Taurus CT9 G2 rifle

Taurus carbine CT9 G2 is a complete analogues of a police submachine gun, modified to fit the needs of civilian weapons. In contrast to the “older brother” Taurus CT9 G2 is only for single shooting.

Taurus CT9 G2 – second modification civil submachine gun from the famous Brazilian company TAURUS. For a long time the company produced only pistols and revolvers. However, took the order from the Federal police of Brazil to develop a submachine gun for law enforcement.

The attempt was so successful that the light appeared and the civilian version of the weapon, claimed as a hunting rifle.

Review Taurus CT9 G2 carbine

Taurus carbine CT9 G2 for obvious reasons, quite different from his combat modifications – in particular, the possible modes of fire. Here autofire is excluded, it is allowed to fire only single shots.

The second difference – a full butt. The police version is equipped with a telescopic folding buttstock, civil – fully open.

CT9 G2 model developed under caliber 9*19 and 9*21. The latter is an alternative to the caliber 9*19, since in many countries it is forbidden to use weapons for the civil police and army bullets. In addition, if 9*19 clearly classified as a pistol cartridge, 9*21 may apply to the snap.

This caliber has good stopping ability and lack of punching that allows you to use it as ammunition for self-defense.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gun-machine gun – police prototype was designed for combat operations in urban environments, that is, in principle, as a weapon for long-range shooting was not considered. An average distance of 50 m bullets stacked in a circle 10-15 cm

  • One of the biggest advantages of the gun – ease. The carabiner is made of polymeric material stock and forend, aluminum receiver and slide group, certain portions of the same slide group, strengthened with steel inserts. Shock-Kursovoy mechanism is made entirely of steel. Overall, the model is quite light for its size and caliber.
  • Very simple and easy disassembly of the rifle was mentioned repeatedly by users. But really, re-entry may cause some difficulties: lubricant manufacturer does not regret.
  • The hilt of the pistol that much more comfortable when firing, is placed at an angle of 30 degrees, has projections to hold.
  • Move the trigger free, the pressing force is 2.5 kg. Reverse short, which allows to reduce the time between shots.
  • Shoot is convenient and from the right and from the left shoulder. The cocking handle is located on the shank, it can be moved from the right side to the left. While shooting it remains motionless, which protects the rifle against ingress of dirt and to keep weapons of different grip in this case it is more convenient.
  • On the moving and friction parts are gratitudewe grooves, so that the carbine can be used in the most severe weather conditions.

The disadvantages of the product include the following.

  • Established sights are usually small in size that causes the shooter unwittingly to strain your eyes. But they are pretty easy to disassemble to install another sight – collimator, for example.
  • Shooting is performed with a closed bolt, which degrades the heat sink. Upon termination of the firing cartridge is in the chamber. Theoretically, this always poses a threat of spontaneous combustion of gunpowder if the shots were fired actively.

View of the Taurus CT9 G2 carbine


Taurus carbine CT9 G2 is officially certified as a hunting. Because of this, there problems with the acquisition of ammunition – 9*19 Luger, for example, because the cartridge is certified as a sports.

In fact, the weapons more often used for sports and recreational shooting, and for self-defence purposes. The result of the test from a standing position with different ammo at 50 m, the diameter of the circle is equal to 195 mm. the Maximum distance is 150 m. With increasing distance changes the trajectory of the bullet, that is, before the shot need to be amended when aiming, when shooting a self-loading carbine irrational.


Because of the existence of a ban on the use of certain calibers on light there were 2 versions of the police carbine:

  • under caliber 9*19 – near the muzzle has a smooth barrel, barrel length 407 mm;
  • under calibre 9*21 – thread M14*1, muzzle to install a compensator, silencer or flash suppressor. The length of the barrel like the police version – 200 mm.

Cartridge 9*21 has the same length as the cartridge is 9*19, but the sleeve it is longer by 2 mm, i.e. 2 mm bullet sits deeper in the pocket. The ballistic characteristics of the ammunition are the same. However, the muzzle energy is 9*19 above – 569 J. J. vs 504. Higher energy due to barrel length, not the performance of the cartridge.


Indicators of both modifications of the Taurus CT9 G2 are very close. In fact, if the choice is to rely solely on the availability of ammunition.

Specifications Taurus CT9 G2
Caliber 9*19 9*21
Total length mm 924 800
Overall width, mm 68
Overall height (without magazine), mm 223
Barrel length, mm 407 200
Weight without magazine, kg 3,2 3
Weight with store, kg 3.7 V 3,5
Fly Unregulated polymer
Pillar Pillar and rear – hinged double vertical and horizontal adjustment
Capacity, PCs 10 or 30
The principle of operation Semi-free swing shutter
Controls Bilateral placement
Trunk Cold-rolled steel
The paddle material Steel
The materials used The polymeric material, aluminum, steel

Capacity is also determined by the legislation of the country. Standard capacity is 30 rounds. But given the limiter it is 10 rounds.


Taurus carbine CT9 G2 includes 3 main parts-the buttstock with pistol grip fire control, the trigger Assembly with the lower receiver and the receiver with the barrel and forend.

  • The butt with the handle is manufactured from impact-resistant plastic – can withstand to blows on the concrete. The butt framework, the recoil pad with a large corrugation, which improves the retention of the rifle when you lock in the shoulder. The front wall has a damper, softening the blow of the paddle. The pistol grip has a slope of 30 degrees, there is podplay the ledge for a better grip. On the bottom of the forearm strap secured with slots for additional devices – flashlight designator. The bar can be moved to the other side, as standard it is placed right. Staff prialnik fixed on the strap Picatinny rail. Front sight with white dot is not adjustable, the rear sight is adjustable vertically and horizontally. Flip the rear sight has 2 holes – cut with a white front sight and diopter. The front sight is large, so shooting at smaller targets difficult. Prialnik easily dismantled, in their place, you can install any other sights – optical, night and collimator.
  • Receiver is made of 2 halves – the upper and lower receiver that is inherent to the American arms. The top is made of aluminum, lower receiver – steel chassis, covered with polymer. A connected part pins. Taurus carbine CT9 G2 belongs to the category of self-loading. Firing is from a closed bolt. This provides higher precision and does not allow dirt to get inside the mechanism. On the side surfaces of the shutter are gratitudewe grooves.
  • The drummer is spring-loaded extractor “Isakovskogo” type, the reflector is a separate part and is placed in the upper receiver. USM hammer type is done entirely of steel. Descent single stage.
  • The box of the fuse and reset key valves are duplicated, which allows with the same ease to shoot and the right and from the left shoulder. The fuse has 2 positions: “S” – protection, this locks the sear, and 1 shooting.
  • Shops – steel double row. Their feature – the feeder is made of bright yellow plastic, so even in poor light conditions inspection of the rifle is discharged, it is not difficulties. The store is inserted without rotation with a good audible click. To remove a shop, you have to press the key on the lock behind the shop: it is recessed, so accidently hitting it hard.
Picking and packing

Standard weapons include the following:

  • plastic case for the rifle;
  • 2 key;
  • 2 store;
  • broach;
  • hex key;
  • gun belt;
  • the passport of the product (there are Russian language).

Suitable for all rifle cartridges 9*19 Luger including Luger+P. It’s bullets, cartridge – lacquered steel.

The principle of operation
  • Operation of the carabiner is very simple: the weapons were designed for fighting and calls for fast paced action as in the single shooting available for civilian weapons, and queues.
  • The store is charging patrons one by one. Attach the store to the carabiner in a discharged condition. The fuse is enabled and the shutter is shutter delay. The latch is triggered with a loud click. Follow the motion of the shutter force upon accession of the shop is not necessary, as this leads to utykanie cartridge.
  • Shooting is performed from a standing position. The butt should have a good stretch in the shoulder, as when impact injuries are possible.
  • The distance between the eye and the whole should be 5-6 cm Shooting can be made with both right and left shoulder.

Disassembly is carried out without any additional tools and does not create problems, because guns were designed for trouble-free operation in all conditions and the ability to quickly resolve problems.

For cleaning and lubrication is necessary to carry out the demolition provided for in the regulations. More complete can be carried out only in the Armory workshop.

  1. Include the fuse, take the store, clicking on the eject button of the store.
  2. The shutter is withdrawn to its rearmost position to eject from the cartridge chamber cartridge. Inspect the cartridge chamber through the ejection window.
  3. Squeeze the rear receiver pin and take it out from the opposite side. Then remove the stopper and return spring.
  4. With a screwdriver press the locking heel of the store, serves heel forward, carefully, to adjust the straightening of the spring. Then remove the spring shop.

Reassemble in reverse order.

Taurus carbine CT9 G2 is stored in a discharged condition and oiled. Shop with ammunition stored separately. If the weapon is not in use, cleaning and lubrication is carried out once a year. Also once a year you need to defuse the store and charge new cartridges.

During operation cleaning is performed after every 200 shots. The store also needs to be cleaned.

The price on the Taurus CT9 G2 given below.

  • On the Russian market the Taurus CT9 G2 carbine is from 74140 R. R. to 89700
  • The cost of a standard suggerisco cartridge – 10-11 p. per pack 50 PCs.
Owner reviews

Sold weapons for shooting sports and entertainment. The owners rarely use the rifle for hunting purposes: and the caliber malopodhodyaschimi, and range for hunting insufficient. The ammunition for the carbine differs quite affordable cost, which makes Taurus CT9 G2 are quite suitable weapon for training.

  • Marked prekladatele, ease of use – thanks to the pistol grip. Very attracted by the opportunity of shooting with the right and left shoulder: as a rule, the selection for lefties is very small.
  • Not too successful is the front sight. However, attracted by the possibility of its replacement with another sight, and of any type.
  • A fairly easy descent, smooth running of the trigger and not very strong returns is a very good set of characteristics of weapons for self-defense.

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