Taiga Antonio Zoli rifle gun

Since 2013, the Italian arms company Antonio Zoli began producing bolt-magazine rifles Taiga, which is a modernized version of the popular model AZ 1900 Bavarian, produced for more than thirty years. The main structural difference between the novelties is the way the cocking of the trigger mechanism. Use the button lever located on the back plate of the receiver.

Description Antonio Zoli Taiga

Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) bolt. Trunks made of carbon steel, rifling sliced (AZ 1900 trunks forged).

Like many foreign brands of hunting weapons, they have a cantilever design.

  • A feature of the design is the way the cocking of the trigger. To do this, use the lever located on the back side of the bolt body. The weapon is in the firing position by pressing it and removed a button located on the right paddle, with the handle.
  • There are external differences: the butt got rid of the hunchback Bavarian crest (a boar’s back) and bought straight, with a pillow Monte Carlo. Also changed the shape of the forearm, the end of her direct mechanical shear, in contrast to female extension from the AZ 1900.
  • The company offers not too a wide selection of calibers: .243 and .308 Win, as well as two versions of “cloobeck” – 30-06 Sprg and of 9.63×62 Mauser (Mauser rounds were actually used for hunting elephants).
Advantages and disadvantages
  • High quality workmanship, good accuracy of the battle – no more than 0.5 MOA (1 MOA is the deviation from the aiming point is not more than 2.9 cm when shooting at a distance of 100 meters).
  • Posing in fighting trim by pressing the lever significantly increases the safety of the use of weapons, so return to the “kursovka” became a fashionable trend in the design of hunting weapons.
  • Bed crafted of very high quality, the comb of the butt is perfectly coordinated with the line of sight through the rear sight and front sight. However, the manufacturers had to be cunning, using her usual bright, low-value wood. The whole whimsical pattern caused by the laser. Caused notch-type fish scale on the handle and foregrip that of Antonio Zoli was not always a prerequisite for the manufacture of boxes.
  • Backplate, plastic, its low damping quality, but it is well slides. Most suitable for hunting from ambush.
  • The rifle has a couple of external sighting devices. The good thing is that the front sight features a red fiber-optic thread, and the pillar caused the white line, which facilitates aiming. However, the notch of the rear sight is too small in depth and its size is poorly matched with the size of the fly. It can be finished in the usual needle file, but for branded products such need too odious.

The rifle is supplied without straps for optics, there are only mounting holes for them on the receiver.

  • Designers refused to use USM of shneller, leaving the straight rifle course, and a short and without warning. However, effort is only 600 grams! For comparison, the SKS it is in the range from 2 to 3 kilograms.
  • Receiver milled from a solid billet and hardened, it is very durable and reliable. However, open top, tank top single cartridge, but does not prevent ingress of dirt.
  • The lever for lifting the store is under the trigger guard, its anterior branches, it is convenient for quick reloading.

Carabine Antonio Zoli Taiga

The purpose of the carbine Taiga (Taiga) Antonio Zoli

Rifle calibers are pretty impressive, they can be used for hunting at medium and Magnum cartridges and large ungulates. Caliber .243 Win is the minimum allowed in Europe and the United States for hunting deer.

Feature The value
Type Repeating rifle with a bolt breech
Gauges .243 Win, .308 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 9,63×62 Mauser
Barrel length (mm) 600
Capacity 4 or 3+1 (Magnum)
Cocked Lever (sansibar)
Mount store Calibers .243 Win and .308 Win – folding, Magnum – removable
Weight (kg) 3,3
  • Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) bolt. Statement on the cocked lever-spenserom.
  • Trunk posted (console), a receiver is open, milled from a solid billet. For installing the modules for optics at its upper face made holes with metric thread.
  • The shutter with the two weapon tabs, the larva completely covers the bottom of the sleeve, the spring loaded extractor. Sansibar installed on the rear side of the bolt body, it is made in the form of a patterned buttons. Working stroke of 8 mm. To remove from cocking a button located on the left side of the bolt body with the handle.
  • USM unregulated, with short stroke the trigger without warning (straight rifle trigger), shneller missing.
  • Wooden bed, polupoltina, with straight comb and pillow Monte Carlo. The forearm of the stock can not be separated. Under the button of removal from combat platoon is made the recess for ease of handling. Recoil pad: plastic, fixed.
  • External sights is the rear sight in the form of an isosceles trapezoid with a slot (non-adjustable) mounted on a high bracket and the open front sight, red is equipped with a fiber-optic thread.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes Packed in a plastic carrying case with foam absorber. Supplied with one store, a set of keys to remove box, manual and warranty.

The principle of operation of the cocking slide
  • The weapon is armed by pressing the button-lever (cocking slide) on the back of the bolt body. Move the lever to 8 mm. In this case, the stopper has full freedom, it is possible to press the trigger.
  • Removal from combat platoon, including in the case of finding the bullet in the chamber, by pressing the button located behind the handle of the paddle, forward. Sansibar with a distinctive click returns to the original position and the shutter and the trigger is blocked.
  • If when de-cocked once again press the button behind the handle of the shutter and hold it, it rasplachivaetsya, but USM will remain uncocked. This mode is used for extracting the shutter from the receiver.
  • The shutter is removed when pressed spensieri and filmed shop.
  • To remove the store from the hopper it is necessary to press the lever on the front branch of the trigger guard (inside). From caliber rifles .243 Win and .308 Win leans back cover, and 30-06 Sprg and of 9.63×62 Mauser the shop removed completely.
  • The button of removal from combat platoon when pressed spensieri is pressed back (from the handle) and is held in this position. The knob turns up, and it is drawn out of the receiver along with the larva.
  • The bed is separated from the receiver by unscrewing bolts on either side of the trigger guard.

Antonio Zoli taiga 308


The AZ 1900 rifle Taiga, you can install the strap Weaver and Picatinny rail using the hole with a metric thread on the top side of the receiver.

The price and the reviews on Taiga the carbine is given below.

Price and reviews

Rifles are from 115 to 125 thousand rubles. Users noted good ergonomics of the bed and the excellent shooting performance of the weapon. It is quite undemanding in operation.

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