TOZ-87, rifle, shotgun

The designers of the Tula arms factory (manufacturer of the infamous Marco Polo sheep, TOZ-BM, etc.) are adherents of the inertial principle of exchange.

It was created as a semiautomatic machine MC 21-12, having a long course of the trunk, and its subsequent modification of the TOZ-87, which is made movable pipe shop.

The gun is extremely ambiguous when compared to consumer and small quality. With the best fight, it is more capricious as to the quality of ammunition and less reliable than, for example, Mr-155, in which the powder gases act directly on the bolt.

Description of gun TOZ-87

Self-loading shotgun 12-gauge with tubular under-barrel mechanism. Overcharge is a short stroke gas piston, which is combined with the store.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Due to the short course of the piston from the bore is selected smaller volume gas, so the battle rifle more sharp and heap. This is especially noticeable when shooting.
  • The same short stroke complicates the mechanism (for example, he has two recoil), so it is a priori less reliable. As the magazine runs out of ammo changes the weight of the piston, so its inertia is reduced, causing the gun may refuse to recharge.
  • Design feature TOZ-87 is the burnout of the forearm’s breakthrough powder gases. It is noticeable on guns with great shooting practice.
  • The gun is very legible to the quality of cartridges. It prefers the factory, the twisted star. The certificate States that the best kind are the plastic liners.
  • Unfortunately, the quality of Tula rifles in the last years of the Soviet Union and the first democratic Russia fell to a critical level. The weapon needs Dopilka and the fitting. Comes to the fact that drilling vent holes are not trimmed, which when using plastic containers in the trunk found the melted chips.
  • No less distressing for hunters and the fact that the chamber has a length of 70 mm exclusively, making the gun highly specialized, is mostly designed for shooting waterfowl.
  • The presence of a second return spring, which is located in the neck of the butt, makes it impossible to change the shape of the stock.
  • The gun difficult to charge: when the supply of cartridges in the store need to the chance to press it and the lock button feeder.

Finding a button guard on the front branch of the trigger guard for many hunters unusual, but you can use it quite conveniently.

Photo rifles TOZ and TOZ 87-06 87-01


It’s a hunting weapon, used mostly for the production of waterfowl. When you install (optional) barrel muzzle attachment “Paradox” you can hunt for medium ungulates.


The gun was produced only in 12 gauge with a chamber length of 70 mm. base model TOZ-87 has no rear sight and the most challenging for disassembly. The presence in the model index of the letter “M” suggests that the disassembly process is simplified.

  • 01 – model with ventilated aiming bar.
  • 02 – without straps, but with a removable muzzle attachments: thread, heavy bullet of the “Paradox” and full choke, length of 125 mm.
  • 03 – rib and removable choke tube.
  • 04 – short barrel.
  • 05 – short barrel, removable choke tube.

Models with constant chokes produced as a cylinder drilling, and semi or full choke.







Type Semi-automatic short-stroke gas piston
Caliber 12, the chamber length is 70 mm
The length of the barrel 711 660 540
Trunk The channel and chamber chrome
Capacity 4
Length (mm) 1250 1200 1070
Weight (kg) 3,2 3,2 3,1

Self-loading shotgun with an underbarrel tubular magazine.

  • The bore and chamber are chromed. Threaded for a removable muzzle narrowing is on the outside of the barrel.
  • Mechanism of recharge uses the so-called principle of a short stroke of the barrel, although it is actually moving the store, at the same time playing the role of a piston rod.
  • The return mechanism has two springs: on the store and on the shank of the bolt (installed in the neck of the butt).
  • The barrel combined with the cover of the receiver in a one piece unit. Shutter longitudinal sliding, with an oscillating lever having a tooth for engagement with the hole in the shank of the breech when locking the barrel.
  • The trigger mechanism has a complex algorithm, which includes a cycle of separation of the projectile during movement of the bolt back, which eliminates the inertial pinhole of the primer of the cartridge.
  • A mechanical fuse that blocks the trigger. The button is located on the front branch of the trigger guard. To turn off (“Fire”) it is necessary to move to the left until you see a red ring mark.
  • After shooting the last cartridge the gun gets on the sealing delay. The withdraw button is on the right side of the receiver above the window of the bunker store.
  • In the basic version of the gun has no rear sight, front sight only.
  • Bed palaestrina, the comb of the butt is straight, with an inclination to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad.
Picking and packing

The gun was shipped in a cardboard box. Supplied with calibration sleeve, set of muzzle attachments, for lifting, punch, brush. Attached instructions and the passport.

The principle of operation

During the shot the piston together with the store makes a short backward movement, causing the tooth larvae shutter is lowered and unlatch the barrel. After that, the piston goes back, and slide by inertia continues to move in the direction of the stock. In its course it cocks the trigger that engages the sear razobschitelny tooth (to prevent hitting the firing pin).

After reaching the bolt carrier rearward position, the cartridge is fed from the store into the hopper and is raised by the Elevator to the feed line. Spring is in the neck of the butt pushes the frame back, which comes back and takes the cartridge in the chamber. Tooth larvae rises and closes the bore. You can then press the trigger and repeat the cycle a shot.

For loading the cartridge in the chamber, put the rifle on safe – push the button on the front branch of the right bracket, put the bolt back and put the ammunition Elevator for feeding through the window of ejector sleeves.

The store is loaded through the bottom window of the bunker. In order to feed the Elevator moved down and opened access to the tube, press the release button with the slide stop.

The design of the trigger provides for a smooth trigger pull. For this we need to unload the gun and put it on shutter delay. Press the release button, and gently bring the bolt to hold it by the handle, to the level of a button. Then hit the trigger.

To empty the shop, turn the gun to the window of the bunker up, click off the delay, press the Elevator down and click on the lever of the stop of the shop located on the inner side, on the right.

  1. Discharge the weapon.
  2. Remove the molded nut on the shank.
  3. The needle on the nut squeeze pin USM (left to right), remove it from the receiver.
  4. Remove the handguard.
  5. Put your butt on the table and slide the pipe shop 1-2 cm down, take her out of the ring mates with the gas chambers and remove.
  6. Detach return spring store, magazine tube, piston and cylinder gas engine.
  7. Remove the spring store and the applicant cartridges.
  8. Pull the barrel forward and downward motion, separate it from the base of the trigger with the butt.
  9. Pull the bolt back, remove the handle, remove the stopper from the lid of the receiver.
  10. Press the tooth larvae shutter down, sliding it forward on the frame.
  11. Turn the bolt a tooth down window, print the larva from it.

As in the case of TOZ-94, the gun is only sold with the owner at a price from five to 15 thousand rubles.

Owner reviews

The rifle has a sharp and heap fight. Recoil is moderate. Whimsical to quality of cartridges. Requires master skills to own locksmith tools. Without fit torment failures.

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