Verney-Carron Impact Plus, rifles

Reliable, beautiful, characterized by an elegant geometry of shapes, a harmonious combination of the traditions of French gunsmiths, known since the dark Ages and modern high-tech alloys firearms from the company Verney – Carron. This line of carbines for civilian purposes and today attracts true connoisseurs of good weapons.

Review of carbines Verney-Carron Impact Plus

Carbines series Impact NT Diamant Plus and a few similar. In particular the range of carbines Verney-Carron Impact Plus made in strict adherence to the trends of modern design, designed by top gun Atelier of Italy, presents a new innovative technology has all the capabilities to keep records in the field of quality and reliability of mechanical parts.

Before you go on a massive sale each sample being tested on the stands with a large number of ammunition and passes through the hands of several professional shooters and experts. Only after this unit has a unique certificate.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this category of weapons is excellent precision and accuracy. Virtually no mistakes and moments of failure of the trigger mechanism. The company ensures that key priorities – principles of following high quality criteria and reliability were respected at every stage of production.

Experts believe that the main disadvantages is too soft varieties of wood used for the bed and butt, which is being finalized.

Verney-Carron Impact Plus (photo)


The rifles they are excellent for use in conditions of mountain and forest hunting, for the production of small animals, wading birds, large animals and predators. Very comfortable to wear due to a small curb weight.


To fully meet all the needs of hunting enthusiasts and professionals in this exciting fishing today produced several calibers of this rifle:

  • 7 x 64 mm.
  • 300 Win. Mag.
  • 270 WSM.
  • 7 mm Rem. Mag.
  • 30 – 06.


No. Feature Data
1 System action Bolt
2 Full length cm 105, 00 / 113, 00
3 The hook of the descent Without shneller
4 Locking Three focus
5 Box trunk wrought ARGAL
6 Curb weight, kg 3, 00 – 3, 15


Structural solution is quite simple, traditionally used in mechanics of impact of the powder gases when fired, and the withdrawal of the bolt mechanism back. Applied to the ejector gate, in the sight there are straps to mount optics, removable front sight, which can be replaced by a collimator.

Picking and packing

In selling the rifles are disassembled, wrapped in a special water-repellent coating and Packed in a branded hard case. The accompanying documents meet the standards of the international sample. Must sign certificate of conduct ejection unit.

The principle of operation

Security gate parts from the French company Verney-Carron founded on the principle lock the shutter in the production of locking. Thanks to the device, allows to influence the regulation of the gases to perform a constipation accurately, efficiently, and accurately. Jump shutter mechanism is minimized. The range of the carbines perfectly proved themselves in extreme circumstances, it is possible to use almost any ammo and the pool is of international standard.

Disassembly of the rifle Verney-Carron Impact is given below.


The treatments are discharged with the extracted ammunition, in strict accordance with applicable guidance documents.

Tuning in the context of this carabiner is not relevant. The barrel is made of matte black alloy steel, used for butt oiled wood stained walnut. Shape pork back, forearm resembles a half-open Tulip.

Carabine Verney-Carron Impact Plus has its price and feedback, as we will discuss below.


Price category of the carabiner is located in the middle segment of consumer interests, from 1394, 00 to 1425, 00 dollars. USA.

Owner reviews

The owners in most cases indicate a positive quality and high technical characteristics of the rifle. There are some negative reviews about the insufficient wood butt, rattling antabok, ill-fitting fore-end hand side. Over the elimination of such defects work with engineers and gunsmiths.

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