TOZ-97 Argali, rifle, shotgun

Weapons of the glorious origin in Russia has long known as among the military and peace officers, and among lovers of hunting trips and clay pigeon shooting sport. Nominal decree of Peter I in the far 1712 marked the beginning of the famous Tula arms factory.

For almost three hundred years here have been produced as prototypes and mass production for mass production. The company in the early ‘ 90s, underwent an extensive reorganization in 1993 and the plant world became an open joint-stock company. In our days it is one of the internationally recognized centres of military, civil and double production techniques and technologies.

Overview of carbine TOZ-97 Argali

Tula rifled hunting carbine TOZ-97 “Argali” semi-automatic type is made on the basis of the celebrated modified rifle TOZ – 8, which was adopted in service in the early thirties of the last century.Despite a lot of different analogues of small arms and hunting weapons, a few global companies run the risk of competing in simplicity, reliability and quality of the brand TOZ.

The range of the carbines of this type is performed at the most prestigious factories of Russia. They are manufactured at the JSC Tula arms plant (it produces and TOZ-99, TOZ-78, TOZ-88, TOZ-124-44, SKS OP), JSC Molot Vyatskie-Polyansky machine-building plant. Some of the models on the basis of SKS armorers produce CCIB MTR. Like any weapon, the TOZ-97 “Argali” has the deponent and negative qualities.

TOZ-97 Argali (photo)


Advantages and disadvantages
  • The main advantages of a carbine Argali is simple design and ease of use that is very similar to the military sample.
  • However, the hunting model has a much better aesthetic and ergonomic performance.
  • Have a TOZ – 97 gunsmiths changed the configuration of the Lodge, which led to improvement in the appearance of a traditional shape.

Among the disadvantages include not statemany the barrel and the need for frequent cleaning and lubrication of weapons.


Model commercial semi-automatic carbine TOZ-97 “Argali” is intended for use for commercial and Amateur hunting. Especially the frequent use of the rifle is shooting elk, deer wolves, boars, even a fairly solid size.

  • TOZ-97 “Argali” was originally developed for firing by cartridges of caliber 7.62 x 39.
  • However, some varieties developed by SKS guns caliber 9 mm and shot the cartridges 7.62 x 53.
No. Name of the indicator Ed. izm. The value
1 Manufacturer, Tula JSC “TOZ”
2 Gauges 7.62 x 39
3 The chamber mm 39, 0
4 Shop cartridges 10
5 Barrel length cm 51, 30
6 Curb weight kg 3, 60
7 The accuracy of angular minutes m 2 / 100, 00

Design carbine is simple enough. TOZ – 97 consists of ten parts, namely the barrel to the receiver, sights, receiver cover, bolt, return mechanism, gas piston, push rod, gas tube to the receiver plate, trigger, store and Lodge.

Picking and packing

In the trade of hunting weapon comes in standard packaging of oiled cloth, Packed in a branded cardboard box with logos of the manufacturer. In the application – technical passport, quality certificate, license of the plant and help f – D 005 of the shooting of the instance.

The principle of operation

The action mechanics of the rifle is based on the diversion of propellant gases. They leave the barrel channel, then using a special piston and rod put pressure on the mechanics of the shutter.


The procedures for the disassembly, cleaning, oiling produce, making sure that warheads removed. All treatments are carried out exclusively by the attached to the registration statement.


In relation to this model, any tuning parts not provided by the manufacturer for mass production. Perhaps the decoration of wood surfaces butt to order.

The price and the reviews on the carbine TOZ-97 Argali is given below.


Price category refers to the top level budget segment. It ranges from 545, 00 dollars. United States – the copies that were in operation 630, 00 to 650, 00 us dollars. USA new and decorated individually.

Owner reviews

The vast majority of cases, the testimonials from those who have used or uses today this carbine, make a positive opinion about reliable design, easy maintenance, and care of arms, the small weight of fully loaded weapons. A negative look at the legend of Russian weapons may be the only one who couldn’t learn the basics of using or just never used it a priori.

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