Toucan VPO-210, rifle, smoothbore weapon

Due to the selection of the model most appropriate for conducting both Amateur and professional hunting, today presented the perfect opportunity to find for our purposes this option is a hunting rifle that will best meet individual requirements and to guarantee the safety of operation, convenience and ease of use.

Among the most robust, comfortable to use carbines should stay on the model Toucan / VPO-210, which has for a long time attracts attention of the customers due to its excellent exterior design and the positive feedback received from owners of the rifle.

Considering the carbine is well established in the process of operation due to the reasoning of each structural part, a harmonious combination of details and lack of excess. The model with the maximum convenience you can use men who have large size hands, women with fragility of the Constitution, and even teenagers – the amount of recoil when shot in the model is relatively small. This indicator provided a good abstraction of the gases produced when making a shot. Also many there is a good appearance: attractive appearance and excellent technical characteristics laid down by the manufacturer.

Review of shotgun Toucan / VPO-210

Among the analogues presented in the market today, hunting rifle model Toucan / VPO-210 can be considered one of the most popular. Because technical features combined with ease of use, it offers good performance shooting, which considered such factors as the range of a bullet laid down the initial speed of a bullet, shooting accuracy, which affects the efficiency of hitting the target, and sighting that rifle Toucan / VPO-210 is perfect for a balance between shape and length of the barrel.

To understand the full picture of the performance of its functions carbine Toucan / VPO-210 should perform its main characteristics, which are divided into advantages and shortcomings. The list allows you to get a preliminary opinion on the effectiveness of firing this carbine. Excellent quality of shooting, robust design, positive reviews can be considered valid indicators of the quality of shooting, ergonomics all structural parts of a rifle.

The model has a wide field of applications: it is well-proven practical experiences to engage targets in the hunt for entertainment, training accuracy and participation in sports and for self defense.

Having a quite reasonable and affordable for the majority of customers, value, this carbine has a minimal number of defects, which do not have significant merger on the quality and the process of firing him.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering any modification of a modern hunting rifle, first and foremost the attention to its exterior design. This figure largely determines the level of demand for it. And “appearance” of the model Toucan / VPO-210 should be considered one of its major advantages: made in the classic style without unnecessary details that distract user attention from the process of firing, the carbine is a simplified design that makes easy the process of its operation. Classic style combined with the thoughtfulness of its design have to be considered an important advantage of the considered carbine.

With the help of this model can be hit as far away stationary or moving target. Comfortable design, every detail small and the weight of the carabiner allows it to be used for teaching beginners: a simple design, no unnecessary distracting parts and ease of use made the model Toucan / VPO-210 is one of the most convenient for professionals and novices alike.

Also the advantages of this model include the following features:

  • high quality modern materials used in the creation of the rifle, making it more resistant to external conditions, mechanical impacts and accompanying field conditions of hunting;
  • the reasonableness of the design, which explains the high level of convenience of this model;
  • “highlight” model – shop rotary type, made of durable plastic. The magazine capacity is three rounds. The clever design allows it without unnecessary delay to hand in these cartridge into the chamber;
  • presenting a thoughtful smooth semi-automatic carbine of the model has no analogues in the modern arms market. Removable rib has a low weight due to the use of alloy in its composition;
  • the body of the trigger is not made of polymeric material that is somewhat less confidence on the part of the buyer, of a metal alloy with light weight mass of a body is much more reliable than any even of highly durable polymer material.

The advantages Toucan / VPO-210 can be attributed to the relatively affordable price, which largely determines its interest among buyers with different financial capabilities.

However, there are a number of shortcomings, which draw the attention of the user in the process operation model. The disadvantages Toucan / VPO-210 can be attributed to the slightly increased overall weight of the whole structure of the rifle (she is 3.2 kg); the wishes of the professionals will see this carbine weighing up to three kilograms.

Also a flaw of some owners considered external design: simple, classic lines do not give the necessary grace to this carbine, however, did not significantly affect both the process of firing, and performance shots.

Photo of the carbine VPO-210 Toucan



The combination of the ability to use Toucan / VPO-210 as for hunting and training marksmanship and defense of the model made her appearance a carbine with a wide field of use. Also have proved it for fun, target shooting and participation in the sports of target shooting.


Offered replacement choke tube with different diameters, which allows to use the model Toucan / VPO-210 for different types of hunting and for target engagement: located close and far, moving and stationary. According to owner reviews, this carabiner can be used for hunting on medium and large animals.

Also offers models, the butt of which is made of solid wood, which significantly improves the General perception of this carbine. There is, in addition to the basic model under 20-gauge, also available carbine ammunition 12-gauge.


Combining many positive characteristics relative to the external design, lack of extra parts in the case and its reasoning, carabiner Toucan / VPO-210 has excellent technical characteristics, which largely affect consumer demand for it. With performance analysis you can get an idea about the possibilities of shooting of the carbine. Below are the most important parameters Toucan / VPO-210, which give the maximum amount of information on the quality of the made shots.

Specifications Carbine Toucan / VPO-210
Country of origin Production Association “Hammer”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Smooth semi-automatic 20-gauge (or 12)
Capacity cartridges 3
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 660 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Smooth-bore semi-auto shotgun, made of high quality durable black plastic combined with lightweight metal alloys, model Toucan / VPO-210 is easy to operate, has high wear resistance. This quality is especially important when the frequent operation of the rifle in the field – hunting, when transferring it over considerable distances.


From the view of the structure depends largely on the operation of the carbine. Lightweight aluminium alloy provided the barrel Toucan / VPO-210 necessary for comfortable operation easily, which positively influenced the operation of the carbine. This allows even novice shooters to learn the basics of shooting two Kurkov delivers precision shots. The clever design of the sight and of the rifle as a whole provides an improved firing rates.

The simplicity of the model Toucan / VPO-210 allows you to disassemble it for cleaning and reconstruction in a short time even in the field, without the use of special tools and equipment.

Picking and packing

The basic kit for this rifle included several cannon muzzle attachments. Model Toucan / VPO-210 Packed for protection from negative influences (temperature, humidity, and mechanical shock) into a soft film, the sale is placed in a cardboard box. The carbine is issued at the time of its acquisition an individual passport, a certificate of quality for this type of firearms.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the model Toucan / VPO-210 is relatively simple, that allows even novices to work with him. Constipation carbine rotary locking mechanism is made on two focus (combat). The location of the return spring of the shutter is in the body of the box rifle.

To execute the shot you want to send the cartridge to the store of the rifle, then clicking on the start aktiviziruyutsya the action of the spring in the form of a sharp push on the cartridge from the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel and you shot.


Performing disassembly Toucan / VPO-210, it may be necessary to repair, at its scheduled cleaning. The stem attaching the box to the butt is screw method (with a screw), which can easily be unscrewed. Fiber optic front sight removed from the barrel by unscrewing the screws. The gas hub is also easy to disassembly. The details of it are made of alloy steel and then chrome-plated to preserve its qualities.

The trigger Assembly removed from the receiver by pressing lightly on the release button.


For carrying out tuning by many owners installed higher capacity, the shop, and can also be replaced barrel (muzzle) of the nozzle.

Reviews of the eyes of the owners and the price of a hunting rifle Toucan / VPO-210 20th and other calibers are given below.

The product price

The cost model Toucan / VPO-210 is considered by the majority of owners are quite affordable. She is about 27-30 thousand rubles.

Owner reviews

The opinion of the owners of the model Toucan / VPO-210 mostly positive: the most important are the firing rates, which in this carbine is high. Wish to add a little elegance in appearance is one of the most common. The weight of the rifle Toucan / VPO-210 not too noticeable in the course of its operation, it can be used for shooting women and adolescents.

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