Vepr-12 VPO-205 Hammer, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Combined with many positive reviews about this model from buyers and owners opportunities established by the manufacturer, ease of use and relatively small outside dimensions determine the possibility of using this rifle to teach beginners.

Due to the significant number of positive qualities and a wide range of application (for professional hunting, sport shooting, development of accuracy and defense) carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205 has gained considerable popularity among hunters.

Manufacturers of different models of hunting rifles offer the new variants of weapons that have wide possibilities for use. And well known by both professionals and Amateurs manufacturer “Hammer”, which produces hunting rifles with outstanding technical characteristics (D. smoothbore Snipe-12M, VPO-208 and 209, as well as a rifled Vepr-308, Vepr Super, Vepr-hunter, Vepr-1V, Vepr-KM, etc.) offers hunters and fans of shooting from professional firearms model Vepr-12/VPO-205, is what sets on the market with similar parameters of its appearance and qualities of fire.

Overview of carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205 Hammer

A unique sighting is ensured by the perfectly smooth shape of the receiver. And even mount it on an optical sight, front sight and forend does not reduce the firing rates due to the use as a particularly durable alloy in the manufacture of the barrel and elaborate form of attachment attachments, that does not change the flight of bullets fired. The ease of the process of operation is ensured as due to the sophisticated ergonomics and the external parts of the rifle, and through his device. Ease of transportation contribute to the compact size of a carbine, a relatively small weight; this quality is important and for teaching beginners the firing of firearms.

Like other models of rifles, intended for hunting from the manufacturer Molot, Vepr-12/VPO-205 good-proven by data: made of modern polymer materials, it long retains its attractive appearance contributes to increased durability of materials, their high-quality processing – even during sharp fluctuations of temperature and humidity housing stock and receiver to change their original quality.

Advantages and disadvantages

Because it is comparing existing models of strengths and weaknesses allows you to fully evaluate the carabiner below the main positive qualities and shortcomings of the model allow to make an unbiased opinion about this rifle.

The most important qualities of any type of firearms are:

  • the accuracy of fire;
  • the sighting;
  • the range of a bullet, which is determined by the initial speed of its flight;
  • the efficiency of defeats the purpose.

These parameters are determined by technical characteristics, which are laid in the time of the manufacture of weapons.

The most important advantages of the model Vepr-12/VPO-205 over similar products offered on the market today, include:

  • ergonomics all components of the rifle;
  • high rate of fire provided a high initial speed of a bullet;
  • convenient form, ensuring maximum convenience when using the carabiner;
  • the possibility of exploitation of the model by right-handed and left-handed users;
  • high efficiency of firing;
  • the possibility of tuning to improve the carabiner;
  • the possibility of quick partial disassembly of the model for cleaning and carrying out improvements.

These characteristics distinguish the model of Vepr-12/VPO-205, paying attention to her buyers in the moment of choice. Made in the typical style of “military”, this gun has a stylish “predatory” traits, which also drew the attention of both professionals and newcomers in the firing of such weapons.

The disadvantages, according to most owners of this model, the rifle was not detected.

Photos of the rifle Vepr-12


Use the carbine model of Vepr-12/VPO-205 may like to participate in the hunt in the extraction medium and large animals, and training your hit, entertainment, as well as for self-defense. A wide range of possibilities for use of the rifle should also be attributed to its advantages that are important in comparison with analogues.

Varieties in structure and caliber Vepr-12/VPO-205 is given below.


The market today offers several modifications of the model that differ in the length of the barrel and some firing rates:

  1. Model of Vepr-12/VPO-205-00with the length of the receiver 430 mm. From this modification have installed flash suppressor and a specially-designed developer a mechanism that does not allow you to fire when folded – it provides maximum safety when using the carbine.
  2. Modification of Vepr-12/VPO-205-01 has a barrel length of 520 mm, flash suppressor it is not removable, a locking mechanism firing PI folded is missing.
  3. Option Vepr-12/VPO-205-01 with a barrel length of 570 mm.
  4. Vepr-12/VPO-205-02, which barrel length is 680mm, having the ability to install an internal muzzle bushing, which makes it possible to do this carabiner unified models “Bekas-Auto” and “snipe”.
  5. A shortened version of Vepr-12/VPO-205-03 With a Hammer the length of the receiver only 305 mm. Has installed the flash suppressor and locking the trigger mechanism.

All the market modifications of the model are well proven in the field tests, which is important in the use of weapons in hunting.

Specifications smooth-bore carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205 is given below.


Thanks to the balanced design, the carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205 can be used by women who have a small palm size, as well as teenagers. Small weight and compact size make it easy to transport the carabiner – this quality is especially important for use in hunting, when there is a need to move a considerable distance.

The following are the technical parameters of the model that allows to estimate functional capabilities of the rifle.

Specifications Carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205
Country of origin Russia, the company “Hammer”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Self-loading smoothbore carbine
Capacity cartridges 5 replaced native store for more volume
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
Kind of ammunition is used Of 12.76×55 STS-130
View USM Hammer type
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Manufactured by cold forging the barrel, high quality optical sight presented in the base – all this allows to comfortably use the rifle of the model.


The relative simplicity of the model Vepr-12/VPO-205 allows you to experience pronounced difficulties in the application of the action under consideration carbine that is important for beginning shooters. The main constructive part of the carabiner can be called the butt, also the trunk box.

Made of quality polymer materials, the stem box and the butt withstand temperature changes when using the rifle in the field.

Picking and packing

Carbine models of Vepr-12/VPO-205 proposed sale of polymeric packing, Packed in flightcase for easy transportation. The basic package includes an optical sight, the store, which if necessary can be replaced with more voluminous.

Vepr-12 Molot with short barrel

The principle of operation

Use the rifle for hunting Vepr-12/VPO-205 begins with the premise in a magazine. Press the release button as the trigger the cartridge is sent from the magazine to the barrel, and upon actuation of the trigger mechanism is shot.

Carabiner classic is the use of the shooter’s shoulder, the recoil is relatively small.


Carrying out a partial disassembly of Vepr-12/VPO-205 is a necessity in the implementation of the fixation barrel portion of the rifle, in the process of cleaning. Since the design of this model is relatively simple, the process of dismantling is performed without the expenditure of time and without too much difficulty. The flash suppressor is easily removed from the trunk.

The optical sight is installed and removed from intended place of fixing on the surface of the stem box. Also the barrel has a rail for mounting other attachments.

Tuning rifles Vepr-12/VPO-205 Hammer described below.


For tuning may be used an optical sight with a high rate approximation, and the use of different flies or forearm, which, thanks to the simple design of the carabiner quickly established on the receiver.

Reviews and price of the rifle Vepr-12/VPO-205 Hammer is given below.

The product price

Cost factor affects the demand for the model. And the carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205, with a price of 22 to 23 150 280 rubles, is popular when combined with attractive design model and its characteristics with a fairly reasonable cost.

Vepr 12 Molot tuned

Owner reviews

According to many owners of the model, carbine Vepr-12/VPO-205 is good not only thanks to its technical parameters, but also the possibility of widespread use. For hunting and marksmanship training, entertainment and self-defense, the carbine is easy to operate, can also be used for teaching beginners.

Many noted that the advantage of the carbine, as the possibility of choosing among modifications on the length of the barrel. The presence of a flash suppressor is important of doing the hunting, and the mechanism that blocks the ability to make the shot when folded, offers a maximum of safety during operation of the model.

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