Vepr Super rifles

A real gift for fans of shooting from hunting rifles was the model Vepr Super manufacturer “Hammer” has pleased its fans with many successful models with excellent specifications.

The use of modern technologies, while preserving the usual concise style and ample opportunities for the application of the did model Vepr Super, the most successful and popular.

Made, as well as other varieties model “Vepr”, based on the manual of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, carbine Vepr Super is used for professional hunting medium and large animals. Depending on the caliber used cartridges there are several varieties of this model, each of which copes with the intended purpose – defeat targets at long distance (up to 300m).

Overview of carbine Vepr Super

Made on the basis of such famous weapons as the Kalashnikov machine gun, carbine Vepr Super stands out among analogues high degree of reliability, it will not fail under any external conditions: its power and efficiency shooting is not affected neither by temperature nor humidity changes or mechanical loading.

Modern design concise style immediately attract the attention of buyers, and the availability of cost increases the level of demand, consider leaving the rifle in the first place by the number of purchases and interest in it. Made of high-strength steel, the body decorated in natural wood, specially treated, which allows to operate the weapon, even at high humidity and temperature changes without losing the attractiveness of its appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Reduced weight of the rifle is provided by the compactness of the model, which is especially important during transport of the rifle. Also, these options add convenience while operating the carbine and getting the initial skills in shooting training.

Analysis of the existing advantages allows to obtain the most comprehensive picture about the model of the rifle, given its shortcomings and flaws.

The advantages of the model Vepr Super be attributed to its following characteristics:

  • reduction of the sighting line by moving the base of the fly to the surface of the gas chamber, which allowed to increase the rate of accuracy of each shot due to the installation of an optical sight;
  • the increased accuracy of the shot by a more powerful trunk, which is important for maximizing the efficiency of firing;
  • ergonomic shape provides comfort when using the rifle, regardless of who uses it: a man with a big hand or a woman with a small hand;
  • reduced recoil provides the most optimal distribution, without reducing the rate of power shots.

These advantages of the model allow to understand the reason for its popularity and demand.

The disadvantages, according to most owners consider a carbine, not revealed. Some believe the disadvantage of the design of the carbine polymer materials; however, the appearance can be called a matter of taste of each consumers.

Also as a negative option for some users noted the location of the cut further away from the beginning of the barrel, which significantly reduces the rate of accuracy when shooting.

Vepr Super 308 (photo)

  • On the technical capabilities of the Vepr Super rifle is ideal for hunting, both Amateur and professional. The range and accuracy of the shots is provided a device of the rifle.
  • Application in field conditions is determined not only by technical specifications laid down by the manufacturer, but also excellent quality of materials from which is made the body of the carabiner of the model: the resistance to mechanical stress, to temperature changes and high humidity allows not to fear for the deterioration of the external qualities of the model and its possibilities.
  • Also this model has been successfully used in target practice and sport shooting.

The market today there are three main types of model Vepr Super, and each of them has its own characteristics of construction and use.

  • A variation of Vepr Super 308 has a more distinct sound when fired, which becomes noticeable when you are training shooting on the bench. In field conditions, hunting the sound is not too “cut” the ear, because then less opportunity to make more than four shots in a row. The firing of this type of model has a high degree of accuracy when shooting at a distance of 150-200 m.
  • A variation of Vepr Super Sport has several fry, which ensure maximum precision and accuracy that ensures its effectiveness. Adjustable recoil pad provides most comfortable position for the cheek and neck, which is important for getting pleasure from the process of shooting this carbine. The one-piece stock in this flavor is made of natural wood – beech or walnut, treated with a special compound that ensures the long-term preservation of the external qualities of the weapon.
  • Vepr Super 35 uses cartridges version 5.56×45 mm (.223 Remington), the quality of this kind of carabiner are characterized by the ability to hit a moving target even at a distance of 300 m.

These modifications have received considerable popularity due to their excellent technical characteristics, which were laid by the manufacturer.


Modern and the most balanced carbine Vepr Super has a lot of positive reviews from owners and buyers. Due to the possibility of the analysis of technical parameters of the model Vepr Super rifles and similar third party becomes possible to obtain the most complete representation of potentials under consideration of the rifle and of the field of its likely use.

Specifications Carbine Vepr Super
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 9
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The trunk is made of high quality steel by cold forging, has a higher power rating, thereby increasing the effectiveness of each performed shot.


Today this model is considered one of the most successful professional hunters and also for those seeking to improve their own shooting skills with a handgun due to its simple design and ease of operation.

Well thought out and balanced design of any modern carbine makes it possible to obtain the most accurate shots, the maximum accuracy of fire. The relative simplicity of the design gives the opportunity not to experience difficulties with the operation of the carbine, which is especially important for novice shooters. The main constructive part of it can be considered stock, and barrel.

The presence of additional devices allows to facilitate the operation and to add convenience to it. On the butt is made of rubber and having a high rate of depreciation backplate. There are two stops for the complete locking of the barrel, which ensures high safety when using the carbine.

Picking and packing

Sold model in a cardboard box, printed on them the necessary information about the company-manufacturer. Selling all variants of hunting guns and carbines is carried out in specialized hunting shops, the model is applied to the quality certificate and passport. There is also a detailed manual describing how to deal with the technology and operation of the carbine.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the carbine model Vepr Super simple that largely ensures easy manipulation with it. Shop holds 9 rounds that, when pressing the trigger moves the barrel with the cutting.

With the flies the chosen target, the optical sight allows to increase the effectiveness of each shot. Eticheski sight can be used as the one proposed in the basic configuration, and third-party manufacturer.


Barrel mount to the body is carried out with the screw, if necessary disassembly can be removed. Disassembly is usually required when carrying out a tuning of the rifle and its improvements, and to undertake the necessary repairs, optical sight is simply removed from its intended place of fixation of the stem box.


The tuning involves the installation of additional equipment. It may be an optical sight or the front sight, having a better performance and increasing the efficiency of fire.

Price and owner reviews on the Vepr Super rifle (308, 223, etc. cal.) given below.

Prices and reviews

The cost model Vepr Super can vary from 29 to 35 350 400 rubles.Positive responses of the owners allow you to obtain a more complete picture of the results of the shooting and the possibilities of the use of the rifle.

  • So, many noted the high accuracy of the rifle Vepr Super 308, which is important for lethality of the rifle.
  • Availability of cost in comparison with analogues increases the level of demand and attractive appearance makes the model the most popular.

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