Subsequent shots are fired by pressing the trigger. After shooting the last cartridge, the shutter stops in the rearward position. After pressing the trigger the shutter will return to the forward position. A pause can be used for loading.
  1. To discharge the weapon, for which to remove the store and wank, putting it on hold.
  2. Remove the cleaning rod by pressing on the spring loaded button retaining bracket.
  3. Remove the clamp between the shaft and the housing of the gas piston by pressing the spring-actuated button.
  4. Remove the top cover, gas piston, lifting her rear end and pulling back.
  5. To move forward and remove the top wooden plate of the forearm.
  6. To understand the mechanism of the gas piston, removing the intermediate pin between it and the pusher paddle, and then remove the piston from the chamber and the extractor from the groove under the whole thing.
  7. Click the trigger to return the gate to its forward position. To move the cover of the receiver forward, and with her backside to push the metal probe (a screwdriver with a cross slot) on the next button. To remove the cover.
  8. To disassemble the return mechanism, consisting of springs and guide (pin and tube) by pulling the spring from the rear side of the receiver.
  9. To remove the shutter, moving it along the guide rails back and lifting. To separate the shell with the handle of a cylinder lock.
  10. Take the grooved button on the back plate of the receiver to the left, click on the next button with an iron pin. Then USM with a distinctive click will be released from the slots down.

Is the installation of optical sights. For this both sides of the receiver propisyvayutsya grooves, allowing you to install a bracket. As a variant – to make a series of holes and cut them with the thread, the bracket is secured with bolts. For the manufacture of the bracket will need the services of a qualified Miller.

It’s time to find out prices and reviews on ed. hunting rifle SVT-7,62x54r.


The rifle is from 20 to 25 thousand rubles. Now let’s see what are reviews about the carbine SVT-hunters and owners.


Due to the ballistic label guns in terms of accuracy away from the sniper. When shooting at a distance of 100 meters, a deviation of about 7.5 cm is Not particularly convenient for the chassis and driven hunts. Best used in ambush.

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