Vepr 1V, rifled gun

With ergonomic shape, modern rifles are capable at first glance to attract the attention of buyers, because many models use natural wood, which not only gives the aesthetic appearance of the rifle, but also increases the pleasant feeling of direct contact with him when shooting.

Among the most attractive from the point of view of the buyer and the owner should consider the model of domestic production Vepr 1V, which has a fairly affordable price with excellent technical properties and attractive look.

With the help of modern rifles, with excellent technical features and has an attractive external design, it became possible not only to train in accuracy when shooting firearms, but also to participate in the professional hunting. Sold in specialized hunting shops, they have all the necessary quality certificates and passport, and manufacturer’s warranty in effectiveness and complete safety of the shooting.

Overview of carbine Vepr 1V

They are a perfect option modern and equipped with the necessary devices weapon model carbine Vepr 1V well proven in professional use, and in target practice and in competitions in sport shooting. Having the ability to impress even at a considerable distance medium and small game, shotgun provides maximum ease of operation due to the sophistication and ergonomics of its forms.

The compactness and relatively light weight makes it easily to transport, and to ensure the convenience and comfort when using: this carabiner easily managed as a man of average build, and fragile woman, and even a teenager. And several varieties of this model (depending on the caliber of the cartridge used) will significantly expand the purchase of the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of any kind of rifles can be attributed to characteristics such as aesthetic appearance, the combination of compactness and low weight, ease of disassembly process and the possibility of improvement. Thus, the model Vepr 1V, differing from its counterparts, third-party guarantees when making shots maximum the sighting and accuracy of fire, which increases its effectiveness.

Also the model of the rifle has proved itself in obtaining initial skills of shooting from firearms: due to its simplicity and the possibility of quick disassembly and compact even a beginner shooting will have an opportunity to learn the skills.

The advantages of this model should also include the following quality:

  • decent basic equipment, which includes the availability of detailed usage instructions, passport and certificate of quality from the manufacturer;
  • the possibility of tuning – this allows you to increase the sighting and range, it is important that the use of the rifle in hunting. Tuning also makes use of additional third-party equipment that also has a positive effect on the possibility of hitting the target;
  • the presence of directly under the optical sight of the ramrod – as befits a combat weapon;
  • the relative affordability of immediately attracting buyers.

Specifications made the model Vepr 1V powerful and resistant to external influences that inevitably arise in the course of its use.

The disadvantages of this model, according to owners, include a lever guard, which prevents operation of the rifle. However, this disadvantage is insignificant compared to other advantages of this model.

Vepr-1B in 7.62×39 (HPE 126)


  • The use of the carbine model Vepr 1V with its technical features stipulated in the hunt, as great sighting gives the ability to hit a moving target at a considerable distance (approximately 200 m).
  • The possibility of using the considered models for both men and women, not only due to the simplicity of the design and ergonomics of the rifle.
  • It is also possible to use this carbine in training and marksmanship competitions.

Produced on the basis of the RPK (Kalashnikov machine gun), carbine Vepr 1V has several varieties, each of which is established as a professional hunting weapon.

  • Presented a carbine Vepr 1V with .308 caliber ammunition and the barrel of 420 mm, has a high rate of accuracy of fire, which makes it easy to hit even a moving target at a considerable distance.
  • Also in the sale of a variety of caliber rounds .223 (5,56х45) that combines ease of use due to the compact size and excellent performance sighting of the shooting.

Through the analysis of the technical opportunities provided by the manufacturer, can fully evaluate the merits of the model and its scope. The following are the main technical parameters are most important when choosing the model of the rifle and allowing a more detailed picture about the possibilities Vepr 1V.

Specifications Carbine Vepr 1V
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant “Molot”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Having a long warranty period given by manufacturer, model carbine Vepr 1V works flawlessly regardless of the application. Manufactured by cold forging the stem, of excellent quality optical sight in the base and decent reviews from owners give a General impression of the model.


The relative simplicity of the design gives the opportunity not to experience difficulties with the operation of the carbine, which is especially important for novice shooters. The main constructive part of it can be considered stock, and barrel. Made of modern polymeric materials, the barrel and butt perfectly withstand the temperature changes when using the rifle in the field and don’t have mechanical effects that allows you to preserve their attractive appearance.

Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a polymer packaging, which protects it from external influences of temperature and moisture. On the cardboard box containing the rifle, dealt the necessary information about the manufacturer and the name of the product.

The principle of operation

The use of the rifle starts with the premises in a magazine. When you press the trigger is tripping hook bolt, straightened the spring produces a sharp pressure on the firing pin, resulting in a shot. Carabiner classic is the use of the shooter’s shoulder, the shot impact is relatively small.


Performing disassembly may be required in the performance of routine repairs of the rifle, during its cleaning. Since the construction of the model is relatively simple, disassembly is equally simple and without unnecessary downtime.

  • The optical sight is removed from its intended place of fixation of the stem box.
  • The trigger mechanism also has the capacity to showdown. Shoe fly is located on the receiver slice, removing it is a loosening of the screw.
  • Improvement almost any model of carbine is through the use of the optical sight with the best characteristics. This gives you the ability to improve you aim each shot and increase efficiency in the defeat the purpose.
  • It is also possible to carry out replacement of the handle and guard. Some owners repaint his carbine, which gives it individuality.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Vepr 1V 308, 223, etc. calibers (VPO 129, 128, 147, 148, 127 03 and 02, 126, 125) are described below.

The product price

Cost factor directly affects the level of demand for the model. And the carbine Vepr 1V, with the price from 51 to 53 150 280 rubles, is popular even with this value due to the combination of the attractive external design of the model and its technical characteristics.

Owner reviews

According to most owners, the carabiner of the model gives the opportunity to make a great scoring shots due to the enclosed technical specifications. The opportunity to make some alterations in his design, the simplicity of the mechanism make it more convenient and comfortable operation of the rifle.

Some owners note that the prolonged wearing of clip (for example, if the owner is a geologist and thus forced to frequently move on foot) you will feel its weight. However, the overall weight of the model slightly exceeds the average weight of any one of the models of rifles with similar parameters.

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