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TOZ-34 – Tula shotgun with an almost legendary history. The original design, ruggedness, reliability and quality of workmanship ensure its enduring popularity

TOZ-34 is one of the most famous in the USSR double barrel shotguns for hunting.

The first sample was released in 1965 at the Leipzig fair, where he was awarded a gold medal for originality of design. Serial production was started in 1969, and the model has been improved – it appeared the ejector. This is the year of manufacture of the weapon TOZ-34.

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Double-barreled weapon has one indisputable advantage: the speed of the second shots is determined by the speed of movement of the finger from one trigger to another. In most case the shotgun is better balanced than a single – “bytoviki”, although this property does not refer to each model.

TOZ-34 – a kind of legend. The shotgun is characterized by high accuracy, prekladatelu and balance. Available as standard such as the piece in the souvenir. This is an interesting design: embossing, intricate engraving difficult.

However, specialists recommend to purchase a model that was released before 1990, and later the build quality and machining parts, unfortunately, declined markedly.

Advantages and disadvantages

The rifle TOZ-34 belongs to the category of a smoothbore shotguns. Manufactured under 4 gauge. The first model was used as the basis for a number of different modifications. The barrels are designed for bullets with plastic, paper and metal cartridge cases. However, the latter reduces the accuracy of the battle, about which the manufacturer warns.

TOZ-34 has the following advantages.

  • Patterning is an important indicator for a hunting rifle. Versions serial version, accuracy when firing from 35 m at a target with a diameter of 7.5 mm is for the top of the barrel 60, to lower – 50. Boxed figures slightly worse than the 65 and 55, respectively.
  • For shooting you can use the standard cartridges, loaded with shot, buckshot or bullets to cartridge cases with a length of 70 mm.
  • The rifle has a light weight – not more than 3.3 kg, which is very convenient for sea hunting.
  • Stem channels and bolts chrome plated, it improves the accuracy of the battle.
  • Connection boxes and trunks performed on the original circuit – ring joints. This solution requires a very precise fit of grooves and protrusions, but it provides low placement of the trunks. Design is not only comfortable, but also looks much more aesthetically pleasing.
  • The barrel TOZ-34 is locked to the hook receiver couplings via a wide gate frame. The device is very simple, but ensures long life of the rifle 12 thousand shots is guaranteed by the manufacturer, in practice, the indicators significantly higher.
  • The mechanism of the strikers – strikers separate for each trigger offers smooth descent with cocking. Additionally, there are spoilers – intercepted triggers to prevent accidental shot.

The structural feature of the rifle TOZ-34 is an unusual method of separation of the trunks. The operation is somewhat complicated, especially when handling a new gun, which led to the failure of internal triggers. To avoid this, a rifle TOZ-34 there was a check box on the right side. Now, to separate trunks, it is only necessary to turn the flag down.

  • Manufactured models TOZ-34, not only with a smooth – under 12, 20 and 28 gauge, but with rifled barrels. Also, the manufacturer offers a rifle in which the barrels are combined: the upper was a rifle caliber 5.6 mm cartridges ring of ignition, and bottom – smooth under 20 or 28 gauge.
  • Another unusual feature TOZ-34 is fixed by screws on the “head” of the box, a removable plate. This allows the owner to eliminate the resulting gap between the breech and slice the “head” of the box, securing the metal plate.

The shortcomings of the TOZ-34 is the following.

  • USM used springs is u-shaped. Reliability of the springs is insufficient, which leads to their distortion.
  • When firing ammunition with metal cartridge case decreases the accuracy.

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TOZ-34 is available in different calibers that involves several applications.

  • The rifles chambered for 12 gauge used for hunting all types of game as Amateurs, and professionals. This is the most popular caliber.
  • TOZ-34 16 gauge appeared much later. Has lighter recoil and is used to harvest fur-bearing animals.
  • 20 – often used for commercial hunting. The powder charge in the ammunition 20 gauge is small and creates a weak return. For that models of this kind are sometimes called “female”.
  • 28 – usually charging a small shot and shot and used for hunting birds and small game such as rabbit, Prairie dogs.

Tula plant produced the sports version, however, the great popularity she got. Note that this producer also known for such models as models TOZ-122, 120, 99, 78, 88, Argali, KO-44, SKS OP etc.


Today there are several versions of rifles having different structural features.

  • TOZ-34 P – basic model with extractor: cartridge case ejector extends. Butt equipped with rubber butt pad.
  • TOZ-34E – different method of removal of the sleeve: it has the ejector that dumps the core.
  • TOZ-34EP – equipped with an ejector and a rubber recoil pad on the butt.
  • TOZ – 34-5,6/28, combined version with an upper rifle barrel under a .22 LR and a smooth bottom under rifle cartridge. The model is manufactured in small series, was fitted with a telescopic sight.
  • TOZ-34-55 “bison” – also a hybrid model, but with a lower threaded at 9*53 mm and the top is smooth. Was equipped with an optical sight. This model is boxed.
  • TOZ-34-1 – single-barrel rifle, designed based on the classic TOZ-34.
  • TOZ-34 W – gift version. Boxed rifle with embossing or engraving on chrome metal.

There were several designs – TOZ-84, TOZ-91, TOZ-200, but for one reason or another in the production were launched. With the exception of TOZ-120.

Specifications TOZ-34 is described below.


Performance characteristics not significantly different. In fact, the difference is only the accuracy in serial and single-piece models.

Settings TOZ-34 TOZ-34 W
Caliber 12 12
Barrel length, mm 711 711
Shooting accuracy is 35 meters, and percent Upper barrel 60 65
The lower trunk 50 55
Trigger pull, kg 1,5-2,5 1,5-2,5
Weight, kg Not more than 3,15 Not more than 3,15
Weight with rubber butt pad, kg Not more than 3.2 Not more than 3.2

The design of the TOZ-34 unique and more in any model are not repeated. Thanks to this gun, despite the weakness of the firing spring, remains one of the most famous, not only because of the ease, but because of the high working life.

  • Guns rifle and are removable in the vertical plane. Sealed breech sleeve and additional straps. The straps are as solid sighting and ventilated. Receiver channels chrome plated. Lower and upper have different contraction: the lower 0.6 mm, top – 1.0 mm. In the nonclassical model of narrowing of the other.

Connecting trunks with a box unique: it is applied partially cut away to provide separation of the trunks, the annular hinges.

The locking mechanism is made with the help of these parts and the sealing frame.

  • The length of the cartridge chamber 70 mm, the element chrome. The extraction of the casings is carried out when opening the trunk. While in the TOZ-34 sleeve extends extractor, and TOZ-34 E – automatic extractor (ejector). It only removes the used cartridge case: if the second barrel is not fired, the cartridge only slightly extends.
  • USM mounted on a separate base, is fitted with an internal trigger and two trigger hooks. To prevent accidental discharge, the mechanism mounted intercepted Kurkov. Pointers cocking Kurkov ensure the safety of use of the gun. There is a mechanical safety that locks the sear. Button in front of the position indicates a “fire” in the back “protection”.
  • On the right side of the box is placed a check box that allows you to simplify the separation of the trunks.
  • Handguard integrally cast – the two parts is fixed to the barrel with screws.
  • On the neck butt of a pistol shape. Also has a withdrawal right. Models are available with drainage to the left. The stock is made from beech, birch, walnut.
Picking and packing

Standard equipment depends on the model. Typically, it includes:

  • cardboard box;
  • 2 spare mainspring;
  • the passport of the product.

Model TOZ – 34-5,6/28 and “bison” are equipped with a telescopic sight.

The principle of operation

Original design means not the usual order of interaction of the parts during the opening and closing of the trunk.

However, these features make the TOZ-34 trouble-free option.

  • Open the trunk, removing the locking lever to the right until it stops. When the lever removes the frame lock out of the groove, and the latter presses the trigger. Kuroki liberate the strikers and those under the influence of a spring pressed over the plate.
  • Bevels trunks put pressure on the cocking lever, he cocks the trigger and releases the stop. That under the action of the spring drops and locks frame lock
  • Trunks when open do not rotate, since the cocking lever rests on the box.
  • Cocked triggers, in turn, press the pointers up. Pointers cocking protrude above the plane of the box, which is a signal about the cocking.
  • The upper bevels of the box under pressure at the ejector, that is put forward, along with the shell casings and throw them away.
  • When opening, the hammers remain in the cocked position. This movement rotates the cocking lever, raise the stop. The frame lock is released, moves forward and locks the shafts. The lever returns to its original position.
  • If the locking lever does not reach the places it needs to bring hand.
  • To shoot and transfer the fuse in position “fire”, aim it and pull the trigger. In this case the sear disengaged from combat platoon, a trigger is pushed by a spring, strikes the firing pin.

Keep the rifle unloaded in need with their trigger. Ammunition is stored separately.

What kind of disassembly involves hunting rifle TOZ-34 will be described below.


For cleaning and lubrication is partial disassembly TOZ-34. Realize THAT immediately after the shooting, and in the case of non-use of rifles – every 3 months.

Before disassembly you need to make sure that the rifle is unloaded is to check the cartridges in the chamber.

  1. The safety button move forward until it stops.
  2. Pull the trigger: to do this, open holes press both on the descent and smoothly close the trunks to the locking lever has reached its axial position.
  3. Then check the box move to the right until it stops. The locking lever also moves to the right and Unscrew the barrels from the receiver.
  4. The lever lock is moved to the original position.

Complete disassembly includes the steps, as well as the separation of the box from the bed and the removal of the trigger. Complete disassembly TOZ-34 is needed only when repairing.


Modifying for a double-barreled fitting small.

  • It is possible to mount an optical sight. It is necessary to find the appropriate bracket. A notable limitation here is that optical or collimator sights you need to look for with minimal weight: TOZ-34 does not provide for the installation of fixtures weighing more than 200 g. in addition, the collimator shot under the gun when removing the device will have to shoot again without it.
  • Common modification is replacement of the stock. Serial butts made from walnut, beech, birch, but also perform the piece – carving and engraving.

Reviews and price on the gun TOZ-34 is given below.


Cost of production of the rifle ranges from 15850 to 18540 R. equipped with ejector and rubber butt pad. Pieces are significantly more expensive.

Cartridges depending on the caliber and ballistic characteristics are from 17 to 69 p. per piece. many experienced hunters equip yourself cartridges.

Owner reviews

Opinion of the rifle is divided into 2 parts. In one case talking about good guns, the failures and misfires in the other – claim that the TOZ-34 is one of the best models of the former USSR. That, however, does not negate either the fact that the springs are really weak, or that many of the owners would like to improve the gun. For example, to remove the blank line from the trigger, as it prevents to shoot at fast moving targets.

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