VPO-136 rifles

With stylish, classical décor with the style of laconic minimalism, rifled carbine VPO-136 attracts more attention. It is not surprising, since the specifications laid down by the manufacturer allow to use it not only for training accuracy and pleasure, but also to participate in professional hunting and competition shooting.

Range in combination with the sighting of each performed shot made carbine WTO-136 one of the most attractive models, and the interest from buyers is not only quite affordable cost, but also the possibilities of the weapon.

Base carbine VPO-136 from manufacturer HAMMER is army combat machine. This means that, while maintaining the basic parameters, the manufacturer was able to obtain a unique device reliability carbine and excellent performance shooting. In this model retains the possibility to use the original, “native” army shop that allows you to achieve a better rate of fire due to the lack of interruptions when Doyle cartridge from the magazine to the barrel. You should also add that the model is well suited for the installation of specialized muzzle attachments, which also adds convenience to the process of shooting.

Overview of carbine VPO-136

First we should look at the external design of the model: the presence of natural wood parts of the rifle, processed by special trains, which increases its resistance to various external influences, makes the carbine especially attractive. The types of wood resistant to humidity and temperature changes, which is especially important when using the carabiner in the field, in professional hunting, for example.

Also draws attention to the possibility of installation of extra hardware on the barrel of the rifle.

Many owners of the models noted an increase in the degree of convenience of the carabiner when mounted on its muzzle flash suppressor and telescopic sight – it greatly enhances the effectiveness of the shots.

The advantages and disadvantages of AKM VPO-136 discussed below.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since the analysis of the existing advantages of the model and its flaws allows you to more fully appreciate the possibility to use this model, the list of advantages will allow you to obtain a preliminary assessment of this weapon. Also of great assistance in this will have reviews of the owners who have managed to use the rifle and see its strengths and weaknesses.

The advantages, according to most owners, and buyers, carbine model of the HPE-136 should include the following parameters:

  • the presence of marking drilling position inside the trunk, thus preserving its shape and strength. In this case, after making about 100-200 shots the self-destruction marking drilling position;
  • the ergonomic shape of the carabiner – this quality allows the maximum comfort to use it for both men and women and even teenagers;
  • a relatively small external parameters of the rifle, resulting in slightly reduced its weight. This gives you the opportunity not to feel inconvenience in transporting weapons.

Affordability largely determines the frequency of purchase of the rifle, and many customers noted the ability of purchase even with the available limited budget purchase.

The disadvantages include the presence of a welded screw on the butt, not make it a replacement by dismantling the existing and the installation of more modern and advanced.

Carbine VPO-136 with a folding butt (photo)


The use of the carabiner may be different. It determine its technical characteristics, which are used in production.

  • Due to his excellent striking ability, range and guaranteed the reliability of the device carabiner model VPO-136 is intended for hunting. With its help it is easy can be affected with small and medium animal even at a considerable distance: 150-200 m.
  • Also, the carabiner can be used to participate in competitions in marksmanship and sports shooting. And the compact size and relatively low weight enables maximum comfort to use men and women.

The variety and caliber carbine VPO-136 is given below.


Presenting a more refined version of the hunting carbine VPO-133, the model VPO-136 has similar characteristics and has become as popular as its predecessor.

VPO-133, having a slightly larger size and represents a sample of army weapons, which with some modifications are implemented in order to eliminate excess military bases, has more weight and less convenient to use. Like varieties VPO-133, a carbine of the model VPO-136 must be used with shop with a capacity less than 10 rounds; otherwise, the Supervisory authorities have the right to draw up a Protocol on violation.


The combination of compact size and outstanding technical parameters made the rifle one of the most popular models that do well with hitting the target during professional hunting and competition shooting. Below are the technical data that is most important to assess the capability of the model of the rifle.

Specifications Carbine VPO-136
Country of origin Russia machine-building plant “Molot”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges Maximum quantity – 10 rounds
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,29 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

High initial speed of a bullet allows you to hit even moving targets at a considerable distance, which is especially important when participating in the hunt. It is noted by many as an advantage over similar models from other manufacturers, the extra core bits, increasing the efficiency of fire.


The simplicity of the design gives the opportunity not to experience difficulties with the operation of the carbine, and this is most important for beginners of shooting firearms. The main constructive part of it can be considered stock, and barrel. Shop, supplied as standard, can be changed to store a larger volume for ease of shooting and increase its speed.

For greater ease of use on the butt is made of rubber and having a high rate of depreciation backplate. There are two stops for the complete locking of the barrel, which ensures high safety when using the carbine.

Picking and packing
  • In the sale model is only available in specialized stores for hunting weapons, each model is applied a quality certificate and personal passport with technical characteristics and guarantees of the manufacturer.
  • There is also a detailed manual describing how to deal with the technology and operation of the carbine.
  • The body of the carabiner packaged in a polymer film and the cardboard packaging with the necessary information on it: name of the product manufacturer.
  • Also basic carbine VPO-136 implies the presence of an optical sight with excellent characteristics, which may replace the same with better performance, cleaning rod and case.
  • The strap in the base is missing, what can be called a small drawback of this model, however, the strap is easily bought with it.
The principle of operation

The work of the carbine starts with the installation of the store with cartridges. When you press the trigger there is a sharp impact on the bolt, the cartridge moves into the barrel and is fired.

Native guard provides ease of use, and replaced by the manufacturer USM military options on USM, typical of the series carbines “Vepr”, allowed to minimize the effort made by the production for each shot.


Due to easy device to carry out the disassembly of the rifle can even be yourself at home. It becomes necessary to implement maintenance of the device, when improving the weapon.

  • Feature showdown you can consider it the simplicity of the trigger mechanism quickly and easily separates from the receiver due to its fixation on a separate base, and the telescopic sight is simply removed from its intended place of fixation of the stem box.
  • Also just can be made a complete replacement of the bolt: they are not fixed tightly.

Now consider the tuning VPO-136.

  • Improvement of this model can be implemented by installing an optical manufacturer from another manufacturer. This gives you the opportunity to improve the targeting.
  • Also, the model of rifle can be equipped with a 30-person army airborne either a steel shop that increases the rate, however, according to the legislation of the volume of the store should not be more than 10 rounds, what should necessary to know the owners.
The product price

The cost parameter is an important characteristic that provides a persistent level of demand for the model. And the carbine VPO-136, having a fairly affordable price, attracts customers with its characteristics.

The price of the carbine VPO-136 may vary from different vendors from 24 to 28 550 140 rubles.

Owner reviews on the carbine VPO-136 is given below.

Owner reviews

Positive feedback model of the HPE-136 gathered because of the perfect combination of opportunities for the use of the rifle and its technical features, laid down by the manufacturer. We should also highlight, in the opinion of the owners, the possibility of simple installation of additional core mechanisms that improve the quality of shooting.

Opportunities for improvement of the rifle made it possible to make the shooting more targeted and effective, and the simplicity of design provides ease of the whole process of operation of the weapon. Also the simple design ensures ease of use of the carabiner and women, and teenagers, for example, for the acquisition of initial skills of shooting from a firearm.

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