TOZ-BM, carbine, smoothbore weapons

This manufacturer of quality hunting weapons, such as the Tula arms plant, well-proven, offering the buyer a new model with advanced and time-tested characteristics. Having excellent technical data, almost all models have received a lot of positive reviews from buyers and owners.

Among the double-barreled guns with horizontally spaced trunks selecting the model TOZ-BM, which attracts attention due to the external design in a classic style, with the possibilities inherent in it by the manufacturer allow you to use it for recreational hunting and for professional animal production, as well as for entertainment: training accuracy, compete in sports shooting.

Along with a wide scope, rifle TOZ-BM has some specifics of its use, which implies the need of understanding the peculiarities of its construction. However, the simplicity of the whole structure under consideration carbine provides the opportunity to a quick partial disassembly even in the field without special tools, which is especially important during active operation of the model. Excellent quality of shooting, robust design, positive reviews can be considered valid indicators of the quality of shooting, ergonomics all structural parts of a rifle.

Overview of the rifle TOZ-BM

Are quite reasonable and affordable for the majority of customers, the cost, the model TOZ-BM is a constant interest, and the owners about the quality of her work is only positive feedback. Price largely determines the level of demand for weapons, and against the rifle TOZ-BM applies the same rule – the price, due to the high build quality of the materials used and lots of positive reviews, attractive to many beginners in shooting this type of weapon, and for professional hunters.

Considering the carbine is well established in the process of operation due to the reasoning of each structural part, a harmonious combination of parts and the lack of excess, which diverted the attention of the arrow. The attractiveness of the exterior shape of the rifle due to the application of modern polymeric materials and natural solid wood, which after appropriate processing of the acquired high resistance to external influences: high humidity and temperature changes, or mechanical stress.

Comfortable design, every detail small and the weight of the carabiner allows it to be used for teaching beginners: a simple design, no unnecessary distracting parts and ease of use made the model TOZ-BM one of the most convenient for professionals and novices alike. The ergonomics of all components provides the comfort of operation, ease of use of the rifle men of different complexion, women with a relatively small hand, and even teenagers.

Advantages and disadvantages

To fully appreciate the quality model of any hunting rifle, the analysis of its main characteristics: appearance and method of dressing, materials used in the creation of all structural parts of the model, the firing rates and the possibility of rapid disassembly mechanism of the rifle.

Excellent quality of shooting, robust design, positive reviews can be considered valid indicators of the quality of shooting, ergonomics all structural parts of a rifle TOZ-BM. The model has a wide field of applications: it is well-proven practical experiences to engage targets in the hunt for entertainment, training accuracy and participation in sports and for self defense. This is primarily to attract buyers, and subsequently determines their choice.

The most important advantages of the model TOZ-BM should include also these parameters:

  • the attractiveness of the exterior design – natural wood appropriately treated, reliable, modern, highly durable plastic materials, not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, humidity and mechanical impacts, the elegance of form – all this immediately draws the attention of every buyer. Such as have almost all represented in the sale hunting rifle Tula arms plant (e.g., TOZ-122, 120, 99, 78, 88, Argali, KO-44, etc.);
  • the reasonableness of the design, which explains the high level of convenience of this model;
  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly of the mechanism for the carabiner that is useful for cleaning or minor maintenance work;
  • the horizontal arrangement of the two barrels, which largely determines the efficiency of firing;
  • the simplicity of the design, which guarantee the absence of difficulty when the need for partial disassembly of the housing of the rifle.

High strength plastic arms brand with lots of riffles and cut-outs which provide easy use of the carbine due to the high degree of adhesion, withstands large temperature fluctuations, high humidity, and it guarantees preservation of the attractiveness of the appearance of the rifle. The tree, which in large quantities is used for decoration the outer part of the butt TOZ-BM, has a special treatment that allows you to not lose presentable appearance of the rifle even with the active operation in the field.

Some flaws may include increased elasticity of the firing spring, which complicates the process of cocking Kurkov – raising them requires a certain strength.

Photo TOZ-BM



The use of the rifle is determined by its characteristics and capabilities laid down by the manufacturer. Because the model TOZ-BM can be used to participate in professional and Amateur hunting, for fun, shooting at targets to practice accuracy, to participate in competitions in sport shooting, self-defense.

Such opportunities for use also relate to the merits of the model TOZ-BM.


Today’s gun stores offer fans of the rifles the Tula arms plant model BM, made using birch and beech in the design of the stock. Caliber cartridges, which can be applied to them, – 16, 12 and 20 (the latter two varieties are available in limited volume).

Technical characteristics of the rifle TOZ-BM 16 and other gauges is given below.


Combining a large number of positive options and opportunities relative to the external design, lack of extra parts in the case and its ergonomics, the rifle TOZ-BM has excellent technical characteristics. Using their analysis, you can get an idea of the degree of efficiency of shooting. Below are the most important characteristics TOZ-BM, which give the greatest amount of information on its quality.

Specifications  The rifle TOZ-BM
Country of origin Tula arms plant
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice
View Vneshnetorgovoe ружье16 double barrel, 20 gauge (or 12)
Capacity cartridges 5
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 660 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Vneshnetorgovoe double-barreled shotgun that has a horizontal arrangement of trunks is made of high quality durable black plastic combined with lightweight metal alloys, model TOZ-BM easy to operate, has high wear resistance.


The process of using any model of the rifle depends on the degree of complexity of its design. And the model TOZ-BM well-proven due to both ease of use and due to the relatively simple design of the whole mechanism.

Lightweight aluminium alloy provided the barrel TOZ-BM necessary for comfortable operation easily, which positively influenced the operation of the carbine. The simplicity of the model TOZ-BM allows for partial disassembly for cleaning and reconstruction even under field conditions, using special equipment and tools.

Picking and packing

The rifle TOZ-BM Packed for protection from negative influences of temperature, humidity and mechanical shock in the film, the sale is Packed in a cardboard box. The carbine is issued an individual passport, a certificate of quality for this type of firearms.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the model TOZ-BM is relatively simple, that allows even novices to work with him. The location of the return spring of the shutter is in the body of the box rifle TOZ-BM.

To execute the shot you want to send the cartridge to the store of the rifle, then clicking on the start aktiviziruyutsya the action of the spring in the form of a sharp push on the cartridge from the cartridge chamber, the cartridge goes into the barrel and you shot.


Performing disassembly TOZ-BM may be necessary to repair, at its scheduled cleaning. For partial disassembly of the rifle model TOZ-BM should produce the following:

  • the forearm should be separated from the surface of the shafts;
  • carbine is taken right hand for the neck of the Lodge, the lever locking TOZ-BM is given in the most extreme right position with the help of the thumb;
  • is unscrewing screw shock mechanisms;
  • through the hole located in Shephelah, push the hammer mechanism by means of a wooden ramrod.

Reassemble in reverse order.

Complete disassembly of the rifle may only be done from a professional expert on this type of firearm.


For carrying out tuning by many owners installed higher capacity, the shop, and can also be replaced barrel (muzzle) of the nozzle.

Reviews of the eyes of the owners TOZ-BM and the price of the gun 12, 16, 20, etc. gauges are given below.

The product price

The cost model TOZ-BM is considered by the majority of owners are quite affordable. It is about 28 to 31 thousand rubles.

Owner reviews

According to owner reviews, model rifle, designed for hunting, the model TOZ-BM has a lot of advantages before analogues on the market today. Its reliability, ease of use and excellent performance shooting (accuracy of shots, range and lethality) ensured the continued interest from buyers.

With the ability to quickly separate partial disassembly of the rifle TOZ-BM can be easy to cleaning and minor repair and improvement.

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