Weatherby Mark XXI, rifles

The line of rifles from Weatherby company is limited to only two fundamentally different models: the rifles the Vanguard and Mark V rifles, different rifles.

However, modifications of these two models, there are many.

Weatherby Mark XXI – carbine for the production of small game, easy and reliable.

Review of the Weatherby rifle Mark XXI

The creation of a group of carbines Mark V – one of the fairly numerous occasions when the light first comes a powerful new weapon and then weapon for him. Roy Weatherby was aimed at the development of new ammunition with a light bullet, but accelerates to very high speeds. Experiments are fine, the rounds were created, and after a few years his name has developed and released a rifle that can shoot really powerful cartridges.

The hallmark of the entire series is the device of the bolt. On the one hand, this is a common longitudinally-sliding rotary shutter, the other is made from one piece of steel and can withstand high pressure. Even the gap of the sleeve will not damage the mechanism.

Weatherby Mark XXI – a classic representative of this series, designed for small-caliber cartridge ring of ignition – .17 HMR, 22 LR.

Advantages and disadvantages

Line Mark V, rather, it was born back in 1957. Since then, the basic design of the gun, little has changed. Modifications have been the butt stock, sights, barrel, but no bolt carrier group.

It was her design and determines most of the advantages of this model.

  • Safety is one of the fundamental principles of the Weatherby company, which became the basis of home advertising. The cartridge in the barrel is surrounded by three rings of steel – receiver, a cartridge chamber, the plug head. It provides the opportunity for safe shooting when using the most powerful cartridges.
  • The shutter box is made from one piece of steel. As well as the principle of “three rings” this decision is aimed at increasing the strength of the bolt: the weapon can withstand very high barrel pressure.
  • Turn the shutter at 54 degrees, which facilitates recharge. Locking tabs – 6 pieces, arranged in 3 rows.
  • The shutter has three ports: the destruction of shells through them is porohovye gas pressure is thereby reduced, preventing deformation.
  • Patterning Weatherby Mark XXI is one and a half inches when shooting brand cartridges at a distance of 100 yards. The specified accuracy is guaranteed by the company by default.
  • The rifle is very handsome, even elegant. “Mirror” the radiance of the wood and metal is one of the characteristics of the arms group Mark V.
  • Carbine is produced in legarutno performance.


The downside is cost. Initially, the rifle is worth more than the average representative of this caliber, and in Russia also falls rarely and, accordingly, is more expensive.

  • Weatherby Mark XXI – hunting rifle of small caliber. Accordingly, it is intended for hunting birds, small animals, rodents, such as rabbits and Prairie dogs.
  • The importance and the distance from which shooting is conducted. Thus, the model is considered optimal for hunting beast, weighing 5-7 kg at a distance of 150-200 m when injected into the body.
  • From a distance of 50 m it is possible to hunt the beast weighing up to 50 kg – deer, Fox, when getting to the base of the skull.
  • The carbine is also used for recreational shooting.

Weatherby Mark XXI is produced under caliber 17 HMR, 22 LR. Modification no. Different capacity specified in the description, can only be explained by their size – in the same store is placed from 3 to 6 rounds.


The parameters of the carbine quite fit into the notion of easy and reliable rifle for hunting small game.

Settings Weatherby Mark XXI
Caliber 17 HMR, 22 LR
Barrel length, mm 584
Total length mm 1038
Weight 2,95
Capacity 4+1
Recharge Manual

Weatherby Mark XXI – light and handy rifle. And it is not only in the design of the bolt, but also the excellent layout.

  • The bed is made of walnut. Insertion of the maple on the butt not only adorn the arms but also improve prekladatele. The tip of the forearm runs from rosewood. On the butt is secured the rubber shock absorber that reduces the impact. Butt type “Монnt-Carlo”, that is, designed for target shooting. Lifting the cheek is not needed.
  • Pistol grip – a well-known solution to improve and ease of shooting. The guard – lever type located on the right.
  • The shutter and the receiver is obtained from steel with the principle of “three rings”. To reduce the weight and ensure smooth operation of the mechanism, the gate will perform three longitudinal groove.
  • The trigger is wide. It is possible to adjust the pressing force.
  • The barrel is stainless steel, cut with a tapered sample. The number of grooves – 8.
  • Shop for 3-6 rounds is charged on top – this window is used to eject the casings.
  • There are two tools for adjustment of the optical sight: on top of the box there is a rail-type “dovetail” 11 cm long and there are extra holes under the bracket.
Picking and packing

Picking the rifle Weatherby Mark XXI is quite standard:

  • case for rifle with plastic;
  • nylon gun belt;
  • cardboard box for the shutter;
  • cleaning kit for rifles;
  • a guide to use in English.

Hunters, at least in Russia, I prefer a .22 rifle LR of 5.6.

  • First, this projectile can be represented in a much more wide range and affordable.
  • Secondly, the shot cartridge 17 HMR accompanied with a loud Bang, making hunting with this rifle a very complicated task.
The principle of operation

The carbine arrives to the buyer in a semi-condition: the shutter is stored in a separate cardboard box. Before using the weapon should be thoroughly cleaned of grease and install the bolt.

  • For this lever the fuse transferred to the position of “protection”. Then the piercer pulled the drummer and hold down the latch, insert the stopper. The piercer was transferred to its original position.
  • The cartridges are inserted into the store one at a time to fill.
  • Move the bolt back until it stops to put the cartridge on the line chambering. Move shutter forward when the cartridge is in the chamber.
  • Turn the handle to the right, the trunk is securely locked.
  • Before firing, the fuse must be in the position of “shooting”. Then press the trigger and move the bolt back to throw a shot sleeve from the chamber.

Keep the rifle Weatherby Mark XXI can only be discharged. Ammunition is stored separately.


For the periodic cleaning of the rifle is subjected to partial disassembly. Full is done only when repairs are required. Preferable if this procedure is carried out in the Armory workshop.

Partial disassembly includes the following steps:

  • the rifle discharged;
  • translate the guard in the position of “protection”;
  • lifting the bolt handle, and remove the shutter movement. Inspect the chamber and store;
  • twisting the screwdriver back and front screws of the trigger guard. Then pull the firing mechanism;
  • take out the stopper;
  • piercer drummer withdrawn back to the stop position and hold until it engages with the bolt sleeve. Twisting the coupler counter-clockwise while holding the shutter release. Removed from the stem coupling.

In the presence of devices for mounting an optical sight on this part of tuning, you should pay special attention. And the quality of the bracket, and on the quality of the optics depends on the accuracy of the shooting. No characteristics of the rifle will not compensate for a cheap optical sight.

The installation of muzzle devices is possible without modifications to the barrel, but only for the devices designed for the barrel with a conical sample.

Reviews and prices for small-caliber rifle Weatherby Mark XXI (mark 21) is given below.


Ammunition in Russia the easiest way to get to the brass case from KSPZ – 10-11 p. for 1 piece ammunition from Lapua will be a little expensive – 11-13 p. for PCs.

Owner reviews

Like every other rifle of the line Mark V, Weatherby Mark XXI model enjoys more than well-deserved popularity. And accuracy, and prekladatele celebrated by all owners.

Limitation in the choice could be objective factors: in many regions of Russia fowling of rifles is prohibited.

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