TO-30 WITH, a rifled gun

In General, almost all sniper rifles and hunting rifles in Russia and the former Soviet Union was based on a trilinear Mosin rifle. Da-30 is an improved version of the rifle Mosin sample 1891/1930 G.

Overview of carbine KO-30

Model 1891/1930 g was a Dragoon rifle with a different sight and a simplified chamber. Weapons were used as a battle in the cavalry. After the Second World war weapons completely obsolete and was abandoned.

However, the shortage in good hunting carbines led to the fact that the Mosin rifle was seized from a warehouse and converted into a hunting rifle. In many cases the rifles were prestolny under a different caliber. Model da-30 WITH authentic.

Rifle model 1891/1930 g release are today collector’s value.

Advantages and disadvantages

Carbines manufactured on the basis of the Mosin rifle was slightly different. In the combat variant, the bolt handle was straight and short. The sniper model arm longer and bent downwards. The fundamental importance it has now what: military weapons, especially issued later, in 1944, participated in the infantry attack, that is, played the role of a bayonet weapons. And shooting such application affects very negatively.

The sniper variant is the use of excludes. Accordingly, the model made on the basis of the sniper rifle, you’ll be a much higher ballistic performance.

Advantages the weapon has the following:

  • the sniper optical sight is installed. On a normal combat carbine this is not possible;
  • on models since 1930, is mounted a cylindrical box, in the left side you can see 2 cylindrical holes or traces of their brewing. This is also a sign of the sniper, i.e., rifles with good accuracy;
  • a remarkable feature of the Mosin rifle – barrel quality. This is indicated by the clean treatment of the trunk and old blueing. The barrel and chamber chrome;
  • the weapon is designed for hunting big game – wild boar, elk. Shell bullet easily pierces through the brother-in-law in trunk girth thick at a distance of 100 m;
  • the range of the bullet is 3 km;
  • to use the rifle in all weather conditions at temperatures from -50 to +50 C.

The disadvantages of the product are as follows:

  • store have to fill with bullets “one by one” to prevent zabrakovanie Welt sleeve top cartridge behind the lower edge;
  • the screws securing the bed to the trunk have a tendency to weaken. For securing the screws you need to follow, as this affects the accuracy of fire;
  • the quality of weapons is highly dependent on previous use. Rifles manufactured after 1942, is characterized by poor quality of the barrel and in principle are not designed for use as a sniper rifle.

Carbine KO-30S (photos)


Model TO-30 – carbine in a medium caliber.

  • Used as a hunting rifle in the extraction medium and large animals – red deer, wild boar, elk.
  • Used for fishing birds – grouse, capercaillie.
  • For recreational shooting weapon is rarely used – too serious caliber.

Under the rifle FOR-30, as well as TO imply 91/30 converted into a hunting weapon combat carbine sample 1891/1930 g. the Difference between individual modifications are so slight that in most cases is not considered as a separate species.

  • The most famous version of KO-30 optical sight. And its placement is such that the use of an open fly is possible without removing the OP.
  • Produced a modification, equipped with only an open mechanical sight.
  • KO-91/30 M – is equipped with the new forged barrel with chrome finish as the barrel and chamber. And comes in 2 models with different length of barrel: 550 mm with a total length of 1,055 mm, and 610 mm with a length of 1115 mm.

The ballistic characteristics of a sniper version of the rifle is sufficient to consider this model one of the most reliable and sought after on the hunt. However, it should be remembered that the performance of each specific gun depends on how and how long it was used.

Option The value
Caliber, mm The 7.62
The capacity of the store, the number of PCs 5
Sighting range, m 300
Accuracy (dispersion radius) 75
Resource shots, pieces 2000
The mass of weapons, kg 4,0
Length of arms, mm 1232 (less)
Barrel length, mm 745 (less)
Muzzle velocity, m/s 730

Product weight is listed without an optical sight or any other device, but with a loaded shop.

Barrel length and length of the rifle can vary depending on the modification.


From the original rifle is the bolt handle and the presence of an optical sight.The trunk can be used or processed authentic. The rest of the structure is no different from the Mosin rifle.

Carbine consists of the following Assembly units:

  • the barrel to the receiver, the barrel, box, and also target block and the base of the front sight have a permanent connection. The bore and chamber are chrome-plated – thus increases the corrosion resistance of the product;
  • the shutter Assembly – includes the bolt, extractor, trigger, impact device udarnikov type, combat spring, the connection bar. Fuse is implemented in the gate – do not allow shot when chambering a cartridge;
  • the trigger mechanism – without warning;
  • magazine case single row arrangement of cartridges – all-in-one with the barrel. Capacity is 5 rounds;
  • open front sight and an optical sight. The latter is fixed on special brackets. For shooting with open sight to shoot OP there is no need;
  • the rifle stock is made of birch.
Picking and packing

Standard carbine consists of the following:

  • box;
  • cleaning rod;
  • screwdriver;
  • the bushing of the breech and the muzzle;
  • knob;
  • RUB and grease gun;
  • the passport of the product.

For the modification of the optical sight is delivered:

  • riflescope – 3.5 times, a maximum;
  • passport to the OP.
The principle of operation

The mechanism of the carbine is no different from the standard scheme of actions trilinear rifle.

  • The shutter open by turning the handle to the left. The trigger is moved back and spring drawn in a partially – pre-preload. The striker projectile goes into the channel fighting the larvae, the protrusions are moved up because of the reference planes and the barrel is unlocked.
  • The shutter is withdrawn back to the stop position when the cartridge goes out of the store to the line chambering.
  • The stopper moves forward, the cartridge is in the chamber.
  • The handle turn to the right and close the shutter. At the same time combat the protrusions extend beyond the ledges of the box and the trunk locked. The action spring is pressed stronger – the final preload.
  • Trigger – sear out of engagement with the trigger, the trigger is released, the spring comes out and the firing pin of the trigger with the force breaks the capsule holder is shot.
  • The shutter is withdrawn back in when the extractor pulls the cartridge case from the chamber, and cutoff reflector throws her out of the receiver.

When storing, carrying and transporting the rifle must be set to “protection”. In this mode, a combat platoon is removing the box. Safety comb the trigger when it rests in a box that does not allow you to commit a random shot. In fact, in that position, not even the shutter open.

A necessary requirement is the possession of rifles discharged is set to “protection”. Ammo and rifle must be stored separately.


Disassembly and Assembly of gun is for cleaning and lubrication after shooting. This is not to put considerable effort, otherwise possible deformation of the parts.

Partial disassembly for lubrication, which includes the following:

  • press the trigger to open and pull out the stopper;
  • Unscrew and remove the cleaning rod. Remove the cover of the box the store;
  • hold the bolt head and the handle is withdrawn the trigger until the screw cut is not out of the nest ledge. Then turn the trigger to the left and let go;
  • while holding the stopper, serves the bar forward with combat larva and disconnect it from the bolt body;
  • the bolt separated from the strap;
  • the striker of a striker clean in the gasket, push on the handle and compress the spring fighting. In this position, Unscrew the trigger with the drummer and take the drummer with spring;
  • combat spring off with a drummer.

If the weapon is assumed to be stored for long periods or carabiner has been exposed to moisture, the weapon apart completely.

The above action adds the following:

  • the screws lock the tail and Unscrew 2 turns and move forward stocks ring;
  • set the rifle in a vertical position, completely Unscrew the screws, disconnect store box, and then the barrel from the bed;
  • removed from the store box latch cover;
  • disassemble the trigger box for this carbine flip sight down and support so that the mechanism never rested. Unscrew screw trigger spring and push the trigger axis;
  • disconnect the trigger spring from the hook.

Assembly products are produced in reverse order. Cleaning and lubrication is carried out not less than 6 hours after the shooting.


Practice shows that if we selected such a classic rifle, it suits its owner entirely. Sold conventional ways to fit the bed. If you want you can order and install a new bed.

Reviews and prices FOR carbines-30 WITH p/u and KO 91/30 is given below.


Rifle, CO-30 appreciated by hunters and it lives up to expectations. The cost, however, available: the price of the rifle varies from 26895 R. to 32,000 depending on the condition of the barrel and its authenticity.

Ammo for the carbine are as follows:

  • Extra cartridge 7,62*54 – tompakova bullet, brass cartridge case. Worth 59 p. for PCs;
  • cartridge oil refinery – bullet, tombac shell to prevent wear of the barrel – 98 p. for PCs;
  • cartridge noise refinery with a bimetallic cartridge case 22 R;
  • cartridge increased accuracy – tompakova bullet, bullet weight 9.9 g – 34 R;
  • cartridge S&B with superior ballistic performance, bullet weight 11.3 g – 161 R.
Owner reviews

For precision shooting, as practice shows, greatly affects the quality of ammunition. For example, when using cartridges of high accuracy dispersion within the range 15–16mm, which for the sniper rifle the result is more than excellent.

  • Cartridges “Extra” are placed in a circle with a diameter of 20 mm.
  • “Working” are a distance of 300-400 m in the presence of the rangefinder.

The disadvantages of the hunters will carry the weight of the weapon and a short focus PU.

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