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Hunting rifle with vertically spaced shafts, which had a model index TOZ-200, in the market of Russian weapons was not more than three years. During this time, the hunters did not even have time as it should “try”, so available about it online information is sketchy and contradictory. According to him, this weapon could be claimed, therefore, the cause of the abandonment of Tula (known to us such models as Argali, BM, OP SKS, etc.) are not well understood.

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Double-barreled “vertikalka” 12-gauge with chamber length 76 mm. are Designed specifically for firing ammunition Magnum with reinforced batches of gunpowder. This radically changed the design of the receiver, it applied the so-called dead hinge with a large area adjoining axles.

The barrels are chromed, the top with a permanent muzzle narrowing of polochak, the lower chalk. Tube reinforced with a large wall thickness at the muzzle. The trigger with two trigger hooks, automatic fuse and signal platoon strikers. Rib ventilated.

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Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reinforced receiver with a special locking mechanism trunks, called “off the hinge”, which is borrowed from the sporting guns of MTS.
  • The gun is a sharp and heap fight, it easily withstands intensive linkage of gunpowder and fractions.
  • The ergonomics of the boxes and the weight of the weapon is quite good, allowing you to effectively shoot in flight.
  • Mainspring USM flat, with one pen, which greatly increases their survivability and endurance.
  • Models with changeable chokes were not issued.
  • Structurally does not accommodate optical sights, without which some of the current hunters can not imagine life.
  • Possible repair hinge barrel block and strengthening the frontal plate of the receiver, which increases the overall survivability of the weapon and increases its life up to one million shots.

Reinforcement of the structure has led to the fact that the weight of the excessively large rifle: 3.6 kg – a lot for those who prefer a dynamic suspension of hunting during the whole day.


The gun is mainly designed for the production of large waterfowl. For example, geese. Possible shooting from the top of the trunk light piercing bullet.


The gun was produced only in the 12th caliber and one barrel length of. Changing only the design – from the ordinary to the piece and souvenir.

Feature The value
Type Bokflint – trunks placed vertically
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
Trunks Chrome channel, permanent muzzle narrowing
Barrel length (mm) 750 mm
Permissible pressure (MPa) 90
USM With two trigger hooks
Weight (kg) 3,6
  • Smoothbore gun with a vertical arrangement of the tubes (bokflint). Channels and bolts are chromed. Permanent muzzle narrowing: the upper trunk polochak, the lower chalk.
  • The receiver is enhanced with a rotary joint, on which is placed the axle block. Locking by means of a plate forming the bottom face. After the clicks, it forms unbreakable “dead” hinge.
  • The trigger with two trigger hooks. Battle springs flat, in the one feather. There is a mechanism for intercepting Kurkov (spoiler), as well as a cocking indicator. Fuse mechanical locking sear. Button-the slider is on the shank of the receiver. There is a mechanism spoiler (perehvatyvaet) triggers, which prevents the shot when not fully latched the unit.
  • Release lever standard metal swivel plate on the upper side of the receiver. The barrel block is locked the bottom latch (strap Purdue).
  • Sights – vented strap average height and bronze fly.
  • Bed polupoltina, butt almost without exception borrowed from the TOZ-34. The shock-absorbing recoil pad. Handguard is removable.
Picking and packing

The gun was shipped in a cardboard box.

  • In the package was it is itself, without interchangeable muzzle narrowing, cleaning instruments and other accessories.
  • Came with a passport and instruction manual.
The principle of operation

To unlock the barrel block it is necessary to move the lever on the cover of the receiver to the far right. When you turn on the joint is the platoon Kurkov USM and the lever of the extractor (located on both sides of the connecting straps trunks) extends, extracting the spent cartridge case from the chamber.

When locking the barrel block the lever back into place (along the axis) independently. If not, it must be brought manually. The fuse have a TOZ-200 mechanical. If you do not want an immediate shot, the check box should be moved down.

The front trigger operates with a striker top of the barrel, and the rear striker with lower. For smooth removal from combat platoon, you open the receiver, remove the cartridges from the cartridge chambers, click on both the trigger and slowly close the barrel block.

  1. Before disassembling the gun discharged.
  2. To detach the barrel block, press the lever located in front of the trigger guard, on the bottom face of the receiver.
  3. Fold the locking plate, press the release lever to the right and remove the barrel block from the hinge receiver.

The gun can only be bought with hands or in a thrift store. Price from 8 up to 15 thousand rubles. These money can buy, for example, MC 20-01, TOZ-94, TOZ-87.

Owner reviews

The gun was manufactured with a good quality, although after purchasing the required break-in period mechanisms of the joint and extraction of the cartridges. A sharp and heap fight, drobova talus has a thickening to the center. Recoil is moderate.

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