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Carbine TOZ-99 is one of the hunting weapons of small caliber. On the Russian market of sporting and hunting weapons remains the leader of the Tula arms plant. Products it and today are in demand due to the variety of assortment, reliability of weapons and operating reliability under different conditions.

Overview of carbine TOZ-99

A model recently: Tula arms factory produces the rifle with the 1997 model is Designed for shooting fur animals and poultry, and to a greater extent meets the needs of fishers than hunters enthusiasts.

Carbine TOZ-99 semi-automatic refers to, i.e., allows to make several shots in a row without spending time for manual recharge. This option is preferred in the field hunting, where the prey animal is not happy, and a source of income.

From a structural point of view, the carabiner acts as a modified version of its predecessor – the TOZ–78. The latter was equipped with a longitudinally sliding gate.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most popular TOZ-99 is enjoyed by miners, fur-bearing animals and birds, however, Amateur hunters they are not neglected. Attracted by the ease of product and Russian production: the latter ensures a constant availability of spare parts and ammunition.

The advantages of the TOZ products include:

  • first of all, the cost of models, ammo and muzzle devices.
  • good prekladatel – and many owners claim that the “old” version of the butt birch, and walnut with a “pistol grip” angle of the arm, more convenient than new – with a cheek made of beech;
  • light weight carbine – 2.4 kg;
  • the barrel is made from steel artillery, the channel and the chamber chrome;
  • good accuracy – the diameter of the “circle” is 5 cm when shooting at a distance of 50 m;
  • there is fitted with a safety catch that prevents accidental shot;
  • the carbine is equipped with a mechanical sighting device, and the front sight is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The rear sight drum. There are grooves under arms optical sight, suitable for multiple models;
  • lightweight, easy disassembly that does not require effort or special tools, so that to take care of the weapons.


  • trigger pull is not adjustable;
  • semi-automatic mode is provided by the recoil energy of the spring loaded shutter. At the beginning of operation of the rifle, especially if the fire energy may not be enough. As practice shows, it will take about 300 shots in “manual” mode to correct the problem;
  • it is better to use standard cartridges. So, supersonic with all their characteristics can be applied;
  • the appearance of the rifle quite modestly, this is a purely utilitarian decision.

Self-loading small-calibre carbine TOZ-99


  • Small-caliber rifle TOZ-99 is designed for commercial mining of small fur-bearing animals such as sable, squirrel, and birds – of grouse, for example.
  • The model TOZ-99-04 is used for practice, Amateur and professional hunting. It is an export version, which is produced by the plant for Canada and the United States.

The company offers three options for a hunting rifle.

  • TOZ-99 – a basic model with a regular rifled barrel. Equipped with open mechanical sight.
  • TOZ-99-01 – the trunk can be quick. In addition, in this version there are grooves for mounting the optical sight.
  • TOZ-99-04 – the model for export. The difference is the threads on the muzzle of the barrel. This feature permits the use of muzzle devices.

The carbine can be equipped with a stock with a cheek, with the usual labeling is added letter “L”.

The weapons permitted for use in any region except tropical zone.


The difference between the models is small, their main indicators are no different. Specifications self-loading carbine TOZ-99:

Features TOZ-99 TOZ-99-01
Caliber 5,6
Cartridge 5,6*16
Length of carabine, mm 980
Barrel length, mm 534
Weight, kg 2,4
Capacity 5 and 10
The principle of automation The free-bolt recoil
Sight Outdoor mechanical Optical
Trunk Rifled permanent Threaded quick-release
Trigger pull, N 2.0 to 3.0

The weight of the rifle is provided without any additional devices.


TOZ-99 – professional rather than Amateur hunting weapons. Its structure is quite simple, jewelry and accessories for convenience, do not exist, and disassembly and Assembly is simplified.

  • The body and the butt of the rifle are made of wood – walnut, birch, less often beech. It is possible to perform butt cheeks.
  • The metal parts black.
  • The automatic part is based on the energy of the powder gas: it is ejection, and chambering of the cartridge, cocking the mainspring and setting the drummer.
  • Useful device – folding and adjustable sights. On version TOZ-99-01 it is possible to replace the optical sight.
  • It is possible to mount the magazine of 5 rounds and 10. Experience hunters claims that the first option is safer because the second things go wrong.
  • According to the same reviews stated accuracy is 5 cm to 50 m, are significantly improved when using quality ammo.
  • Shooting Tula arms factory recommends sport hunting or other cartridges ring of ignition.
Picking and packing

Standard equipment hunting carbine TOZ-99 is the same in all versions:

  • a magazine of 5 rounds – located in the carabiner;
  • shop for 10 rounds;
  • scraper;
  • screwdriver – 2 PCs of different types;
  • the case is not always included;
  • the passport of the product.
The principle of operation

TOZ-99 – self-loading rifle in which the energy of the powder gas is used to recharge.

  • The locking is under the action of springs 2.
  • When unlocking the energy threshold of the gas you are extracting the casings, the mainspring is cocked, and the drummer is set on a fighting platoon.
  • The fuse helps to avoid accidental discharge: in the mode “fire” on the body of the trigger is visible red dot. When you install a fuse in the mode “protection” the red dot is closed and the locking mechanism blocks the sear, not allowing you to remove the drummer from the platoon.
  • Cartridges fed automatically under the action of the spring store.
  • Donelaytisa cartridges into the chamber through the shutter.

 Stored the gun unloaded, with their drummer. Ammunition should be stored separately in a secure place.


For cleaning and lubricating the weapon it is necessary to periodically carry out a partial disassembly. Fully carried out if necessary to repair the rifle.

Disassembly is simple – it’s one of the advantages of the rifle.

  1. Pressing the latch, take out that Assembly.
  2. Hold the plug and gently sinking it in the forward direction, remove the lock box.
  3. Withdrawn back the bolt and remove the spring between the striker and both the recoil mechanism.
  4. The reloading handle is rotated 90 degrees and removed. Then you take your paddle and drummer. As such, the weapon is ready to greasing and cleaning. Carry out the procedure is recommended every 150 shots. When storing lubricate the carbine is necessary 1 time in 3 months.
  5. If you require a complete disassembly, after the above actions need to Unscrew the screws at the bottom and disconnect the box from the trunk with a box.

Assembly is in reverse order.


The simplicity of the design and purpose of the weapons give not too big of improvements. If the rifle is used for its intended purpose – hunting, high precision from him is not required. If TOZ-99 plays the role of sporting guns available in terms of cost and service, there are various kind of manipulation.

They often resort to bedding. Standard mounting bolt to the box and not too strong, because it involves a possible replacement. By adjusting the bed to compensate for bias and to achieve more accurate shooting.

Owner reviews and the price of the carbine-melkashki TOZ-99 are given below.


The cost of a hunting rifle of small caliber relatively small. Such small-caliber rifle TOZ-99 is sold at a price of 35469 R.

Cartridges used sports and hunting, preferably with improved combustion of gunpowder:

  • cartridge Lapua RIFLE MATCH – 11 p.;
  • cartridge Olympus-BI, the steel sleeve. In pack 50 PCs – worth 21 p.;
  • cartridge Biathlon MC sports -11 p. for PCs;
  • cartridge Olympus-Nord – 13 p per unit.
Owner reviews

Given the low cost of the rifle and its purpose, it is difficult to expect from weapons of high accuracy. As a rule, those who are addicted to sport shooting, this model did not choose. Hunters, both professionals and Amateurs indices rifles for the most part satisfied. However, the model presented a number of claims.

  • The accuracy is strongly influenced by tight descent. This feature is considered the main drawback of the rifle.
  • Another drawback is that the grooves under the extractor quickly clogged with gunpowder and soot. This problem is solved by using ammunition with improved combustion of gunpowder.

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