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The mobilization depots of our country still stored samples of weapons of the early and mid-40-ies of the last century.

Some of them passed weapons plants for adaptation and transformation into a civilian weapon. Do with self-loading rifles SVT, as well as legendary submachine gun PPSH.

At the “Zid” in carpet it becomes a hunting rifle PPSH-Oh, and in vjatskie-Poljany – VPO-135. Externally, they differ in that PCA Kovrov equipped with a round disk magazine, and Vyatka – sector (horn).

Description of the carbine VPO-135

The legendary submachine gun Shpagina model 1941 chambered for 7,62х25. Absolutely authentic, with famous the perforated barrel shroud. For conversion to civilian weapons held several manipulations:

  1. In the breech of the barrel set pin, leaving ballistic on the bullet label.
  2. On the mirror shutter is made countersink to the same mark was on the sleeve.
  3. The check box changes the shooting mode is shifted to the position “Single” and welded to the slide box.
  4. Also, by welding, connected to the receiver and bolt carrier to prevent the installation of “correct” mechanism for automatic shooting.
  5. Magazine capacity limited to ten rounds.
Advantages and disadvantages

Legendary weapons of world war II. The same, that, this, perhaps, an enumeration of the merits can be completed. Obsolete and of very simple construction, designed for mass and cheap production.

  • The idea of turning a machine pistol to a hunting rifle is flawed. Blunt heavy bullet pistol cartridge does not possess the necessary weapons and ballistic properties. Of course, the PCA family of submachine guns forties has unsurpassed qualities of small. When shooting single on a distance of 100 meters, he gives a dispersion of 10-15 cm If the target is large (elk) and a skilled shooter, in case he falls. Another thing is that the animal will kick off in 20 kilometers from the hunting area.
  • PCA of the bed has a very thin neck between the butt and handle, it often breaks down. In addition, many samples that fall into conversion trouble, have a real physical deterioration. Therefore, the question about the strength of the Lodge is exacerbated and the entire appearance of weapons can be very unpredictable.
  • To put on VPO-135 optical sight must have plumbing skills.
  • The gear store is difficult. In carob, they are stacked in two rows, but the output in the charging chamber he single. Requires considerable physical effort to drown stowed a cartridge to make room for the next. Disk store to equip another more complicated operation requires a flat surface, icy calm and considerable manual dexterity.
  • Fuse PCA is weak and unreliable. This is a sliding latch on the handle of a bolt, which is slid into the slot of the lid of the packing box. She falls out of it very easily, so the weapons during the impact itself can fire, because the firing pin sticks out of the mirror shutter always – such is the design.

The legendary reliability of the PCA is, unfortunately, a legend. When blockage of the mirror shutter or the thickening of the grease he stops to shoot.

  • Weight without PCA store is 3.8 kg, and with a fully kitted – almost five. Hunting for melee weapons is too much.
  • Cartridges 7,62х25 are available, but they are extremely rare and unnecessarily expensive.

VPO-135/PCA 7.62х25 Tokarev (photo)


To call PCA a hunting rifle is an oxymoron. Of course, you can hunt with a rifle shompolnye, charged with the muzzle (by the way, with greater efficiency), and with a spear (at your own risk).

The ability to hold the legend, to amuse the vanity and to feel participation in the heroism of their ancestors. Perhaps this is all that can give VPO-135.

Feature The value
Type Submachine gun blowback
Caliber, cartridge type Pistol, 7,62х25
Barrel length (mm) 270
Capacity 10
Total length (mm) 840
Weight with unloaded magazine (kg) 4,74

A submachine gun with a free gate. The locking occurs due to the weight of the bolt.

  • The barrel with perforated cover, to protect it from damage and the shooter from burns.
  • The firing pin on the mirror shutter is fixed, the press of the cap occurs as it moves forward.
  • Back mechanism – coil spring with guide and textolite recoil pad that protects the box from destruction by the shutter.
  • The transition to fire is effected through the spring loaded tooth to the lower surface of the packing box, which is recessed when driving the back gate and back into place after the passage of the body of the stopper over it.
  • The store may be a disk, with a spring-pusher, who should start (with ratchet mechanism), or pie (carob). Output in the charging chamber single row in both cases. They are inserted into the groove between the bolt and receiver and locks the lever located between the trigger guard and the store.
  • The checkbox is translator fire mode is located under the trigger guard, he jammed welded in the position “Single”.
  • Fuse type “latch” is on the handle of the gate, he moves inside the box of the recoil mechanism and wedged in the groove of the cover. It may be included with the cocked shutter and the case when it is in extreme forward position.
  • Polupoltina bed, with flat handle and a narrow neck butt. The butt pad is metal, it has a lid covering the cavity for the box with accessories.
  • Sights – rear sight unregulated, and a closed fly.
Picking and packing

VPO-135 comes in a cardboard box. In the package store, the passport and certificate of civilian weapons.

The principle of operation
  • Recharge is a free gate, having a large mass. It is driven by the recoil that occurs when firing. The firing pin is fixed, it is constantly sticking out of the mirror shutter.
  • Carob shop equips one patron, shoving it under the side flanges, front to back. Previous cartridges recessed in the store with your finger or tools at hand.
  • Drive before loading opening. On its front face moves the latch (to facilitate the process, press the button located on the center back edge). First you have to cock the spring by rotating the ratchet clockwise. The cartridges fit into the “snail” upright, bullets up. If any of them fell, would have to shake all laid earlier and start over. After laying the ratchet is released and the pusher brings the first cartridge in the magazine. The lid is then closed.
  • Before shooting pull the bolt back. He rested in the sear ledge and will remain in this position until, until you press the trigger. If you want to put the rifle on safe, slide the metal pin on the handle of the paddle so that it is seated in the groove of the cover.

How to disassemble and assemble all parts for VPO-135, see below.

  1. Remove the magazine by pressing on the latch lever in front of trigger guard.
  2. Click on a backplate cover sealing the box, slide it out and flip (reverse) the barrel.
  3. Remove the return spring from the rail and textolite butt pad of the valve.
  4. Remove the shutter.

Reviews and rates for hunting the PCA, HPE-135.


VPO-135 is 25 to 27 thousand rubles. The delight of owning a real PCA does not allow its owners to Express an objective opinion.

To really find out just what the growth target at a distance of 50 meters to get is quite simple. The diameter of the ellipse of dispersion usually fits in a 20 cm Shutter should be protected from contamination. To charge the store is a real hassle, requiring considerable physical effort.

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