VPO-208, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Many fans of high-quality and reliable weapons designed for hunting and target practice, are familiar with the popular not only in Russia manufacturer “Hammer arms”, which already for a long time is an all-new model carbines with ideal characteristics (e.g., Vepr-12, Bekas-12M and 16M, HPE 208, SEOK-95, Vepr Super, Vepr-hunter, Vepr-1V, Vepr-KM, etc.

And among peers should stay on the model VPO-208, carbine, which the manufacturer originally intended for use in professional hunting, however, the scope of its use is much wider: due to the combination of relatively low mass and compact size of the carbine can be used for the shooting of women and adolescents, and these parameters facilitate its transportation.

The model VPO-208 is also applied in competitions in sport shooting, target practice and entertainment.

The review of the model VPO-208

Almost all models manufacturer “Hammer arms” are of high quality, and this concerns both the external design and the reliability of mechanisms. Many owners noted the high degree of comfort when operating the rifle, the simplicity of the mechanisms and devices provides a quick and easy partial disassembly of the rifle, which can be necessary when repairing and cleaning weapons.

In addition to excellent performance shooting attracted the attention of the buyer and such characteristics as the extended receiver, the contemporary, thoughtful design and balance the entire design of the rifle, which ensures maximum comfort when using it.

The ergonomics of each design features carabiner allows you to conveniently and comfortably carry out the process of operation. A unique sighting is ensured by the perfectly smooth shape of the receiver. And even mount it on an optical sight, front sight and forend does not reduce the firing rates due to the use as a particularly durable alloy in the manufacture of the barrel and elaborate form of attachment attachments, that does not change the flight of bullets fired. Modern shape, great design using natural wood carbine brought to the attention of the buyers, with decent high quality, the price is quite reasonable.

The model was made on the basis of many famous carbine of Simonov non-detachable 10-round magazine, and distinctive appearance, these characteristics are identical.

A more refined trigger mechanism of hammer type high-speed feeder in a cartridge chamber, which determines the high rate of fire. Owners as an important advantage of this model is marked correct and thoughtful choice of materials for the design of the carabiner: made of modern polymer materials, it long retains its attractive appearance. This contributes to increased durability of materials, their high-quality processing – even during sharp fluctuations of temperature and humidity housing stock and receiver to change their original quality.

Advantages and disadvantages

The qualities considered carbine, you can evaluate their advantages and shortcomings. As noted by the owners of the HPE-208, shortcomings had virtually none.

And the positive qualities that distinguish carbine this model from that presented today on the market, a lot. These include such features of carabiner:

  • convenient form, ensuring maximum convenience when using the carabiner;
  • the possibility of exploitation of the model by right-handed and left-handed users;
  • excellent exterior design, the materials (both polymeric and natural) lasts for long time owing to their correct processing);
  • the possibility of making single shots;
  • excellent quality of shooting, which include the accuracy of shots, range, projectile, sighting;
  • the availability will carry out improvement (tuning) of the rifle.

Stylish appearance, excellent features, due to the elaborate technical specifications – all this made the carbine model HPE 208 one of the most popular today.

Boar VPO-208 (photo)


Originally this rifle was designed for shooting: it can be used for hitting medium and large goals, and the possibility of use of ammunition of various caliber, a guarantee of the defeats such purposes. However, as shown by practice and feedback models, this carbine is perfect for self defense, for participation in competitions on sports shooting and also for entertainment.


Today are several main varieties of this rifle. They all have mostly similar settings, are well-proven in use and have a lot of positive feedback.

For this model VPO-208 uses cartridges of caliber 7,62×39, 9.5 mm. Bullet shells with a caliber of 366 BMT can be used for firing of the rifle differ in the following way:

  • LSWCPC -lead bullet with a polymer shell;
  • FMJ11 – bullet with a blunt end and low weight (11 g);
  • FMJ15 – bullet in the shell with a pointed end and with a mass of 15 g;
  • SP – variant jacketed hollow-point bullets (weight 15 g).

Large selection of variant ammunition used for the shooting of the carbine is also the advantage of the model.

Technical characteristics of the gun VPO-208 are given below.


Carbine VPO-208, beneficial eye-catching in the marketplace analogues with similar parameters of its appearance and qualities of fire also has excellent technical characteristics: they determine the firing rates of it.

Specifications Carbine VPO-208
Country of origin Russia, the company “Hammer”
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Self-loading smoothbore carbine
Capacity cartridges 10 with the possibility of replacing the native store for more volume
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
Kind of ammunition is used 7. 62×39
View USM Trigger type allows you to make single shots
The structural features of the trunk The constriction to the outlet, has 6 right-hand rifling, which leads to increased accuracy of fire
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

If we consider the design features of the carbine, the relative simplicity of the model VPO-208 allows you to experience pronounced difficulties in the application of the action under consideration carbine that is important for beginning shooters.

The main constructive part of the carabiner can be called butt. The trunk is also an important part of any carbine model. Made of quality polymer materials, the stem box and the butt withstand temperature changes when using the rifle in the field.

Picking and packing

The carbine model of the HPE-208 is offered for sale in plastic packing, Packed in flightcase for easy transportation. The basic kit includes also a store which has a capacity of 10 rounds.

Boar HPE 208, HPE 209 and SVT-On

The principle of operation

Use for hunting carbine VPO-208 can be called standard for similar rifles: start with the room to store ammo. Press the release button as the trigger the cartridge is sent from the magazine to the barrel, and upon actuation of the trigger mechanism is shot.

Simplicity of design enables making disassembly and carrying out improvements to the model.

Dismantling weapons VPO-208 is described below.


Disassembly HPE-208 is necessary for repair of the receiver portion of the rifle, in the process of cleaning. For its implementation does not require special tools, it can be carried out even in field conditions.

The optical sight is installed and removed from intended place of fixing on the surface of the stem box. Also the barrel has a rail for mounting other attachments.

Tuning guns VPO-208 is described below.


When installed on the surface of the barrel of a riflescope, it becomes possible to increase the targeting. However, many owners of this model dispensed with his tuning: firing rates when the basic configuration is quite high, and the possibility of using various types of ammo allows you to hunt both large and small game.

Below this price, owner reviews and latest news about smooth-bore carbine VPO-208 SCS.

The product price

Cost factor affects the demand for the model. And the carbine VPO-208, with a price from 150 to 25 26 280 rubles, is quite popular. A good reputation helps to ensure the reliability of the rifle.

Boar VPO-208 K. 366 BMT

Owner reviews

Many owners notice a good performance of shooting from a carbine VPO-208, which largely depends on the technical characteristics laid down by the manufacturer. Ease of use, the reasonableness of its form and ergonomics define the lack of inconvenience in operation

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