Weatherby Mark V rifles

Family of carbines Mark V includes a few modifications from the models for hunting big game to sniper rifles. But they all share accuracy, power and speed.

Company Weatherby is one of those legendary occasions when interesting hobby was the root cause of a successful business. More than 50 years, the company, which virtually has no base and which has a few dozen employees, manufactures and sells worldwide high quality rifles and shotguns, whose name has long been synonymous with not just quality and class.

It all started with the desire enterprising young man to the world’s best cartridges.

Review of rifle Weatherby Mark V

Roy Wetherby at leisure interested in ballistics and one day set out to create a cartridge with a light bullet, but accelerates to very high speeds. Most experts at the time believed that for hunting large animals need heavy bullets and heavy bullets. Roy Weatherby believed that a light bullet with a high speed causes in contact with a hydrostatic shock that allows you to kill the beast quickly and without unnecessary suffering.

Thus first came to light bullets – .257, .270, .300 Weatherby Magnum, and read and new weapons as a normal rifle for such powerful ammunition to shoot could not.

The main feature of the new bolt of the rifle was bolt carrier group – with maximum sliding rotary shutter. It’s massive, it runs from one piece of steel and capable of withstanding very high pressure, rupture of shells and penetration caps.

Security solutions became the basis of an advertising campaign – the notorious three rings. This means that the base of the liner in the trunk is surrounded by three rings of steel – head bolt, breech bolt and the receiver.

Advantages and disadvantages

The list of advantages of carbine Weatherby Mark V very long. Is already to start with, the model created in 1957, produced so far and the improvements relate only to minor details.

  • Slide group is designed for very high barrel pressure, allowing you to use when firing the most powerful ammunition.
  • And the slide and receiver are made of a single piece of steel. It and already mentioned the principle of “three rings”, provided the rifle Weatherby Mark V the glory of the most durable of the rifle. His leadership in this matter, he still lost none.
  • The valve has three ports: they are designed to exhaust propellant gas in case of destruction of the liner.
  • The shutter is rotated 54 degrees is a very small size. Due to the small rotation of the locking protrusions are arranged in three rows. There may be 9 or 6 depending on the modification of weapons.
  • The carbine is characterized by high accuracy: at 100-yard diameter circle does not exceed one and a half inches if you use your own ammo. The size of the bubble for the sniper rifle, and there is such a modification does not exceed 0.99 inch. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for the accuracy 1-1. 5 inches three shots at 100 yards.
  • The appearance of the rifle quite showy and attractive, and it’s not just in-accurate proportions, but specific “mirror” Shine bed wood and metal.
  • For all his “brilliance” weapons designed for use in all weather conditions.
  • All models Weatherby Mark V can be produced in legarutno performance.

The disadvantages of the product include only the cost: on average, rifle Weatherby Mark V is a half to two times more than, for example, Remington of the same caliber.

Photo of rifle Weatherby Mark V



Weatherby Mark V was originally developed as a hunting weapon, and its main purpose remained hunting. However, many modifications, which belong to the group of Mark V, greatly expanded the field of use.

  • Zvereva hunting and big game. Slide group designed for standard cartridges, and Magnum calibers. And available in versions from calibre is .240 Weatherby Magnum to 460 Weatherby Magnum.
  • Varminting far or long range shooting at small moving targets – rodents, as a rule. Specific kind of hunting that require exceptional accuracy, and, hence, high-precision weapons.
  • Sniper shooting – this is a series of TRR.
  • Sport shooting is to practice shooting skills on this weapon is a pleasure expensive.

The family of Mark V today is quite large and includes even a gun. This includes all possible versions, which have slide group Mark V.

The initial classification is associated with caliber. Produced and are available in 2 versions:

  • with 6 locking lugs under ordinary cartridges;
  • with 9 tabs chambered in This group was developed under the bullets with the shells of big diameter.

At present, distinguish between 10 modifications to the rifle:

  • 5 of them are under the cartridges from to is .240 Weatherby .375 H&H and have the composite bed;
  • 5 – under cartridges from the .257 Weatherby Magnum .340 Weatherby Magnum to. Fitted with wooden boxes.

Company Weatherby offers and piece production. Thus made 4 version: 3 wood and 1 with a composite stock. Calibre – is .240 Weatherby Magnum and up to a very pretty .460 Weatherby Magnum.


To provide information about all types of rifles group Mark V is not possible. However, the Russian market is known only to some of them.

Weatherby Mark V Super VarmintMaster – option for long-distance and long-distance shooting rodents. It is distinguished by thick-walled barrel, which increases the rigidity of the whole structure. The rifle is produced in single-shot variant, and multiply.

Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight – lightweight gun, has a weight of 2.61 lbs. only Version for drive hunting.

Weatherby Mark V Super Predator Master is intended for hunting medium-animal: Fox, coyote, wild cat.

Settings Weatherby Mark V Super VarmintMaster Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight Weatherby Mark V Super Predator Master
Caliber .243Win .243Win .243Win
Barrel length, mm 660 609 609
Total length mm 1168 1117 1117
Pitch of rifling, mm 254 254 254
Weight, kg 3,85 2,61 2,95
The material of the bed Polymer bed with aluminum bus
Shop Singly, shop for 4 or 5 rounds 5+1 5+1

Weatherby Mark V Super VarmintMaster is available in 6 calibers. Mark V Ultra Lightweight – 15. Have a Weatherby Mark V Super Predator Master selection is less than – 5 calibers because the gun is designed to fire at the middle beast.


Weatherby Mark V – the most durable and reliable bolt rifle is known for today. And, of course, not only in the particular structure of the bolt.

  • The bed can be made of wood or high impact plastic reinforced with aluminum bus. The latter adds a lot of rigidity, which improves the accuracy. And plastic and wood, despite a “mirror” Shine, remain slightly rough, which allows you to securely hold rifle in his hands.

The bed runs the type of “Monte Carlo”, that is intended for target shooting. As a rule, lift the cheek is not required. Carbine ProClarity, the adjustment is not needed.

  • The hilt of the pistol that much more comfortable for target shooting.
  • A lever type fuse located on the right. There it notches facilitate the work.
  • Cocking indicator shutter placed under the bolt at the rear of the receiver. The cartridge in the store is armed through the window to eject shell casings to the top.
  • Three ports on the shutter ensure the diversion of propellant gases. To facilitate the shutter as it has longitudinal grooves, which also contributes to smooth operation even if the mechanism from dirt.
  • The trigger on the new models, a wider, which facilitates the descent. The applied force has a magnitude up to 1.7 kg: for random shots too much, but it is not difficulties while hunting.
  • Models are available as open mechanical sights and optical sight. The type of device depends mainly on the Assembly of the product.
  • The thickness of the barrel depends on the model. Weatherby Mark V Super VarmintMaster, for example, has a thick-walled barrel, which improves accuracy. At the same time he allows you to shoot the store without a break. But the version with the thin barrel, the same Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight carry no more than three shots in a row. The barrel is made of high-strength cold-rolled steel. Light modifications to the barrel is produced from forged steel.
Picking and packing

Equipment guns is quite different depending on how and where the product came to Russia:

  • plastic case for guns;
  • gun belt;
  • cleaning kit of the rifle;
  • case for an optical sight;
  • store – if the repeating rifle;
  • the passport of the product.

Guarantee accurate shooting manufacturers provide only in case of usage of native cartridges . Weatherby, or ammunition from some well-known manufacturers. In fact, use cartridges from BPZ the right caliber.

The principle of operation

The operation of the weapons traditionally starts: getting rid of grease as well as with the installation of the shutter, which is likely to be Packed in a separate cardboard box.

  • To set the shutter lever move the fuse to “protection”. Hold the ball detent and by releasing the selector drummer, insert the stopper in the slot. The piercer back.
  • Store if it is fixed, remove the press release. Be sure to check the barrel before charging, if necessary clean the cleaning rod.
  • Store charge and fix – should hear a click.
  • Shutter move back up to the stop, the cartridge is moved to the line of chambering. Then forward so that the cartridge was in the chamber.
  • The handle turn to the right when the barrel is locked.

Single-shot modifications are charged the same as normal rifles. In models with a fixed store cartridges are inserted one by one, until the magazine is full.

  • Before firing the fuse transferred to the “fire”. Carbine need to tightly rests on the shoulder so that the recoil did not interfere with shooting accuracy. Press the trigger, the trigger is released and the striker breaks the capsule. Then assign back the shutter to the extractor pulled the shell casing from the chamber.

Weatherby Mark V is stored in the discharged form, fitted with a safety catch to “protection”. Ammunition should be stored separately.

Instructions for the disassembly of the Weatherby Mark V is given below.


The gun maintenance is recommended after every shooting. If the weapon is not in operation, cleaning and lubrication is done once a year.

  1. Before disassembly be sure to drain your rifle.
  2. Move the fuse to “protection”.
  3. Raises the bolt handle and remove the shutter movement. Check the chamber and store for the availability of ammo.
  4. With a screwdriver Unscrew the front and rear trigger guard screws. Remove the trigger Assembly.
  5. Take out the bolt and disassemble: the piercer drummer pulls up to the stop back until it engages with the bolt sleeve. Hold down the shutter release, twisting the coupler counter-clockwise, remove the clutch with the bolt.

Further disassembly of the Weatherby Mark 5 is only allowed in the Armory workshop.


The quality, appearance and cost of the carbine is such that to modify it very difficult. If you want you can purchase and use a compensator to reduce recoil.

Often replacement are the iron sights. For the conversion you need to install the brackets and the corresponding optical sight.


Currently in Russia they often can only be purchased the budget version of the Weatherby company. To those, for example, is the model Weatherby Mark V Accumark. A rifle from 133 thousand.

More modern models, even used, is estimated at 300-360 thousand rubles.

To buy especially with the proper ammo Weatherby extremely difficult. The most commonly used cartridges from BCP with steel liners – lacquered or polymer coated. Cost of ammunition varies from 13 to 195 p. EA.

Rifles Weatherby Mark V has its price, which we describe below.

Owner reviews

It is almost impossible to find a hunter or a lover of target shooting, which would not satisfy quality rifles Weatherby Mark V. the group the company Slogan “Precision. Power. The speed of” more than fully realized in the products. Of course, models with lightweight barrel is less accurate than with a thick-walled, but, even considering this feature, the accuracy is still the main advantage of the weapons.

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