Vepr pioneer, rifled gun

Developed on the basis of Kalashnikov’s machine gun, carbine Vepr models pioneer has received many positive reviews from buyers who need the appearance and accessibility of cost, from the owners who have managed to fully evaluate its functionality.

It is not surprising, because the model Vepr pioneer guarantees complete safety of operation and maximum convenience when using the carbine.

Technical parameters laid down by the manufacturer, provide a good indicator of the accuracy of fire and range defeat moving targets. A large number of advantages to satisfy even special lovers of this type of firearms, and the compact size and relatively light weight provide easy transportation of the rifle.

Overview of carbine Vepr pioneer

The modern design of the carbine Vepr pioneer to provide initial interest in the model from buyers. But upon closer inspection, more attention is paid to the material from which it is made: natural wood, not only improves the aesthetics of the rifle, but makes an especially nice touch to it skin. The ergonomics of the handle butt and barrel allow you to apply the model of large men with large size palm and frail women and even teenagers, who decided to master the initial skills of shooting from a firearm.

With this rifle you can train to hit, to compete in sports shooting, as well as to participate in the professional hunting. The range of this model allows you to hit small and medium game, and the presence of an optical sight with excellent characteristics simplifies the process of hitting the target.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern and functional, the carbine model Vepr pioneer has a number of characteristics that should call to its main advantages such parameters as:

  • attractive exterior design that defines a high degree of interest of buyers to the carabiner;
  • the use of natural material in the finish of the rifle. This may apply walnut or beech, with a special protective coating, not afraid of temperature changes of the environment, the effects of high humidity in field conditions and mechanical impacts, unavoidable during operation of the carabiner;
  • the simplicity of the device, which determines the ease of process operation model Vepr pioneer.

Adding the obvious advantages of relatively low cost it is possible to understand the reasons for the popularity of the model among buyers, because the price allows you to purchase even with some budget constraints the purchase.

The disadvantage is the combination of the gas chamber to block the flies, however, the majority of owners of this design feature of the rifle considered rather an advantage than a disadvantage: this method provides the maximum range held shooting.

Vepr-223 pioneer (photo)


Use the carbine Vepr pioneer mostly, maybe for hunting small and medium-sized animal. While it is technically possible to use it for teaching beginners the basics of shooting firearms: easy operation with guaranteed safety allows you to teach elementary shooting even women and adolescents.

Also a carbine model Vepr pioneer can be used to compete in target shooting due to its characteristics such as range and accuracy.


The market today offers several varieties of rifle Vepr pioneer. Depending on caliber, they differ by model, with 7.62, and the model with the 5.56. Respectively, are used for firing cartridges of different sizes, but the firing rates are different in both cases not essential.

These varieties of models of different capacity stores: in the first case it is 2, 3, 5 rounds, in the second – 2, 3, 5 and 10 rounds. But the model with the 7.62 the initial speed of a bullet, a bit more in comparison with the model with the 5.56: 900 m/s on the first model and 830 m/s in the second.

The technical characteristics and capabilities of the carbine Vepr pioneer 223, call etc. are given below.


A long-range shot, high levels of accuracy and seamlessness of the whole process of operation of the carbine Vepr pioneer due to the technical characteristics, clasped him by the manufacturer. And with their help, you can get the most detailed and comprehensive picture of the possibilities of the model, to understand the reasons of its popularity among buyers.

Specifications Carbine Vepr Pioneer
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant “Molot”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 2, 3, 5, probably 10, with the caliber of 5,6
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Carbine Vepr pioneer in its technological scope is ideal for hunting, many owners notice firing range, which is especially important for hitting targets at a distance (the maximum distance defeat a moving target, the description of the manufacturer is 300 m). It is also indicative of the initial speed of a bullet, which indicates the accuracy of each performed shot.


The relative simplicity of the design gives the opportunity not to experience difficulties with the operation of the carbine, which is especially important for novice shooters. The main constructive part of it can be considered stock, and barrel.

For greater ease of use on the butt is made of rubber and having a high rate of depreciation backplate. There are two stops for the complete locking of the barrel, which ensures high safety when using the carbine.

Picking and packing
  • The model is sold in specialized stores for hunting firearms, the model is applied to the quality certificate and passport.
  • There is also a detailed manual describing how to deal with the technology and operation of the carbine.
  • The rifle is Packed in polymer film and the cardboard packaging with the necessary information on it: name of the product manufacturer.
  • Basic also implies the presence of an optical sight with excellent characteristics, which may replace the same with better performance.
The principle of operation

Operation of the carabiner is simple due to the lack of complexity in its design. In the store there are cartridges that when you press the trigger are fed into the barrel and fire a round. The presence of push-button fuse eliminates the risk of unplanned shot.

Modpluginevent drummer shutter eliminates the possibility of inertial Nicola the capsule.


To carry out the disassembly of the rifle is possible even at home. It is necessary for the implementation of minor repairs the device, the improvement of weapons.

Feature showdown you can consider it the simplicity of the trigger mechanism quickly and easily separates from the receiver due to its fixation on a separate base, and the telescopic sight is simply removed from its intended place of fixation of the stem box.


Improvement of this model can be implemented by installing an optical manufacturer from another manufacturer. This gives you the opportunity to improve the targeting.

Prices on carbine Vepr pioneer 223 Rem. caliber are given below.

The product price

The cost parameter is allowed to make the model carbine Vepr pioneer one of the most popular today. Its price can vary between vendors, but on average it is 48 250 51 to 150 rubles.

Owner reviews on the carbine Vepr pioneer 223rem, 308win caliber, etc. is given below.

Owner reviews

Its technical characteristics model Vepr pioneer is proven as a hunting rifle.

  • Professionals appreciate his aim and ability to hit a target especially at long distances (up to 300m).
  • The cost though can not be considered low, but its availability in comparison with similar variants of carbines other manufacturers made a model Vepr pioneer one of the most popular.
  • Many buyers noted the appearance of the rifle.
  • The use of wood has made it the butt is the most pleasant in contact with skin and durability of this natural material to external influences allows to retain the attractive appearance of the weapon.

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