The tiger rifles

The design adopted in 1960 by the Soviet army self-loading rifle Dragunov was so successful that it is still used in many countries, and in China it cloned, but under a different name.

Therefore, the appearance of a series of hunting carbines “Tiger” – adapted to the civil conditions of SVD – it has become quite a natural phenomenon.

They are valued for simplicity and reliability, although, as with any adaptation of military arms, are not extremely high in small qualities.

Description of Tigr carbine chambered for 7,62h54r

Semi-automatic rifle operating on the principle of using part of the powder gases from the barrel.

Is adapted to the conditions of the civilian version of the SVD rifle caliber 7,62x54r (Mosin rifle cartridge with a cartridge with edge at bottom). For this purpose it has a short barrel and the ballistic label, magazine capacity reduced to five rounds, cleaned the mounting bracket of the bayonet, installed brake / flash suppressor.

  • The carbine “Tiger” – was produced on special orders, since the early 90’s to 1996. The least altered variant of the SVD. The conversion consisted of shortening the barrel and installing the store with a volume of five shells. The muzzle is short and imperfect. Rail for mounting optics was calculated for the installation of military PSO-1 sight. The first models were equipped with wooden orthopedic butt without the buttplate and plastic overlays on the shank. Subsequently, we began to install shock-absorbing recoil pad, fore-end also began to run out of wood.
  • A carbine “the Tiger” performed by the (Spanish) 01 – adjusted to international requirements, is an attempt to “Izhmash” to enter the American market weapons. On the receiver (left) attached rail for mounting tactical accessories. Butt got kind of shoulder rest – two metal pipes on the top is rotating the pillow, a back plate made of polyamide with shock absorbing butt pad. The pistol grip is almost vertical, forearm horizontal slits for exit of gases. These items are also made of polyamide. The trunk got a long flash suppressor effectively reduces recoil. Due to the increase of the length of the butt stock the trigger is moved back, made some changes to the design of the trigger mechanism.
  • The carbine “Tiger” in Spanish 02 model with a folding metal stock frame with rotary pillow under his cheek arrow. The trigger Assembly when folding of the box is blocked.
  • The carbine “Tiger” in Spanish 03 – the attempt of adaptation to the demands of shooting offhand. The butt and the bed is made from solid wood (beech, birch). Butt with a pillow “Monte Carlo” and groove on the neck of the Lodge for the convenience of the grip.
  • The carbine “Tiger”, performed 05 – almost a return to the original SVD. Optional is possible to install long (620 mm) barrel, adjustable gas engine. The flame trap is always installed long, cylindrical. This distinguishes it from previous models, enamalware in the base case short conical flash Hider. Butt orthopedic, from laminated wood.

Carbines hunting Tiger on the basis of SVD


Advantages and disadvantages
  • Time-tested design, it is reliable as it might seem at first glance, because SVD is a hybrid of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and SVT. In practice there are cases when the carbines with unregulated gas engine in conditions of continuous hunting, accompanied by a fall of the weapon in the water, swamp muck or sand, failed.
  • Self-loading rifle Dragunov was never considered a sniper, it has always been a means of fire strengthening of a motorized infantry platoon, allowing to hit targets at ranges from 600 to 1500 meters. Shortening the barrel did not add the carbine “Tiger” nor the accuracy, nor the accuracy of the battle. Affects the figure and the fact that the width of the rifling it is not the same – one pair wider than the other by 0.1 mm, which is made to identify the bullets as fired from civilian weapons.
  • The butt of the rifle is not designed for shooting offhand, it is convenient to engage targets from point-blank range. Professional arrow point out that cushion on the butt only to build the line of sight through the optics to the rear sight and front sight they are too high. The rubber butt plate on a frost dubeet, this leads to the fact that the bullets are flying slightly above the target.
  • Cartridges 7,62h54r designed to defeat manpower, they provide high range and flat trajectory. However, the bullets have insufficient stopping power. If you use normal ammunition if hit is not lethal, bullet passes right through. The same transoms wounded game is always associated with great difficulties, because adult males are boars or moose in this case is extremely dangerous.
  • In the process of adapting weapons to foreign requirements, the designers of “Izhmash” has made spring loaded firing pin, the tip of which is hiding in the mirror the shutter. However, due to the massiveness of the bolt may spontaneous triggering overly sensitive primers of cartridges imported when not fully locked the barrel.

Overall, the carbine “Tiger” turned out quite adapted to the Russian conditions of weapons, but foreign experts carefully did not call him not only a sniper but also hunting, preferring to mention a replica of the military rifles.


The carbine is designed for hunting large ungulates. Mostly from ambush or from high seats.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading carbine with a gas engine
Size (mm) The 7.62
Cartridge type 7,62h54r
Barrel length (mm) 530, 620 optional
Capacity 5, possible to install combat with a capacity of 10 rounds
Length (mm) 1090, with a long barrel 1220
Weight (kg) 3,9

Self-loading repeating rifle with a gas engine, located above the barrel.

  • The barrel is chrome with ballistic label in the chamber. Four trapezoidal thread, one pair of which has a width of 4.55 mm and the other of 5.05 that is made with the purpose of marking the bullet. At the end of the barrel includes a flash Hider. In the normal version it is shorter, conical in shape. Optional – cylindrical, long.
  • Shutter direct action, with rotating cylinders having three lugs. The drummer is spring-loaded, the tip is not in favor of the mirror shutter.
  • The trigger mechanism unregulated, fuse mechanical locking movement of the bolt and the sear of the trigger.
  • Shop metal, double row, with a capacity of five rounds. Latch located behind the bunker.
  • The set of sighting devices consists of a pillar with remote line and flies at a high bracket. There are two straps for installation of optical sights: on the cover of the receiver and on the left side of the plane. Itself receiver is made by milling.

Handguard can be wooden or nylon, with holes for venting or without them. The orthopedic butt, and steel plastic or laminate. There is a variant, made of solid wood with cushion “Monte Carlo”.

Picking and packing
  • The rifle comes in a cardboard box. Additionally Packed in a sealed plastic bag.
  • In the conventional package has a shop, cleaning (brush and RUB in a metal box), as well as replacement parts for the trigger sleeve, and a spring firing pin.
  • Enhanced package contains a telescopic sight with bracket, oiler, cleaning rod.
  • Attached technical data sheet, user manual.
The principle of operation
  • The carbine operates on the principle of gas engine. When fired, part of the propellant gases are selected from the barrel and enters the gas chamber over it. They push the piston, which actuates a rod with a spring resting in the bolt.
  • The shutter is shifted back, and the larva turns around and goes out of engagement with the abutments on the breech of the barrel. During its further movement extractives the used cartridge case from the firing chamber, compresses the spring and the firing pin is cocked firing pin. During the forward movement of the shutter extracts the round from the magazine and feeds it into the chamber, then locks the barrel.
  • For the tank “Tiger” should eject from the hopper by pressing the latch located between it and the trigger guard. The cartridges are stacked in two rows, staggered. After installation, store the place the weapon is removed from the fuse, which is long (short designed for disassembly) lever on the right side of the receiver is lowered all the way down.
  • For shooting the bolt carrier is drawn back and released for a vigorous back. A weapon with a round in the chamber you can put the safety on.
  • After shooting the last cartridge slide is to the delay in the rearward position. To get her back, you can remove the store or a little poddelnosti the lever back then release.

In models with adjustable gas piston changes the position from “winter” to “summer” is made by turning the sleeve, which flange engages behind the projections of the clutch, gas piston, located to the left.

  1. Eject, to distort the bolt, to produce a control descent.
  2. Press the short lever located on the left, the back plate of the receiver.
  3. To remove the cover of the receiver and remove the spring from the bolt.
  4. To move the bolt back, raise its rear edge and is removed from the receiver Assembly with the larva.
  5. Turning the striker clockwise and remove it.
  6. Remove the lever of the fuse, having it separate from the sear.
  7. Remove the trigger Assembly.
  8. Lower the lever on the front face of the receiver pads down.
  9. To shift the clutch barrel lining forward.
  10. Remove the right and left halves of the barrel lining.
  11. To move back the gas pusher mechanism, whereupon the piston from the chamber. Remove the pushrod Assembly with the spring.

Price and owner reviews on the carbine Tigr 7,62X54R mm and Х51 (SP 01, 02, 03, 05) are given below.

Prices and reviews

The carbine is from 55 to 70 thousand rubles. Carbine has satisfactory workmanship and reliability. The direct fire range – using pillar and flies up to 300 meters.

With optical sight it is possible to defeat targets at distances up to 800 meters. Accuracy equal to three units of MOA. The return is sharp and strong, with a short flash Hider possible blindness. Orthopedic butts for shooting with hands uncomfortable.

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