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“PRAZISIONSTECHNIK VOERE GMBH” is one of the most famous European manufacturers of precision parts and components. He began his story with the manufacture of Bicycle pumps in 1948. In 1950 the company began producing pneumatic guns, and since 1955 – a small-caliber rifle. Voere 2155 – modification on the basis of the receiver Mauser K98.

Overview of carbine Voere 2155

Carbine Voere 2155 – typical “myuserid”. The receiver, which are used for the manufacture of rifles at one time were manufactured for the Spanish army – type Santa Barbara, and for the Belgian steel – type FIN. In fact, this is the main reason for the affordable cost of a rifle with such a famous mechanism.

The Mauser receiver is very difficult to manufacture – 711 mechanical operations and 1,700 individual procedures. With all the features of the technology, its cost is too high to use when making budget rifles. Well, the use of ready old mechanisms, of course, reduces the price.

Advantages and disadvantages

The complexity of manufacturing Mauser pays off with exceptional accuracy and dependability of the weapon. Through this mechanism, the rifle Voere 2155 has so many advantages and thus within the medium price range.

  • Shutter with three vertical lugs reduces the dispersion in the horizontal plane.
  • Controlled feeding of the cartridge – eliminates premature flow on the line chambering, extraction is performed with a moving sleeve. Carbine Voere 2155 can be recharged even upside down.
  • The type claw extractor provides controlled feeding of the cartridge, and removing the sleeve after the shot. Jam – blowup of the sleeve, the cartridge can be removed by tilting the front part of the extractor with a screwdriver and knocking out the jammed cartridge with the cleaning rod. For most other rifles of this kind of “accident” ends with the breakage of the extractor.
  • Reliability – the receiver operates even at very high contamination and in contact with sand.
  • The shutter is made from solid material, equipped with holes for discharge of propellant gas.
  • There is a flap to protect your eyes the shooter during the ejection of unburned powder.
  • “PRAZISIONSTECHNIK VOERE GMBH” offers a lot of additional devices to the rifle: trigger devices, shops, different bed, etc.

The deficiencies in this case result from the advantages of the weapon.

  • Thus, controlled feeding of the cartridge to just place the cartridge on the line chambering, and to follow through in the chamber: you have to press on the cartridge and put it in the store.
  • The possibility of shooting in the conditions of strong pollution turns dragging the shutter rear taxation – management arm to adapt.

Photo of the carbine Voere 2155



Carbine Voere 2155 – of course, hunting weapons. The cartridges are charged and discharged one by one. So how is the gun for various calibers, used in all types of hunting.

  • Hunting small game – squirrel, Prairie dog, squirrel. The carabiner is perfect for varminting, as it maintains excellent accuracy when shooting at long distances.
  • Hunting for middle of the beast – deer and Fox.
  • The prey is a large animal with a large caliber you can safely go for the wolf and wild boar.
  • Of course, you can use the rifle for target shooting.

Carbine is produced in several modifications. Models will differ only in barrel length and capacity of a carbine that is not due to the peculiarities of the weapons, but only with the caliber.

  • Thus, when the barrel length of 600 mm available in: .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, .25-05 Rem .279 Win, 30-06, .308 Win, the 6.5*55 mm SE with 6.5*57 mm, 7*75 mm, 7*64 mm, 8*mm 57 IS, 9,3*62 mm.
  • When the barrel length of 650 mm: .300 Win Mag to 6.5*68 mm, 7 mm Rem Mag, 8*68 mm S.

The stores are set with different capacity: for a larger size capacity is 2 rounds for .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, .25-05 Rem .279 Win, 30-06, .308 Win, the 6.5*55 mm SE with 6.5*57 mm, 7*75 mm, 7*64 mm, 8*mm 57 IS, 9,3*62 mm – 3 cartridge.


The difference between the modifications is small.

Barrel length, mm 600 650
Total length mm 1113 1118
Weight without magazine, kg 3,2 3,3
Shop Integrated double row 3 rounds Integrated double row 2 cartridges
The material of the bed High-impact plastic or walnut

There are stores that have more capacity for 4 or 5 rounds. Such a device is purchased separately, it is removable.


Carbine Voere 2155 rifle with a longitudinally-sliding rotating bolt, designed for a single firing. Shutter borrowed from the Mauser K98, but other structural features of the rifle is not inferior to the famous mechanism.


  • crafted from a solid piece of steel;
  • has 3 lugs to ensure a secure locking barrel;
  • has 2 holes for discharge of propellant gas;
  • the shooter’s eye protected by a flap;
  • the extractor holds the cartridge even when recharging upside down.

Other details:

  • Set flag fuse has three positions. The protection mechanism is very reliable, so the carbine Voere 2155 allowed to migrate in a charged state.
  • USM udarnikov type, two-stage trigger without the possibility of adjustment efforts.
  • The trunk is made up of carbon steel weapons, not chrome: on the accuracy of fire is affected positively.
  • The carbine is equipped with a mechanical sighting device, but has 4 holes for mounting the brackets under the optical or collimator sight.
  • Shop integrated aluminum double row with brass feeder. Capacity depends on caliber. The store is equipped with a flip-bottom cap.
  • The bed is made in two versions – walnut impregnated with a special oil, or from impact-resistant plastic. Mandatory rubber shock absorber. Available bed for left-handers. On pistol grip and fore-end is applied a notch. For a comfortable tab or under charge provided cheek.
Picking and packing

Equipment weapons the standard. The company offers many opportunities for tuning, but outside of the regular set:

  • cardboard box – there is a possibility to purchase a case not only for the carbine, but for the shutter;
  • cleaning kit for weapons;
  • the bracket and base;
  • gun belt;
  • the passport of the product.
The principle of operation
  • Voere 2155 rifle with manual reload, which, however, is extremely rapidly and in any position of the rifle.
  • The barrel is locked when turning on the three vertical emphasis. The extractor picks up the bottom of the sleeve and moves the cartridge when chambering in the chamber, hence the ability to recharge even upside down.
  • The standard package includes descent predupredila – works without clicks. However, it is possible to set the slopes of any other type: single stage, double, direct, salernum.
  • Charging cartridges is carried out one by one. After charging, the fuse is transferred to the “fire” is the rifle ready to fire.
  • Despite the fact that wearing a rifle can with a cartridge in the chamber, store the weapon can only be discharged.

Expanding opportunities for tuning provides the company itself. “PRAZISIONSTECHNIK VOERE GMBH” for the Voere 2155 offers a variety of tools.

  • The trigger device 6 easily removable mechanisms from shvellernogo – dvuhruchevoj with the accelerator, to direct the gun. This allows to adapt the rifle for shooting in any environment from the driven hunt to shooting at long range.
  • Manual Voditel drummer.
  • Replaceable shop direct location of the ammo and clip store- this kit can replace standard built-in store. Capacity it more – 4-5 rounds.
  • Base and brackets under the scopes of all known European manufacturers of gun optics. This kind of tuning can be considered the most popular, although the fly and is useful when shooting offhand.
  • The stock is walnut and plastic.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Voere 2155 (Boere) is given below.


The cost of the rifle Voere 2155 ranges from 87500 to 89950 R. Price depends on caliber and material of box is walnut or plastic.

The cost of cartridges varies much more widely. BCP with steel lacquered cartridge case will cost 15-19 $ per PCs RWS 310 p. for PCs, Norma – p. 220-230 EA.

Owner reviews

Precision is the motto of the company “PRAZISIONSTECHNIK VOERE GMBH”. The reliability and accuracy of rifles based on the Mauser breech literally knows no equal. Especially that rifle with such a powerful bolt group remains within the medium price range.

The opinion of the owners of the carabiners is clear: Voere 2155 is one of the most reliable and accurate hunting rifles.

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