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Semi-automatic carbines – a subject of constant dispute among hunters. On the one hand, the weapon is definitely more rapid and powerful. On the other – patterning of semi-automatic by default, worse than a bolt rifle. Voere 2185 – the same version that accuracy does not change.

Overview of carbine Voere 2185

There is a perception that semi-automatic rifle more suited to the beginner: the power and high speed shots redeems a lower accuracy and lack of good skills in novice hunter. The share of truth in it: indeed, releasing the queue at the beast, some kind of bullet you can get. However, such shooting is frankly barbaric, as it leads to the emergence of a large number of wounded.

Voere 2185 semi – automatic rifle, originally intended for use in police forces. Even when shooting large-caliber ammunition – 9,3*62 mm, .300 Win Mag, the gun easily returns to the line of sight.

This opportunity is a series of quick shots, was the reason for the creation of a sniper rifle based on the Voere 2185, which is now used by the Austrian police.

Self-loading carbine 30-06 Voere 2185

Advantages and disadvantages

The company’s products, which is the motto believes its precision, is fully consistent with this principle. Precision weapons from “PRAZISIONSTECHNIK VOERE GMBH” went down in history. It is how to bolt rifles, and automatic.

  • Patterning Voere 2185 lies within one arc minute. Such indicators lead to sniper modifications for hunting within one and a half minutes.
  • The shutter is of the type rotary is locked to a third of a turn. The smooth operation of the automation is achieved by movement of the shutter in the grooves in the receiver.
  • The barrel is locked on the 3 lugs, which is quite reliable. The ejector is placed in one of the lugs. The barrel runs cold forging. In Russia, received the model only with trunks, the company Lothar Walther. There is a thread on the end of the barrel that allows you to attach a muzzle device – a flash Hider, compensator.
  • Fuse, in fact, two: the one that blocks the trigger, is integral with the trigger guard and is made in the form of a plate. The role of the second fuse performs signal pin: when the cocked trigger it is visible and tangible.
  • Standard features include open mechanical sights. However, the gun has holes for brackets for optical or collimator sight.
  • A distinctive feature of the Voere 2185 is a small semi-automatic carbine weight – 3.6 kg without magazine.
  • The bed is made of wood or plastic with a plastic butt pad also.
  • Sniper and sporting models have the ability to adjust the height of the cheeks and the length of the butt.

In Voere 2185 have the ability to disable auto shot. To do this, partial disassembly of the rifle need to flip the bolt around the axis by 180 degrees.

The disadvantages of the machine is considerably greater than the bolt of the rifle.

  • The same feature of the paddle that provides a smooth and accurate operation, making the rifle extremely vulnerable to contamination. Even after use in a very dusty environment the weapons can jam. The use of force may cause damage to the grooves, so that when jamming of the only way is to disassemble the rifle and clean. To do this without special tools is impossible, which makes the cleaning procedure very troublesome.
  • The second weak point – the thread on the barrel. The use of a compensator or silencer damage the thread, and it is fraught with displacement of the axis of the barrel.
  • To reduce the weight of the rifle, the barrel produces thin-walled. As a result of 5 shots in a row is already too overheat the barrel. Therefore, the maximum capacity of the shops is 5 rounds, while it could set and store 10 rounds. To the barrel was cooled as quickly as possible, in the receiver there are holes.

The carabiner is available in 6 calibers designed for hunting medium and large animals. The sports version is used for the shooting, and a sniper is chambered in 7.62*67 mm used in police troops.

A 1.5–2 MoA is not considered so good performance for a hunting rifle, so semi-automatic machines were not widely used. However, this difference is noticeable only when shooting prone to stop or sit. When shooting with “hands” is rarely one of the shooters can be laid in a circle with a diameter of 12-15 cm, Respectively, the difference in accuracy is insignificant. Given that Voere 2185 fit in fifteen minutes, this model can be considered optimal.

But the opportunity to shoot several times on a driven hunt or when stalking a dangerous beast is much more valuable. Conclusion: Voere 2185 more suited for forest hunting for small and middle distances.


Today there are 3 main versions: the classic hunting rifle Voere Model 2185 Hunting, sniper Voere Model 2185 Match and Voere Model 2185 Tactical.

  • Voere Model 2185 Hunting is available in 6 calibers: .30-06, 9,3*62, 308 Win, 300 Win.Mag., 243 Win., 223 Rem. The store is housed in a plastic case, capacity is 2 cartridges. Is equipped with a mechanical adjustable rear sight.
  • Voere Model 2185 Tactical. The difference between the Voere Model 2185 Match and Voere Model 2185 Tactical very small. In fact, Tactical – rifle designation proposed for the arms of the police and the army with cartridge 7,62*67 mm. Available calibers for sniper modifications: .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, .308 Win.

Comes with Voere Model 2185 Tactical open mechanical sights, allowing you to continue shooting even with damaged optics. For fixing the latter provides Picatinny rail. Stores detachable box of 5 rounds – do not allow overheating of the barrel. The store has holes, allowing to estimate the number of rounds.

In the upper part of the forearm has a mount for a folding bipod. In the same Voere Model 2185 Tactical adjustable height cheek comb and butt.


Voere Model 2185 Tactical appeared in 1992 and, in fact, is an improved version of the famous semiautomatic. However, the changes were enough to specifications modifications differed markedly.

Settings Voere Model 2185 Hunting Voere Model 2185 Tactical
Caliber .30-06, 9,3*62, 308 Win, 300 Win. Mag., 243 Win., 223 Rem. .30-06 Springfield, .300 Win Mag, .308 Win
Barrel length, mm 440 510
Total length mm 1030 1100
Weight without magazine, kg 3.7 V 3,6
Shop Detachable box, 2 cartridges Detachable box, 5 rounds

Semi-automatic carbine is implementing a reloading system, whose operation ensures the removal of powder gases from the bore. This principle is the same for all self-loading rifles, but differently.

  • Voere Model 2185 Hunting stands out among the other models of a cylindrical receiver. The rotary stopper, the rotation is provided by a leading protrusion which slides in the inclined groove of the cylindrical frame. The movement and provide the powder gases in the right quantity discharged through the holes. The latter are placed on the middle of the distance between the cartridge chamber and the muzzle end.
  • The store and the trigger are the reservoir housing. The details of the store are made from sheet steel by stamping. To check out the store, a button between the trigger guard and window shop.
  • USM allows only single fire.
  • The fuse is executed in the form of a plate and joins with the trigger guard. When cocked the trigger becomes visible and well perceived signal pin.
  • The model is equipped with a mechanical sighting devices: the adjustable sight and front sight with a rectangular slot. Provides socket for mounting the brackets: usually use mechanical sight and an optical magnification from 1.5 to 3.5.
  • The bed can be made of walnut and plastic. The latter is easier, more convenient when shooting with “hands”.

Compared to many semi-automatic rifles Voere Model 2185 pretty easy to disassemble, although using the tools. The product is divided into 6 major modules that allow barrel cleaning from the breech.

Picking and packing

Standard carbine Voere Model 2185 includes:

  • plastic case for storing weapons in a disassembled and assembled;
  • gun belt;
  • tools for disassembly;
  • the passport of the product.

Case usually changed when installing optics. Otherwise, the latter will have to be stored in a separate case.

The principle of operation

The principle works similar Voere Model 2185 with any other semi-automatic rifle.

  • When you press the trigger the hammer is released and strikes the shank of the firing pin. In this case ignites the powder in the capsule holder.
  • Powder gases push the bullet along the bore. They also create pressure on the walls of the sleeve. Correct pressure distribution obtained by the ratio of locking units, and the coupling of the barrel, makes combat mask to go slowly. Thus, until a bullet from the barrel, the shutter will be closed.
  • The bolt is moved to its rearmost position.
  • At this point the extractor grabs the shell and throws it, the trigger returns to its original position – on edge.
  • In the chamber shall be sent the next cartridge. The extractor is engaged with the annular groove of the flange.

Carbine ready for the next shot.

  • First “victim” of the desire to improve the carbine becomes mechanical sights. Rectangular wide hole in the front sight quite a few hunters are considered to be uncomfortable. The optics on the brackets can be mounted very different.
  • The threads on the end of the barrel in the sniper versions Voere 2185 allows you to set different muzzle accessories: flash suppressor, compensator, silencer.
  • It is possible to replace the bed and butt: some people like the plastic version because of its ease, some prefer the classic tree.

The price and the reviews on the carbine Voere (Voere) 2185 is given below.


Russian model gets rarely and find it quite difficult. The cost of the models varies quite significantly from 91300 up to 136000 R. by the Way, in this price you can also purchase the rifle ORSIS SE Hunter .223 Rem, Antonio Zoli Taiga .30-06.

The cost of ammunition is very different: from 11 p. for 1 PCs BCP with steel lacquered cartridge case to 161 p. for 1 piece, S&B 7,62*54 R HPBT.

Owner reviews

Despite the improvement of the new modification Voere 2185 did not get distribution: too high sensitivity of the rifle to contamination.

Voere 2185 in hunting modification considered a weapon for beginners: firepower redeems the low skill of the hunter. However, for driven hunt, to ambush the storage shed it’s quite a serviceable weapon.

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