Tikka T3 Sporter, rifle shotgun

Carabine Tikka T3 Sporter (Tikka T3 Sporter .223): features of design and operation

Modern and comfortable, carabiners, designed for use in professional hunting, have excellent technical characteristics, which give them ample opportunities to use. Due to the sophisticated design guarantees maximum comfort during use, and the ergonomic shape allows you not to feel inconvenience in using such carabiners neither men nor women regardless of hand size.

And among the models that has gained the most popularity today, it is necessary to allocate the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter .223, not accidentally became especially popular in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers. Because of its characteristics designed by the manufacturer, provide an opportunity to use it not only professional hunters, but Amateurs and beginners shooting a gun. Safety of use, ease of use, the most important parameters that provide increased interest to this model.

Overview of weapons

According to the opinion of the majority of owners of the rifle model Tikka T3 Sporter .223, the best feature it can be called expediency, since it allows its use in various fields. Hunting and sport shooting, acquisition of initial skills of shooting from professional weapons – all these possibilities gives the rifle model Tikka T3 Sporter .223. The cost it is one of the largest in comparison with analogues of other manufacturers.

Already taking this rifle out of the packaging, can understand the reasons for its popularity: its appearance immediately attracts attention, and compact size combined with relatively low weight makes it easy to operate any physique and physical capabilities of the arrow. Generally Finnish rifles differ from their counterparts of European manufacturers, with a superior performance and a lot of positive feedback immediately attracted the attention of professional shooters of firearms.

Advantages and disadvantages

As for the most objective assessment of any type of carabiner can be obtained by comparative analysis with similar models. Because the list of advantages and disadvantage of the model will allow to compare it and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the rifle.

The most important advantages of the model of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter .223 should include the following characteristics:

  • the optimal ratio of the dimensions: the overall length 40 inches barrel length is 20 inches, which guarantees maximum convenience when using;
  • small recoil when firing, which is also the maximum convenience at the location of butt on the shoulder give the opportunity to make the most accurate shots;
  • adding weight at the expense of the weight of the barrel slightly, that is not even noticeable in the operation of the model.

The use of modern synthetic materials in the manufacture of bed for Tikka T3 guarantees long preservation of its original qualities: durability, attractive appearance and high resistance to mechanical stress. On a bed made of synthetic materials, no adverse effect no difference in ambient temperatures or moisture, which is probably when the model is used in the field.

Plus you should also mention the possibility of more rapid and complete fit the dimensions of the rifle to a specific arrow.

The disadvantages, according to the owners of this rifle can be attributed to the lack of ledge on the bed, but his absence with a vengeance kompensiruet usability notches and the neck butt. Also some negative comments about the material shop Tikka T3: polymer material, which protrudes slightly beyond the General contour of the butt, creates a small inconvenience in the conduct aimed fire.

Tikka T3 Sporter .223 (photo)

The purpose of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter .223

Use the rifle model Tikka T3 Sporter .223 maybe in professional hunting and sports shooting, as well as for the acquisition of initial skills in the development of shooting firearms.


The market today offers a variety of models of the Tikka T3 Sporter .223, made with laminated floor and designed for the professional hunting and professional participation the shooting competition.


Through performance analysis it is possible to make the maximum full understanding of the capabilities of the model, its advantages and usage possibilities. Featuring modern design, the rifle model Tikka T3 Sporter .223 is proven, and it can be recommended for use by professional hunters and budding enthusiasts shooting firearms.

Specifications Carabine Tikka T3 Sporter .223
Country of origin Finland
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Kind of caliber .223
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating that does not corrode

The presence of the sliding bolt allows for maximum rate of fire of the rifle, the hit accuracy is defined as the skills of shooting and perfectly adjusted optics of the weapon. Ease of use, the ability to adjust the basic qualities made the model Tikka T3 Sporter .223 one of the most frequently purchased by both professionals and budding enthusiasts shooting.


Design features of the model of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter .223 can use it with ease: the lack of complex systems and the ease of control allowed to make this model the most comfortable, even for teenagers. After all, the smooth running of the trigger, a comfortable bed from modern plastic material with high resistance to various mechanical stresses, as well as certain customization options, – all this allows you to have no difficulties with the operation of the rifle.

The trunk, which is the main constructive part of any kind of rifle, has an optimal length and consists of two parts: a lightweight alloy and polymer material. Making up 1/2 of the total length of the rifle, the barrel has an ergonomic shape and when equipped with the proper optics provides excellent performance range and sighting shooting.

Picking and packing

The carbine is presented for sale in plastic packaging which it is wrapped to prevent damage on the case. The model in a cardboard box inscribed with the name of the product.

The principle of operation

Heavy barrel that allows you to make the most accurate shots, perfect for bullets of almost any caliber. This minimizes the quantity necessary for firing.

The sequence of actions is the hallmark of any form of modern carbines: send me cartridges is carried out by pressing on the trigger, which has a very smooth ride (which should also see the advantage of this model). Significant high quality optics for maximum sighting of committed shots.


The process of dismantling involves the possibility of removing the main structural parts. This may be necessary when repairing the rifle, cleaning, modernization and renovation.

The removal of the dies, flies and sight is carried out using a usual screwdriver and does not pose serious difficulties.

Tuning rifles Tikka T3 rassendren below.


Upgrading this model, or its tuning, implies the possibility of installing an optical sight with all the best features from a third-party manufacturer. This has a positive effect on the possibility of obtaining more accurate shots.

Although, according to most owners, riflescope, available in the basic configuration, has very good technical ability and can be used in the operation of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter .223.

Reviews and prices on the Tikka T3 rifle (Tikka T3 Sporter .223 and .308 win) discussed below.

Quick release bracket MAK for Tikka T3 (Tikka T3)

The product price
  • The value indicator of the model can be considered in comparison with models with the same technical capabilities are rather democratic: from different sellers, it can vary from 135 000 to 146 000.
  • Model Tikka T3 .30-06 Sprg can be purchased in the online store at a price 61700 rubles.
Owner reviews

The owners, as well as buyers, note the classic appearance of the rifle Tikka T3 Sporter .223. Its technical characteristics allow to understand the capabilities of weapons, in this application it is possible for different purposes: for professional hunting and for sporting and training shooting.

The ease of control of such a rifle is determined by its simple device and fit provides maximum comfort while shooting.

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