Vepr-308 Win (SEOK-95), rifled gun

Dynamic hunting when a group of friends driving powerful strong and very dangerous wild boar, deer or other animals that require very high quality firearms. All knives, equipment, tents and other necessary hunting accessories.

But it remains the choice for a reliable carbine that will not fail under any conditions. Due to the abundance of online information and opportunities to consult a professional expert fast and comfortable, you can exchange the old-fashioned shotgun on the modern carbine.

Could not be more suitable carbine Vepr-308 series Win (JUICE-95) L=590, created on the basis of the world of the legend of arms – creation of the Soviet magician – M. T. Kalashnikov And to date even the latest technology cannot create anything more reliable, sturdy and high-quality small arms.

Overview of weapons

A truly mighty weapon can be a great help for hunting in the woods in pursuit of game in the swamps and even sand dunes. Hunting is the most appropriate hobby for strong and fearless men, in which genes were and remained the desire to get a dose of adrenaline and bring in the house or on the convivial table abundant prey.

Proven in combat a Kalashnikov-series AK-74/AKM became the most acceptable prototype for such a great hunting rifle, which is considered a hunting rifle model Vepr. Nowadays, the most valuable is high-quality trouble-free chamber, a reliable sealing mechanism in accordance with acceptable to the domestic consumer price. To directories carbine Vepr-308 Win (JUICE-95) L=590 option the most popular hunting weapons.

Advantages and disadvantages

For this type of small hunting weapons inherent in a large number of very serious positive qualities:

  • The bore and the surface of the chamber is covered with a highly durable alloy.
  • Is auto recharge at the time of use of the discharge energy of the sealing part.
  • Engineering allowed the use of a backward movement of the spring for closing the shutter.
  • The trigger type mechanism allows premature to calculate a shot, and the trigger return spring.

Disadvantages users consider to be too high-quality study of the mechanism of the ejector. The presence of non-removable fuse mechanism, the Assembly kit USM and a long enough barrel, experts believe eliminate shortcomings.

Carbine Vepr-308 series Win (JUICE-95) L=590 (photos)

The purpose of the carbine Vepr-308 Win (JUICE-95)

Arms imparted directly to the civilian direction in use.

  • Basic version can rightly be called a great military weapon, which became the basis for a hunting rifle upgraded security. Designed for hunting, competitions in the field of sports and extreme shooting situations.

Its use in hunting is stipulated in the items of the regulatory document of the Russian Federation. All the nuances of usage regulated in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 18. 10. 01. It was signed in 2009.

  • Another important factor is the possible self-defense under the current regulatory framework.

Currently, work is underway to offer the customer several product options


Technical characteristics of the carbine Vepr-308:

p/p Name Ed. izm. Figure
1 Information about caliber mm 7, 62 x 51, 00 308Win
2 The size of the total length and barrel cm 110, 55 ; 59, 00
3 Store capacity cartridges kit 5 and 10 rounds
4 The total mass gr. 410, 00

About the silencer, optical sight and other parts of the rifle Vepr-308 see below.


Base the base of the Kalashnikov assault rifle allows you to use all advantages of this famous system – improved quality caliber, is fully suitable for hunting large animals.

With minimal impact design Vepr-308 allows to achieve a sufficient distance of fire, accuracy of fire. The intensity and accuracy achieved trouble-free operation at low temperatures, excellent quality overall design, amazing matches quality and price of the product.

Picking and packing

The carbine is offered to customers in a flat Packed form, the kit of parts treated with a special type of grease. It protects a collection of parts from moisture and temperature changes. The product is Packed in a buttered cloth, and boxes made of natural cardboard or dried wood.

Applied certificates and passports for a carbine, the weapon maintenance and other legally stipulated documents.

Zeroing the rifle Vepr-308 (SEOK-95) as shown in this video:

The principle of operation

The fundamental action of the rifle Vepr-308 is based on the mechanics of the message of the cartridge into the compartment store with a return spring, the lock channel openings of the barrel with the aid of return springs.

By pressing the finger hook of the descent comes into the system output trigger of the toe of the slope. A vigorous blow on the die drummer, prick the capsule and the igniter is fired.


Disassembly, inspection and preventive lubricant exclusively in the condition of discharged weapons and the extracted cartridges. List of all events conducted on the basis of the provided instructions. The Assembly produced only in reverse order.

Tuned model for today already considered by the designers of the manufacturer, but it’s a decision the nearest time, and today’s young designers. As an option attached to the butt of a noble beech, oak, walnut.

Prices and reviews on the carbine Vepr-308 you will find below.

The product price

Price level of this weapon is consistent with the peculiarities of design solutions and the technical and operational parameters allow you to purchase it at a price of 660 dollars. USA and above.

Carbine Vepr hunter 308 VPO-101M L=550mm (photo)

Owner reviews

Models on the market given a large enough demand. She enjoys in the markets of the most high ratings demand. Through the study of the opinions of the owners can be quite a real picture and bring the trend line opinions about the carbine.

Mechanisms and produces virtually no serious complaints about the reliability, efficiency, quality and good properties. Dissatisfaction is little aesthetic appearance, black color and defects in the field of wood of the butt.

Here we consider analogues of the rifle Vepr-308 Wines.

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