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Model TOZ-54 it can be attributed to the category of “last of the Mohicans”, this gun not only exposed the trigger, but the triple degrees of locking. Released his short-lived 1974 – ‘ 78. He inherited from the legendary TOZ-BM unsurpassed durability and simplicity to operating conditions, and cost was one of the cheapest hunting rifles USSR. Therefore, the Commission found in the sale instances have an extreme degree of deterioration.

Description shotgun TOZ-54

A hunting rifle with a horizontal smooth trunks. Produced mostly in the 12th calibre and chamber length of 70 mm. Very rare model caliber 28 and 32 with a model index TOZ-50. A distinctive feature of the design are the external triggers that are in the final stages of the modernization model TOZ-BM has lost its graceful shape and become more like angular hooks. The same rough, angular and became the fore-end. In principle, it was the spirit of the time in the early 70-ies of the rid of excessive decorations all over, not just in architecture.

In creating this model, the designers sought to increase the knot strength of the fracture and locking trunks. For this, they strengthened the eyelet bolt of Griner and made more deep the seat release lever. The unification and simplification has undergone only the coupling of the breech into which the pipe stems were zapressovyvat. Previously it was done by hot tightness.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Discontinued, and found a Commission selling samples have an extreme degree of wear of mechanisms because the gun was “consumer goods” and use them without much reverence.
  • External triggers allow you to keep the cartridges in the breech indefinitely, this design is most hunting rifles are safe to eat. However, it is somewhat inferior in rate of fire guns with internal hammers.
  • At the time of production at NBC, there was a position of “power latch trunk”, so the ballistic quality of the products from Tula was one of the best in the USSR. For this reason, it makes sense to Tinker with the restoration fully “killed” USM and cracked boxes.
  • The triple lock system – strap Purdue and bolt Griner provides the reliability of the coupling block of the barrel with the butt and USM that even double the odds of gunpowder in the cartridge case will not lead to the rupture of the receiver. However, in this case, if you do not overdo it with the density of the wads.

Kind of angular trigger and fore-end in the form of a beaver tail can cause the rejection of the weapons aesthetes.

The rifle was produced exclusively with wood boxes. Nutty among them were very rare, most of it was beech. This wood is prone to severe warping during the drying process, therefore, forty copies often lodges with a spiral curve. At the same time it is extremely dense, causing the gun weighs over three pounds.

Photo TOZ-54


The gun with constant chokes choke (left barrel) and polochak (right), so it was used for hunting in Peru, was mined with it, rabbits and foxes. Robust triple locking mechanism allows you to shoot from the right trunk light piercing bullet without risk of rupture of the receiver.


A large part of the guns were produced in 12-m a caliber with a cartridge chamber 70 mm. On NBC had plans to release and the 16 and 20 gauge. Whether these models in fact, no information. Model caliber 32 and 28 of the index had TOZ-50. The main difference was the design of the Lodge: in addition to classic, straight comb, produced butts with Bavarian cheek and the pillow “Monte Carlo”.

Feature The value
Type The gun with horizontally-placed stems
Trunks The channel and chamber are chromed. The left barrel is full choke, right – polochak.
Caliber 12
Locking Triple: two Purdue latch frame and bolt Griner
Barrel length (mm) 720
USM Two external trigger, two trigger
Weight (kg) 3,2

A hunting rifle with a horizontal arrangement of trunks. Channels and bolts are chromed. Permanent muzzle narrowing: left barrel choke, the right – polochak.

  • Tube pressed into the breech block.
  • Triple locking barrel block: two Purdue latch strap and the top bolt of Griner.
  • External triggers, with the prior platoon. Springs flat and long.
  • The lever locking latch forend is on the bottom edge.
  • USM with two trigger hooks: front for the right barrel, the rear – left.
  • The trunks are connected by a strap, which top face has a concave profile. She applied to the corrugation, to avoid glare. Fly – bronze “stub”.
  • Unlocking the barrel block with a lever on the top face of the receiver. The sleeve excretiruyutza pull-out lever located at the bottom of the breech of the barrel.
  • Bed poliestireno type, shock-absorbing butt without the buttplate, his crest may be straight or with a pillow “Monte Carlo”. There were models with Bavarian cheek. Handguard has the shape of a “beaver tail”. Varnished.
Picking and packing

The gun is supplied “as is” – without any additional accessories and supplies.

The principle of operation
  • For loading ammunition we need to turn the lever to the right, causing the bolt Griner out of the top eyelets, and strap Purdue will move the two latches included in the grooves of the trunnion block of the gun. A short hook on the rotary bolt receiver provides a rear module of the forearm.
  • The lever of the extractor is ejected immediately after the fracture trunks – pin pressure lever, built-in forearm block.
  • When lifting the barrel block locking lever and bolt Griner returned to its original position and lock the breech automatically.
  • The hammers are cocked manually. This is usually done by the thumb of the right hand. In this motion the other four must bow the neck of the Lodge from below, providing the necessary emphasis. To withdraw from combat platoon, it is necessary to click on cocked and take it a little further back. As a result, he will come out of engagement with the sear that releases tension from the trigger and pressed it gently. Then smoothly release the trigger, holding a sharp blow to the firing pin.
  • In normal working condition, the flat triggers do not relate to strikers. This provision is called “probspot”, it secures the weapons.

Carried out during transportation and storage. The gun is pre-discharged.

  1. Pull the front end of the lever lock forend down and remove the handguard.
  2. Rotate the release lever to the right until it stops.
  3. To turn the barrel block and remove the hook with a swivel bolt receiver.

The gun is from 7 to 15 thousand rubles. For comparison, other TOZ will cost:

  • TOZ-106 – $ 300.
  • TOZ-194 – 350-400 dollars.
  • TOZ-Argali – 545 dollars.
  • TOZ-34 – 15850 RUB.
  • TOZ-122 – 26-30 thousand.

TOZ-54 has a sharp and heap fight, simple to operate, consumes ammunition.

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