Vepr hunter rifles

The simplicity of the design allows not to experience difficulties with the operation of the carbine, with its compactness and relatively low weight ensure comfortable transportation.

Ergonomic body shape carabiners makes it possible to conveniently place it in the hand, regardless of hand size hand: the weapon is equally comfortable in the hand, both men and women.

Thanks to its excellent technical characteristics, which are determined by the manufacturer and identify opportunities for the application of modern self-loading carbines get a lot of positive feedback from buyers and owners of this type of firearms. And among peers should stay on the model Vepr hunter, which has excellent capabilities for use not only with hunting but also for recreational shooting.

Overview of carbine Vepr hunter

Possessing a attractive and stylish “appearance” carbine model Vepr hunter in the same time it is very important for firearms, as accuracy of fire and range defeat moving targets. This ensures performance when using the rifle in the hunting and sports shooting.

Using the carbine Vepr hunter, you can train to hit, to compete in sports shooting, as well as to participate in the professional hunting. The range of this model allows you to hit small and medium game, and the presence of an optical sight with excellent characteristics simplifies the process of hitting the target.


Its technical parameters the rifle most commonly used in professional hunting, because results like range and accuracy, ability to hit even moving targets at a considerable distance (up to 200m), it are at a high level.

The possibility of using the considered models for both men and women, not only due to the simplicity of the design and ergonomics of the rifle.

Photos of the rifle Vepr hunter


Advantages and disadvantages

Since it is a comparison of the advantages of this model and its flaws with similar models of other developers allows you to get the most detailed picture, a list of the main parameters allows to study the model. For active use, the most popular, according to most buyers and owners are the bases for modern rifles with relatively low weight and compact dimensions, which greatly facilitates the process of transportation and use.

The ergonomic shape, the opportunity to improve weapons through the installation of additional equipment and simplicity of the device, which allows quickly and without difficulty to carry out the disassembly of the rifle. These characteristics are among the most important for any model that is applied in professional hunting and training accuracy.

The advantages of the model Vepr hunter should include the following characteristics:

  • the compact size, which allows not to feel inconvenience in operation of the carbine to both men and women;
  • relatively light weight, facilitating transportation.
  • opportunities to conduct tuning;
  • good basic equipment, which allows to obtain the maximum sighting each shot.

The cost model makes it affordable for the greater part of buyers, and the owners say that the carbine Vepr hunter, possessing attractive “appearance”, thus proved to be excellent when used in hunting, competition target shooting and for entertainment.


In hunting shops now offered two versions of this model:

  1. Chambered for caliber .30-06 Springfield or 7, 62х63, which is characterized by a considerable range, the value of this species is slightly different.
  2. Chambered for caliber 7,62×51 variant of the .308 Winchester, which enjoys considerable popularity.

Both species have similar technical characteristics, allows them to be used in hunting small and medium-sized animal, and in sports.

Model Vepr hunter M wood of walnut, which gives it great appeal and immediately stops on his view of the buyer. Polupoltina arm makes the process make the shot the most comfortable, while many noted the smoothness of the trigger.

Technical characteristics of the carbine Vepr hunter 101M (308 Win) and 102M (30-06 Spr) is given below.


Stylish design, use of natural material for decorating the hilt of the hunting rifled carbine boar hunter and a lot of positive characteristics from the owners of the model – the most characteristic features of the model, which gave her popularity. And technical potential incorporated in it by manufacturer, add to her positive qualities.

The following are the main technical parameters are most important when choosing the model of the rifle and allowing a more detailed picture about the possibilities Vepr hunter.

Specifications Carbine Vepr Hunter
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant “Molot”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 2, 3, 5, probably 10, with the caliber of 5,6
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

In assessing any model of a modern rifle, you should study the technical possibilities and customer reviews, as well as the initial speed of a bullet, which indicates the accuracy of each performed shot.


Well thought out and balanced design of any modern carbine makes it possible to obtain the most accurate shots, the maximum accuracy of fire. The relative simplicity of the design gives the opportunity not to experience difficulties with the operation of the carbine, which is especially important for novice shooters. The main constructive part of it can be considered stock, and barrel.

The presence of additional devices allows to facilitate the operation and to add convenience to it.

  • On the butt is made of rubber and having a high rate of depreciation backplate.
  • There are two stops for the complete locking of the barrel, which ensures high safety when using the carbine.
Picking and packing
  • Sold the model in a cardboard box, inscribed with the necessary information about the model and manufacturer.
  • The sale is carried out in specialized hunting shops, the model is applied to the quality certificate and passport.
  • There is also a detailed manual describing how to deal with the technology and operation of the carbine.
The principle of operation

When clicking on the trigger will exit from the engagement with the shutter, there is a sharp blow to the striker under the action of the expanded spring, and the shooting. Carabiner classic is the use of the shooter’s shoulder, the shot impact is relatively small.

A feature of the firing mechanism of this model should be considered as committing a single shot, then there is arming of the fuse. Push the fuse is especially convenient for use, because it avoids releasing the carabiner before each climb it to the shoulder.

  • Disassembly of the rifle may be necessary to carry out its current repair or cleaning. Simple design allows for disassembly without too much difficulty.
  • Optical sight is mounted on the surface of the barrel by a screw that is easily removable. Also, be aware that the trigger mechanism is quickly and easily separated from the receiver at the expense of fixing it on a separate base, and the telescopic sight is simply removed from its intended place of fixation of the stem box.
  • The trigger mechanism also has the capacity to showdown. Shoe fly is located on the receiver cut, snyatie it is a loosening of the screw.

Like any other modern rifle, the tuning can be carried out for improvement. The model Vepr hunter can be mounted optical sight that manufacturer increases the sighting of the made shots.

Prices and reviews from hunters about the carbine Vepr hunter 101M (308 Win) and 102M (30-06 Spr) is given below.

The product price

So, how much carbine Vepr hunter? Cost factor directly affects the level of demand for the model. And the carbine Vepr hunter with the price from 45 to 48 150 280 rubles, is popular even with this value due to the combination of the attractive external design of the model and its technical characteristics.

Now is the time to learn reviews on the accuracy of the rifle Vepr hunter VPO 101M (308 Win) and 102M (30-06 Spr).

Owner reviews

Many buyers in the first place is celebrated attractive appearance of the rifle, and its acquisition in order to evaluate its capabilities. Indeed, the technical characteristics inherent in the production of carbine, give an idea of the breadth of applications, unique stability in the process of operation to various external influences, which is important in the field, where often there is a rapid change of temperature conditions and moisture characteristics.

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