TOZ-94, pump-action, shotgun

Many gun companies use the design of semi-automatic rifle with a tubular magazine to create models with the so-called pump-action reloading. Not spared this trend and the Tula arms plant, known for such models as TOZ-106, 194, 34, 120, 122, 124, 88 and others. He released shotgun with movable fore-end TOZ-94, different from the TOZ-87 only the lack of a gas engine.

Description of gun TOZ-94

Shotgun 12-gauge with a movable fore – pump-action type reload. Shop grenade, tubular. All the details of the mechanisms borrowed from the model TOZ-87.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The gun is made with good quality and quite reliable. Sorry, we can’t talk about his omnivorous – use ammo with brass casings is not recommended.
  • The bore and chamber are chromed. Hunters, there is no consensus about whether this is attributed to the pluses or the minuses, because the coating can peel due to negligence and irregular cleaning, after which the ballistic quality of a trunk in a downswing.
  • The chamber only a short – 70 mm, shooting a heightened charges is not recommended.
  • Handguard rifle long, it is convenient in cases of emergency, because it is easy to get hand.
  • The construction has no plastic parts, all made of metal, and receiver of structural steel, which is what sets the gun in a number of models from the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Izhevsk, where the base of the trigger mechanisms made from polyamide and receivers of aluminum alloy.
  • Reliable locking barrel bolt on the oscillating lever provides good ballistic qualities. The battle rifles heap and sharp. However, this quality gave rise to a rather violent impact. TOZ-94 not every arrow on the shoulder.
  • Models are available with changeable chokes. And the thread nozzle is arranged on the outer surface of the barrel. That’s a plus, if you need to change the contraction key is not required. And minus at the same time – this thread is easier to mash if the nozzle is not installed.
  • Does not accommodate optical sights, in the base model, no rear sight, there is only a bronze “tree stump” flies.

Due to the exclusive use of metal parts the gun is quite heavy – over three pounds, which can be an obstacle to running a whole-day hunts.

There is no mechanism for intercepting bullets in the store. But there is a possibility to empty shop, not distorting the forearm that is much safer because it eliminates accidental discharge.

Photo of gun TOZ-94


This is a hunting gun for the production of game birds, small ungulates and carnivores. Can be used in self-defense.


It is available in four model guns:

  1. TOZ-94 – base, no rear sight.
  2. TOZ-94-01 – with ventilated aiming bar.
  3. TOZ-94-02 – with changeable chokes and no rear sight.
  4. TOZ-94-03 – rib, interchangeable choke constriction.

Model TOZ-194, TOZ-194-01 differ in the length of the barrel form box, pistol grip, folding stock, and short forearm. They are used by security companies and as a weapon of self-defense.

Feature TOZ-94 TOZ-194
Type The gun with movable fore-end (pump action reload)
Caliber 12
Length of chamber (mm) 70
Trunk Chrome
Changeable muzzle narrowing Chalk, polochak, paradox
Barrel length without nozzles (mm) 711 540
Capacity 4, you can install an extension cord or a limiter
Total length (mm) 1250 805
Weight (kg) 3,5 2,9

Shotgun with pump-action reloading system (movable fore-end) and under-barrel tubular magazine.

  • The bore and chamber are chromed. Thread for muzzle attachments arranged on the outer surface.
  • The barrel is connected to the cover of the receiver in one unit, it is fixed to the receiver with two pins and an annular axle with a capped gas channel.
  • Shutter longitudinal sliding, swing tooth of the larvae, which, when the locking mechanism is in the groove on the cover of the receiver. Mirror larva smooth, without edges. Provides a locking mechanism of a striker when moving the forearm forward, which prevents accidental discharge.
  • A mechanical fuse that blocks the trigger. The button is located on the front branch of the trigger guard. For inclusion in the “Fire” it is necessary to shift to the left, until you see a red ring mark.
  • On the right side of the receiver above the window of the hopper loader, there is a button latch feeder, which plays two roles: removal from the slide stop after shooting the last cartridge; unlocking the cartridges in the store if required their removal from the pipe.
  • On the left side of the receiver above the trigger guard, is the stop button, clicking on which you can unlock the fore-end while cocking the hammer.
  • In the basic version of the gun has no rear sight. Other models are equipped with vented, medium height. Fly bronze.
  • Bed poliestireno design, buttstock with a straight comb, butt pad cushioning. The forearm is long, with the backward movement closes the bottom window of the receiver.
Picking and packing

The gun comes in a cardboard box. Supplied with a muzzle narrowing (optional) and calibration sleeve to check ammunition. Attached a passport and instruction manual.

The principle of operation

Eloading and a platoon of trigger is energetic by moving the forearm back and then return to its original place.

The gun can charge one cartridge through the window of ejector sleeves. If the hammer is cocked, it is necessary to unlock the fore-end by pressing the button on the left side of the receiver. After that, the fore-end is moved back energetically. If the store is empty, and the slide frame is locked in its rearmost position. Before laying the cartridge on the Elevator supply, turn on the guard by sliding the button to the right of the red ring mark should disappear.

The munition is placed on the Elevator feed, then click on release button with the slide stop, located on the right side of the receiver, and vigorously move the forearm forward. There are models in which this button is located on the shank.

For loading the magazine foregrip remains in place. The gun turns the window of the bunker up. First press the slide stop, then Elevator supply shifts to the inside of the receiver in the bunker to the touch is the lever of the feeder, which is recessed. The cartridges fit into the shop one after the other, the muzzle of a cartridge case forward. So they do not fall, click on the slide stop once again, causing the feeder arm returns to the original place. Remove the cartridges from the store in the reverse order of loading.

  1. Make sure the rifle is unloaded.
  2. Unscrew the front sling swivel along with a shaped nut.
  3. Needle under the cap shaped screws, to squeeze the pin USM, remove it from the receiver.
  4. To separate the barrel Assembly from the forearm, bolt carrier, bolt and the store from the Foundation of the USM with the butt.
  5. To move the fore-end so that the bolt carrier has moved back. To separate the block from the barrel, remove the fore-end.
  6. Pulling the rod out of the receiver cover bolt carrier with striker.
  7. To separate the frame from the larvae by pressing on the bevel of the extractor, to simulate the locking of the trunk (lift the tooth lugs up) and move the striker back while raising her shank up.

The stock can be replaced with a pistol grip, but this is not recommended, since in models with a long barrel, the recoil impulse is so strong that it can remove the hand and forearm.


The production of the guns stopped, it can only be bought with hands or in a thrift store at a price of from three to ten thousand rubles.

Owner reviews

The gun has all the generic characteristics of Russian weapons: powerful design with a good safety margin and a medium level of workmanship that requires the owner to fit and finished. After finishing to mind reliability satisfactory.

Recharging requires quite a lot of effort, with the expectation of Rambo or the Terminator. The heap and sharp fight, the return of the strong. The quality of ammo the gun is very picky with the flared sleeves.

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