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Due to excellent technical characteristics, presented today in the sale of hunting rifles wide spectrum of activity allow you to purchase such a model, which will largely meet the requirements of the shooter.

Combining the security guaranteed by the manufacturer for proper operation, with a significant share of the shooting, the alleged technical characteristics, they differ in appearance and capabilities for use. Among the most popular models from the Tula manufacturer (by the hands of his craftsmen produced the notorious TOZ-34, 44, Argali) particularly trustworthy showed a rifle model TOZ-194, which belongs to the class of pump.

His device was relatively simple, which is important for the implementation of the partial dismantling and tonirovania and reasonableness of the whole design: the ergonomics of each structural part in combination with convenience of use and provide maximum comfort in the process of operation of the rifle. Small kickback warns of the inaccuracy of the made shots, but the quality of shooting (sighting, range of bullets and accuracy) are provided with technical parameters that were laid down by the manufacturer.

Review of the shotgun TOZ-194

This model attracts attention with its external design in simple, classic style, and features. Model TOZ-194,which is proven in the hunt for small animals and small birds, as well as in the implementation of the protection of private farms, agricultural crops and for self-defense, well-stocked, has a lot of positive reviews from owners. Modern and high quality, it is designed by the manufacturer, which allows it to operate with the greatest convenience.

Modern design immediately attracts the attention of buyers, a classic style buttstock and a barrel, made only from high quality modern materials, highlights the model due to the lack of unnecessary and distracting arrow details. And it largely determines the quality of the made shots. At the same time as patterning, targeting, defined by technical characteristics largely became the basis for the reviews of the owners, which are primarily in the process of operation of any kind of weapons estimate exactly firing rates and the quality of the shots.

The list of advantages and disadvantages of this model largely allow you to get a picture of the carbine. The basis for this model was taken a gun TOZ-94, which also had great recommendations from the owners, improved and acquired a more complete form.

Advantages and disadvantages

A significant number of advantages, the minimum number of flaws – it can be described as the model. The most important advantages of the carbine TOZ-194 should include the following characteristics:

  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly – this quality is particularly important in the operation of the rifle in the field, when you have to reinstall any structural part or the carrying out of minor repairs of the gun;
  • attractive appearance, achieved using natural wood (birch) high-quality pre-treatment, which guarantees long-term preservation of the attractiveness of appearance. This is important during active operation of the rifle in the field, when a high probability of falling into the water, when temperature changes, high air humidity;
  • the presence of several modifications with some unimportant differences allows you to choose the carbine, which will largely meet the requirements and wishes of the buyer;
  • affordability – this allows you to buy this model even buyers with limited financial resources;
  • the detachable barrel makes the greatest convenience to carry out the disassembly of the rifle.

The presence of rear sight with the possibility of ventilation adds precision made shots, and the elongated shape of the barrel contributes to a good sighting shooting. The most convenient form of shutter (longitudinal sliding) provide easy cocking of the trigger and make the shot, well-cocking mechanism delivers good performance shooting. The use of chrome in decoration and the manufacture of the shutter to guarantee maximum safety even in field conditions: high humidity, fluctuating temperatures and in contact with the rifle in the water.

Shortcomings of the model TOZ-194, according to owners, virtually unchecked.

Shotgun TOZ-194

  • Carbine TOZ-194 found its use in hunting small animals and small birds, as well as in the implementation of the protection of private farms, crops, and for self-defense.
  • It is used to protect agricultural land, and technology.

The market today offers several varieties that allow you to choose the most appropriate, which will largely meet the requirements and wishes of the buyer.

The types of models include:

  • option 194-01that has the rear sight that provides great sighting each shot, and pistol grip;
  • option 194-02, which is equipped with several muzzle attachments and the ability to change stores of different capacity;
  • kind 194-03 with a set of muzzle attachments and sighting rod;
  • 194-04 variant with a shortened barrel and plastic handle.

In the manufacture of the stock used wood of trees, which will allow you to operate the rifle under field conditions without losing its appeal – beech and walnut. Rubber damper provides convenience in the process of shooting.


For any modern carbine, the most revealing may be deemed to be its technical parameters. With the help of technical characteristics it is possible to obtain the most complete picture of this carbine. The following technical data about the model TOZ-194 give an idea of its qualities and possibilities.

Specifications Carbine TOZ-194
Country of origin Russia, Tula arms factory
Appointment Hunting medium and small game and birds, shooting, fun, target practice
View Single-barreled carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 3,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

In this model, inside the trunk there is no thread – the rifle is a smoothbore. Manufacturer provides the most simple disassembly, and this is determined by a simplified mechanism.

The simplicity of the design of the hunting carbine TOZ-194 allows easy disassembly without use of special equipment that is often required for current repairs or when clearance. The charge is not automatic, which also adds simplicity to the process of disassembly.

The caliber of ammunition used – 12/70 with a non-metallic sleeve.

Picking and packing
  • To the carbine in the sale is attached a corresponding quality certificate and passport.
  • It is Packed in a cardboard packaging with information on the side with the name of the product and information about the company-seller.
The principle of operation

The ability to make the shot of this gun only appears when fully installed in working position the butt. Next to the store invested cartridges, with them to shift the maximum further to the rear of the store.


Before performing a partial disassembly should first check the store in the absence of cartridges. After that, the Department store, the opening of the shutter by allocating it back, and after pressing the shutter release button to separate and remove the shutter.


To conduct tonirovania should implement a number of plumbing works which will make the process of shooting a carbine more effectively. For example, can be installed front sight, and handguard.

The product price

The cost of this model is relatively affordable for most buyers. Price on average is around 350-420 USD.

Owner reviews

Owner reviews give an idea about the quality of the rifle and its capabilities. So, buyers, there is a possibility of choice among the presented in the sale of varieties TOZ-194, which differ in exterior design, and its equipment and characteristics. This gives you the opportunity to find this type of carabiner, which will largely meet the wishes of the buyer.

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