Vepr-15, rifle shotgun

Characteristics of the carbine boar-15 (also called the 1st Russian AR-15 (AR-15) from the “Hammer” to surprise even the most professional shooters, and this is not surprising, since he was released on the basis of the army assault rifle with certain modifications and enhancements.

Stylish design, concise design and application of modern polymeric materials with excellent performance, greatly extending the possibilities for use of the rifle, – these characteristics immediately attract attention when buying.

Thanks to modern technology present in the market model of semi-automatic weapons from the popular manufacturer “Hammer” is rightly popular among professional hunters and beginners of shooting firearms. And among the models that combine the ultimate in convenience, attractive rates and the opportunity for improvement should be allocated carbine boar-15, one of a series of comfortable and modern self-loading weapons.

Overview of carbine boar-15

Having an attractive “appearance”, carbine boar-15 thus boasts excellent technical features given by the manufacturer. The ergonomics of the butt and shaft that provide the most convenience when using a carbine, made it possible to use it for teaching beginners is a relatively small exterior dimensions and light weight also provide the ease in transporting the rifle.

Due to the large number of advantages, model Vepr-15 is perhaps one of the most successful from this manufacturer. Positive reviews owners ‘ show how it was successful not only when viewed from the outside, but when you use it. The scope of this carbine is not only professional hunting, as well as participation in competitions at various levels in shooting and training for accuracy.

The pros and cons

Perfectly balanced, model Vepr has the following advantages, which repeatedly identifies buyers and owners of the carbine:

  • high strength polymeric materials used in the creation of the stock due to its high resistance to mechanical stress, the housing of the rifle looks great and a long time retains its attractive appearance without fear of any moisture in the air or temperature changes;
  • perfect balance of barrel length and butt provides the best balance of the rifle, which is especially important when using they do not have enough experience by the arrows;
  • the arrow’s range, determined by the initial speed of a bullet in the carbine of the model the maximum is to hit the target in the distance up to 200-300 meters.

According to most owners, the shortcomings of the model Vepr-15 has not.

Carbine boar-15 (photos)

  • Initially, the model Vepr-15 should be used for professional hunting and in the medium, and even large animals, it is recommended to use a carabiner in the middle climatic zone, however, it can be used for trainings of accuracy, and also for competition shooting.
  • Weapons of this type are intended for use in the middle lane with a temperate climate with average annual temperature from -5°C to +50°C.

For firing the carbine model Vepr-15 used ammo caliber 5,56х45. Caliber model Vepr-15 VPO-140 .223 Rem. The energy of powder gases is used for the automatic reloading of the rifle.


Being balanced as to external form, and their capabilities, the model carbine boar-15 has the technical capabilities that enable you to fully see all the advantages of the rifle over similar weapons from other manufacturers.

Specifications Carbine Boar-15
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk, the company “Hammer”
Appointment Hunting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 10
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Made from high quality steel, the barrel of the rifle is not subject to corrosion even under high humidity, and the convenience of a handle of the butt is ergonomic.


The simplicity of the design provides convenience and ease of operation of this model.Smooth walking of the trigger allows not to experience significant recoil when firing, the coherence of work of all structural parts and devices of the carbine makes the process of shooting him the most comfortable even novice shooters.

  • The main structural part – the barrel of the rifle. Made of steel, the barrel retains its high strength even under adverse external conditions.
  • Fast to mount on the surface of an optical sight allows to increase the effectiveness of fire.
  • Rotary sliding gate frame easy to operate locking mechanism that ensures safety when shooting.
  • The trigger type firing mechanism allows the Commission to provide a single shot without danger of spontaneous shots.
Picking and packing

To prevent mechanical damage to the shell of the weapon is Packed in plastic packaging and in a cardboard box, which has the necessary information about the name of the product and the manufacturer.

The basic kit also includes a cleaning rod for cleaning the barrel of the rifle, belt and shop. Capacity store 10 cartridges.

The principle of operation

With its simple design carbine boar-15 are simple. Fire can be started by pressing the trigger, locking it automatically. After a single shot is the locking barrel.

The store contains cartridges of a certain caliber, which when cocking transferred to the trunk, and when you press the trigger occurs shot.


Conduct disassembly is also simple enough that allows you to make it on their own. This may be necessary when improvement of the model, in its repair and cleaning.

To release the barrel from sight and flies, it is sufficient to Unscrew the screws holding the removable device. The rear pin is pressed using any available tool ago.


Improvement of the model can be implemented by installing additional equipment in the form of optical sight third party with the best technical characteristics, as well as flies and forearm.

The price and the reviews on the carbine boar-15 VPO-140 is given below.

The product price

The value indicator should be considered important for understanding the degree of popularity of the rifle. And model Vepr-15 at its price can be called one of the most affordable for most buyers even with a tight budget: the price can range from 65 000 to 75 000 rubles.

Owner reviews

According to both buyers and owners of this model carbine boar-15 combines ease of use, ease of use and opportunity for use in the professional hunting. Excellent technical parameters laid down to the producers, guarantee the high efficiency of each performed shot, and ergonomic and balanced form allows you to get real pleasure from the process of firing the carbine.

Many noted the possibility of tuning the model, which also has a positive effect on the performance of shooting.

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